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Have we evolved–I think not.

Many assume that we are a more advanced and evolved society.

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Evolution, the Debate

This month in American Spectator they staged an Evolution Theory debate. That’s OK with me.

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Thomas Nagel Identifies the Problem

You think that David Gelernter presented some troubling considerations for modern science? You might recall he mentioned Thomas Nagel and his new book that created such a furor on the academic left, since he is–or was, an icon of the left.

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Michael Mann hits Roy Spencer on creation vs. evolution

Just askin’…. so how did life start, Mike? Primordial soup? Can you model that? Would more tree rings help? Continue reading

Claim: Evolution Too Slow to Keep Up With Climate Change

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White House petition would ban teaching of creationism and intelligent design

While the theory of evolution has its merits, it provides no plausible explanation for how life began. Continue reading

An Inconvenient Evolution: Study says species adapt to warming

Warmists have said for years that warming will wipe out species. We’ve always said that species will adapt to warming. A new study indicates we are correct. Continue reading