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Sel Graham on the EPA Carbon Dioxide liar’s club

Sel has always, as an petrol reserves engineer and lawyer, been all over the silly EPA claims on fuels and carbon dioxide. He is my friend and ally.

Here’s his latest column. He writes regularly for a local newspaper.

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EPA lies on premature deaths

Here’s a fine discussion by Charlse Battig MS MD, on the issue of EPA junk science epidemiology that claims to show hundreds of thousands of death annually from air pollution–absolute Bullshit. His focus for this piece was the EPA’s ozone claiims, but the argumetnts presented are true for the small particle claims.

The EPA uses a tortured and false concept when it says “premature deaths” because in their methodology they aren’t necessarily premature at all.

We have been banging away on the EPA epidemiological lies now for many years.

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Lyin’ BSer Dan Rather lectures us on seeking the truth

Mind if i sneer a little? Dan Rather made his chops as a partisan lefty–spinning everything for his cause, with careless disregard for evidence, or truth.

He was a professional bullshitter even when he sat in the anchor chair, but why not, the Dean of leftist bullshitters, Walter Cronkite, did it before him.

Now Dan tries to play non partisan truth seeker–must have had a spell on the road to Damascus.

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Chapter ____ in the Enviro book of scares–plastic

Of course you can bet on the BBC to have another scare to talk about and find advocates whose research confirms that man is destroying the planet.

Mind if I am a little skeptical of the claims about big bad plastic. Plastic is very important as a packaging material and protects the integrity of the food supply when it is used. It substitutes for wood based packaging that has its own problems.

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Revisiting the lies of a guy named Gelbspan. I only wish i could get some of that evil conservative money for opposing the crazy warmers

Ross Gelbspan claimed he had proof of a conservative capitalist conspiracy to fund opposition to the enviro warmer wackos. He wrote a bullshit book and makes claims about the pay for play conspiracy. His fabrications and lies are the basis for the assertions of lefty enviro politicians, media, pseudo scientists and enviro activists.

Compared to the lefty green movement, the opposition on my side gets little help from industry and business, who are afraid of the media enviro army.

I am still waiting for my first dime from the supposedly conspiratorial evil princes of the Koch empire or even better just a few bucks from Exxon Mobil, annual revenues 3 or 4 hundred billion. They could afford me, I am low maintenance and smoke cheap cigars.

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Steve Goreham on the shale shock phenomenon and fracking.

Steve Goreham is an energetic advocate and I trust his observations.

Here we go.

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Fred Singer on the benefits of Nuke Power

This is a no brainer, except for the ninnies in the enviro political camp that would prefer silly unworkable alternatives.

Wind and solar take up space, have maintenence problems and are very inefficient and unreliable–with off line backup essential, that puts gas fired plants in the grid for bad sun or wind days.

So these wind and solar projects are not that enviro friendly at all.

Nuke is safe, clean and takes up so little space.

In addition if we could put to death the Carter era rule against recycling nuke fuel, and handle it like the French do, we could do without Yucca Mountain, and we would be lookin’ good.

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