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I restate the obvious–GM food stuffs studies are clear–it’s safe

One more time, with emphasis–this time a discussion of trillions of feedings.

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This essay settles the GM Foods debate–winner and champeen–GM

As the author says so well–it has saved so many lives and no one, absolutely no one has died from a GM food.

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Artificial sweeteners lead to diabetes?

Preliminary studies indicate that the use of artificial sweeteners can lead to diabetes.  Bring on the anti-aspartame crowd. Continue reading

So, it’s the glyphosate in my GMO non organic corn chips making me fat

Want to get rid of a long string diseases, including obesity?  Ban Roundup and pesticides.  A foray into some scares.  Continue reading

Med Diet in new type 2 diabetes appears to have benefits.

I am an open minded man. I don’t think diet is so important, except in patients who need diet management. Here’s an example.

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Babble on obesity

I know this for sure. Exercise is not the key to reducing problems with obesity, so I saw this stupid article and decided to put it up for your consideration.

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Resveratrol comes a cropper

So here I go again. I am an equal opportunity food and wine editor–Chianti and other red wines are not magic unless used to charm your beloved, certainly not like the health food nuts would claim.

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