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Humans Waste Food–Must be stopped.

Something must be done–expand the nanny state and stop food wastage.

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Food Fetishist Alert

I know how to get a certain group going–talk about eating healthy.

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Peanut Allergy prevention–Eat Peanuts during Pregnancy

A study that makes sense.

The concept is called desensitization.

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Holodomor in Cuba

The Holodomor was the famine imposed on the Ukraine by the criminal socialist butcher Stalin that killed millions, children and women starving in the streets, desperate cannibalism.

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Let’s talk some more Taubes

Some reacted negatively to my applause for Gary Taubes.

Let’s discuss.

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Media Food Panic

The Media, following the lead of the Public Health community, loves to create food anxiety.

Here are examples.

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Anti oxidant–Sound Good

Vit E bites the dust again.

I know there are those who still think Linus Pauling was right about Vit C.

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Better do _something_ with those cow farts.

Either release the methane into the air or burn it for energy. Otherwise…
(from the BBC):

German cows cause methane blast in Rasdorf, Germany

Methane gas released by dairy cows has caused an explosion in a cow shed in Germany, police said. The roof was damaged and one of the cows was injured in the blast in the central German town of Rasdorf. Continue reading

Canada has their nannystate folk, too. Bans… Ovaltine™ and other common foods

courtesy of the BBC:
“The owner of a British food shop in Canada says he has been ordered to stop selling Marmite, Ovaltine and Irn Bru because they contain illegal additives.

“Tony Badger, who owns Brit Foods in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, told local media that food safety officials had removed the foods from his shelves.  Continue reading

Organic Chemistry Sounds Scary

As in the case of 4 methyl-cyclohexane methanol, organic chemistry sounds really really scary.

Here’s a fine exercise for your favorite Chemophobe, similar to the annual Thangsgiving Dinner list that is put out by the American Council on science and Health.

This time just a great discussion by an Australian chem teacher.

Golden Rice Makes Sense

The Greenpeace fanatics on Genetic Modification have been condemning golden rice, which is modified to have vitamin A.

Problem is some people have a monochromatic diet. That produces deficiencies that other countries don’t see.

Men’s Health Morons

Please don’t choke when you read this nonsense.

You should be reminded that this is what appears in these silly grocery store and book store mags all the time.

Usually with pics of well defined boooodies.

There is no point in explaining why the premise of the article is stupid–how does one establish the magnitude of stupid when there is no measure of stupid in the casual health press–salt is a threat to 30 year old exercise freaks? I don’t think so. Old guys with congestive heart failure or kidney disease–maybe.

Stop it, There is no Magic

You think there are supplements or additives or changes in diet that will make magic?

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European version of FDA decides Aspartame is safe after all

[European Food Safety Agency press release]

“Aspartame and its breakdown products are safe for human consumption at current levels of exposure, EFSA concludes in its first full risk assessment of this sweetener. To carry out its risk assessment, EFSA has undertaken a rigorous review of all available scientific research on aspartame and its breakdown products, including both animal and human studies.”

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USDA Irony: Poor on food stamps ‘less food secure’ than poor not on food stamps

A nonsensical result from a nonsensical government survey on “food security.” Continue reading

UK: Food retailers underestimating calorie content of some foods, scientists say

“Dieters who eat high-fibre foods consume more calories than they think because retailers’ calorie count system is out of date.” Continue reading

Rubbish: Food companies accused of using tobacco’s tricks to protect profits

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Burger King To DNA Test Its Beef After Food Processor Used Horse Meat

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GMO fears in California

Proposition 37 is more about ideology than science, said Bob Goldberg, a UCLA biologist and member of the National Academy of Sciences. Continue reading

Super spaghetti on the horizon

Make that “the really far horizon”: Continue reading