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ACSH names the anti science pro supplement senators

Proxmire, Harkin, and Hatch–two gone, one left, who protected the carney barker supplement people.

I would disagree with Josh Bloom that supplements are toxic–with a few remarkable exceptions like the liver toxic muscle builder supplements that made the news recently and some with stimulants, for example. Most of the health food stuff is not toxic, or therapeutic. That’s why the standard for tolerance allows them to continue–they don’t kill, or maim, just fool.

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GM potato has been developed–resists bruising, spots

Longer shelf life, better product survival to consumer. Good idea.

Still a damn potato.

Go away anxious people.

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Chipotle takes a tumble after going anti GMO–too bad

I shed these crocodile tears knowing the little twerps did it to be cool and appeal to the neurotic “natural only” elements of the society.

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Another nanny move in NY on salt intake

I would suggest you consider that the salt nannies are chasing a myth.

The healthy amount of salt intake is higher than the recommended levels from the gov. No way is the moochelle recommended 1500 mg daily correct, it is nutritional deprivation.

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Why supplements and vitamin preparations don’t have to be proven effective

It’s in the law. All these supplements and preparations that claim benefits don’t have to prove anything.

Thank you Senator William Proxmire, Dem Wisconsin, who originated the Golden Fleece award, exposing wasteful research spending. Proximire and others protect a 30 Billion vitamin and supplement industry. Health food claims can be fraudulent, but that doesn’t mean the product will be pulled.

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Salt fanatic fetishists at at again, demonstrating their orthorexia nervosa

Let me go over this one more time, the matter has been stirred up by the salt fanatics who just have to be telling people how to eat.

I will review the research and how it got so screwed up.

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Mother Jones makes a pitch for irradiated food? Excellent

Irradiation of food to reduce bacterial content is a benign and effective way to make the food safer.

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