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The 1-2 education sucker punch of Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards

Thought Common Core was bad?  You’re right, it is, but there’s even more bad news – the junk science of K-12 NGSS ( These two copyrighted “education reform” programs are directly related, so it’s no surprise both have been backdoored into the states under the guise of progress – namely college and career preparation.

Wyoming was among the first states to question NGSS, but now the Wyoming Legislature and education community are considering adopting them.  The rest of the country needs to know just how bad these national junk science/indoctrination standards really are and who supports them – you won’t be surprised.

In the weeks ahead, I’ll be providing information on NGSS, starting with an overview and analysis.  Let’s start with one of my favorites – a Kindergarten standard in Life Science (bold emphasis added):

“K-LS1-1. Use observations to describe patterns of what plants and animals (including humans) need to survive.

[Clarification Statement: Examples of patterns could include that animals need to take in food but plants do not; the different kinds of food needed by different types of animals; the requirement of plants to have light; and that all living things need water.]”

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Sam Karnick, Chris Monckton, provide some push back to warmer claims

I have worked with and respect Sam Karnick, a fine and intelligent fellow who speaks for our side eloquently.

Of course my high opinion of Monckton is well known.

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Climate experts need to pay attention

Mind if I get a little miffed at my colleagues? When will they realize that the EPA is very light footed and plays fast and loose.

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EPA has no shame or integrity

Read this–

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Paul Driessen on methane

An excuse for expanding government.

Paul Driessen speaks to the issue.

You may recall that last week JS put up a post from American Thinker by Fred Singer pointing out the methane fear nonsense.

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2009 EPA public relations slop for the morons in the public

Do not, ever underestimate the ignoranance of the public.

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Gas Tax increase? You kidding?

Marita Noon splains why such an idea needs to find an ashcan.

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