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Another CO2 causes asthma

The incoming president of Physicians for Social Responsibility thinks so. Continue reading

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Hypocrisy in LaLa Land

Hanson discusses Silicon valley fashion and political correctness.

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Kogan plumbs the depths of junk science–excellent analysis

Met Mr. Kogan at Las Vegas–a man of energy, integrity, insight and intelligence.

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Coal gets a sucker punch

Bankruptcies are up, say the shark tank tenders.
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Doin’ some Trey Gowdy roughhouse on EPA junk science

Everyone, including my lawyer friends, admires the examinations of hostile witnesses by Congressman Trey Gowdy. The man is a master of cadence and emphasis and strategy in the art of colloquy.

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Regulatory overreach?

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers thinks so. Continue reading

Sierra Rayne is looking like a giant of a man

I just can’t believe how Rayne get’s after it day after day–this is one of his most comprehensive and enlightening essays yet, and that means really, really good.


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More discussion of the Pebble Mine affair

My brother in law Fred got this fine summary of the issues and forwarded it to me.

I agree with the writer.

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Solar is a sad idea but for enviros hope springs eternal

How many ways can solar fail before these nuts move on to something better?

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Hate speech?

There is a petition in the UK to have “climate change denier” classified as hate speech.  Good idea?  Continue reading

Organic grower goofballs

Mischa Popoff is a treasure, a man with much to say about the organic nuttiness.

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Government agency can be sued as a nuisance? Excellent

Read about this. 7th Circuit says Government can be liable for a nuisance–and I second that.

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Oh horrors, Peru lightens up on enviro rules to improve economy

I just can’t stand it, somebody sacrificing Mother Gaia’s feelings in order to improve economics and help promote progress and prosperity?

Can’t have that.

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Dan River Ok, not OK?

Duke Energy Coal Ash pond spill into the Dan River was announced last week as terrible still–more than 90% of the coal ash still in the River. Now I read that the Dan River is safe?

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Pushing a rock up hill on the climate

Sadar discusses why the line between ideology and science has become blurred–it has to do with the social educational canons and attitudes as well as the very influential economic/financial/career pressures for professionals and academics in enviro or climate studies.

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Another discussion of money and climate research warming advocacy

It is easy to count on whores to advocate for turning tricks for the government agencies that provide succor.

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Norm Rogers exposes the silly Risky Business project

3 supposedly smart men, Bloomberg, Steyer and Paulsen running around talking warming.

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Remember all the anxiety about the BP Horizon spill and how it was killing marine life.

Here comes Paul Driessen with some things to think about on the Gulf and biofuels, which are stupid/inefficient/and decrease food production.

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Former UK Enviro Minister knocks green blob

I like this guy’s attitude and he is articulate on the political strategies and corruption created by the fanatic watermelons.

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Paulsen talks climate crisis in Portland

Sierra Rayne discusses, and points out Oregon has had no warming or changes in weather.

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