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Here come the nannies. Got an obsession about meat.

What these clowns don’t know is that vitamins and iron and minerals are more available from meat. Vegatables are not so nutritious as meat–that’s just plain true. All this fresh fruits and veggies is just food fetish cultism. Balanced diet, proper calories, no cults, please.

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Us Irish are overjoyed, a new better GMO potato.

Thanks for the news, ACSH sent to me on the work of the Simplot Company to make a better potato.

I will raise a glass of Guinness, maybe even a wee shot of Jameson to ya, Simplot. Thanks for your work making the potato better–sorry my dear mother Rosemary and her mother Ann couldn’t be here with us to celebrate.

More on Gluten

Well, we told you it was not that healthy–it’s for people who have a real gluten intolerance–usually celiac disease. Continue reading

This food supplement or vitamin supplement is important

Folic Acid deficiency was proven to cause neurological defects.

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A sugar obsessive discusses the work of other obsessives

Sugar, oh horrors.

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Here’s what I found, people, wanna lose weight, stop eating so much–supplements don’t work

About a year ago when I was disgusted, like most men my age, with my weight, I cut out lunch–guess what, I lost weight. It helped that I combined cutting lunch with reducing my affection for seconds at dinner.

Amazing, reduce calories, reduce weight. I don’t wanna pop the magic bubble–BBBBUUUUTTTT–there is no magic.

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Where’s the beef?

New USDA dietary guidelines may reflect environmental concerns. Continue reading