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Ron Johnson, R Senator from Wisconsin to UN panel? Whaaaat?

Somebody on the enviro supervision panel for appointments must have had a stroke.

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Heeeeere’s Marita

Our regular essay from the great sensible energy advocate from New Mexico–Marita Noon.

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White Elephants in the North Sea

Germany’s flagship off-shore wind project, BARD 1, hasn’t operated since going online in August 2013 because of technical problems. Continue reading

Smart meters

A previous post was about smart meters in the UK.  So what are we doing in the US?  Continue reading

Marita Noon makes good sense on energy

On the other hand Hillary hasn’t had a good idea for a long time. Did you know Hillary got fired as staff attorney of the Watergate Committee, and she couldn’t pass the DC Bar?

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NRDC gets special consideration from EPA–shocking

Come on, these people are in a revolving door arrangement. They do every thing, including, I am sure–sleeping together.

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Save the planet, decarbonize by 99.6%

According to The Guardian we are headed for a 4°C rise by 2100 unless we take drastic action.  Continue reading