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Epigenetics is, not.

What silly magical nonsense is epigenetics.

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Nicholas Wade proposes ethnic and race orthodoxies are not valid

It’s a genetic/evolutionary/cultural/socioligical issue. Continue reading

Study: Gays made via epigenetics, not genetics

“Epigenetics – how gene expression is regulated by temporary switches, called epi-marks – appears to be a critical and overlooked factor contributing to the long-standing puzzle of why homosexuality occurs.” [EurekAlert]

Passing on an eating disorder

Claire Vickery was not surprised when scientists announced that eating disorders have a genetic link, because she and her two daughters suffered from the illness.

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How your great grandmother’s chemical exposures may affect you

Ovarian diseases that persist across three generations develop in rats exposed to common environmental chemicals at a key time before birth. Continue reading

New “evidence” for flame retardant’s role in autism

For the first time, scientists have reported that the environment and genetics can work together to create autism-like symptoms in mice exposed in the womb to a flame retardant. The female mice — born to mothers that are genetically more susceptible to develop autistic behaviors — were less social and had impaired memories and learning skills after their mothers were exposed to a brominated compound known as a PBDE.Continue reading

Researcher: Exposure to toxins can alter DNA

Women with ovarian disease may have inherited it from great grandmothers who were exposed to toxic chemicals decades ago, according to a study by Washington State University researchers.

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