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Ag science strives to produce the perfect potato

Of course the food fetishists and the fanatic enviros will call it the Frankenstein potato because it will be–oh horrors, genetically engineered.

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Natural food alert–all you obsessives and fetishists

The restaurant business is constantly trying to keep up with food fetishists who apparently have too much time on their hands. Comfortable fist world people can talk junk food–most of the world would say–good food, plenty of calories, fat and protein. Continue reading

David Ricardo rises

Ricardo made a case for specialization and trade as maximizing market efficiencies. That immediately came to mind when I read this essay about the myths of buying locally grown food.

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How to do a scam diet study

This is a great essay on how to cheat on a diet study.

And it hinges on the effect of multiple inquiry, which is a focus of my friend and ally Stan Young PhD–a Statistician at the National Institute for Statistical Science.

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Brilliant Solution to California’s Drought

Calling environmental policy wonks on their own strategies, a clever solution is being proposed to solve California’s drought crisis: Continue reading

Fast food keeps getting hit, breakfast answer

Recently I had a gigantic Taco Bell breakfast burrito, I would hesitate to guess the number of calories, more than one adult male should eat for one meal, no doubt. I almost quit in the middle but forged on, it was good.

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Another hole in the healthy foods ship

Imagine you could have a double burger when you are really hungry or a carrot.

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