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Hard to evaluate the SCOTUS opinion that pushes back on EPA

It is easy to say that this is important. However EPA deceit is so commonplace.

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Tesla Baron gets plenty of crony money

I have a relative who was so proud to buy a Tesla, being enviro conscious and all, so I sent some info on the Tesla fires and breakdowns, unique to such an idiotic car, and now we have other things to consider–like the subsidies and stupid commitments. Tesla may be better than some other electric cars but they are all stupid and inefficient and impractical.

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Mind if I indulge in some anti-emetics before reading this?

Since when does some ignorant Jesuit with a high opinion of himself decide what we talk about?

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Nuke Power is good stuff

But the enviro Luddites are afraid of everything–remember 3 mile island and Chernobyl? Remember Frankenstein? Cancer causing radiation, Scary, Scary, strontium 90 in the air–no safe level of radiation. Yada yada.

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End of the world, end of humans? Not

Patrick Moore takes up the issue.

Why do we have to argue these stupid theories?

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Recycling is another really stupid idea

Everything we do has an effect. Recycling was more about pandering to the need of enviros to DO SOMETHING, but it never made much sense. Land fills are not that big a problem and take up very little room. Recycling is inefficient and in practice creates it’s own energy demands.

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A Medieval Church attitude?

Oh, I know, the simple life of St Francis sounds so cute–but he wasn’t much good, was he? Except for his extraordinary opinion of himself–he didn’t raise a family or provide for others, he was a beggar, wasn’t he? Dependent on the generosity of others, along with the order he founded. Talking that holy and pius talk.

Morano is linked below talking about the inane ideas currently circulated about what’s good for the poor and for the planet.

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