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Brilliant Solution to California’s Drought

Calling environmental policy wonks on their own strategies, a clever solution is being proposed to solve California’s drought crisis: Continue reading

Fast food keeps getting hit, breakfast answer

Recently I had a gigantic Taco Bell breakfast burrito, I would hesitate to guess the number of calories, more than one adult male should eat for one meal, no doubt. I almost quit in the middle but forged on, it was good.

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Another hole in the healthy foods ship

Imagine you could have a double burger when you are really hungry or a carrot.

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Coffee, again. Drink up this time

A new study claims that moderate use of coffee will prevent a number of diseases.  So, drink up until they find another study saying coffee is not good for you.  Continue reading

Is your diet killing you?

Apparently the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee thinks so.  Continue reading

Maybe that’s why they don’t work

Some herbal supplements at major chain stores didn’t contain the ingredients on the label.  Continue reading

Here come the nannies. Got an obsession about meat.

What these clowns don’t know is that vitamins and iron and minerals are more available from meat. Vegatables are not so nutritious as meat–that’s just plain true. All this fresh fruits and veggies is just food fetish cultism. Balanced diet, proper calories, no cults, please.

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