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Norm Rogers exposes the silly Risky Business project

3 supposedly smart men, Bloomberg, Steyer and Paulsen running around talking warming.

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Remember all the anxiety about the BP Horizon spill and how it was killing marine life.

Here comes Paul Driessen with some things to think about on the Gulf and biofuels, which are stupid/inefficient/and decrease food production.

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Former UK Enviro Minister knocks green blob

I like this guy’s attitude and he is articulate on the political strategies and corruption created by the fanatic watermelons.

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Paulsen talks climate crisis in Portland

Sierra Rayne discusses, and points out Oregon has had no warming or changes in weather.

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NYS’s (version of EPA): let’s shut down Indian Point… raise CO2, raise electric rates…

NYS wants to shut down Indian Point. Today’s excuse: for the fish.

Indian Point is a complex of two nuclear power plants about 25 miles north of NYC. It supplies roughly one quarter of the baseload power to that area.
NYS Governor Cuomo is on very solid record as wanting to shut it down.
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Brown outs for the smart set in New England–too bad

The elites in CA and New England get what they deserve, brownouts and higher costs, that hurt the economy and the poor.

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Misconduct by EPA on the Pebble Mine

You may recall that recently it was revealed that cheating on the impact study was part of the game EPA played, and the “researcher” is not available and some of his paperwork and research is not longer accessible.

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What’s it like without electricity, daddy?

Damn the green crazies–they want a primitive world.

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Sierra on wildfires

What would I do with no Sierra Rayne to debunk the media and climate fanatic morons?

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Australia in the grip of sanity and good sense

What can I say? Let’s hoist a Foster’s and put a steak on the barbee–a salute to Aussie common sense.

Jay Lehr, a friend and wonderful advocate, along with Lord Monckton, and other players on our side, made a big difference. Of course cap-and-trade and other nonsense couldn’t get action in the congress, but we are now governed by a tyrant with his praetorian agency guard under a suspension of the constitution.

I suppose a banana republic is good if you are the banana.

Seldon declaims on the issue of earthquakes and fracking

When I read recently so many stupid claims of fracking causing earthquakes, I could not resist asking my favorite FOVORIIIITE PETROLEUM ENGINEER, Seldon Graham, to comment.

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Paul Driessen helps you to understand why I detest greenpeace

I got this note and essay to be published by Paul Driessen of CFACT soon. Paul was at Las Vegas.

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Let’s talk recyling trash some more

I got some mixed responses from people who get all warm inside when they recycle.

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You may recall we said 20 billion a year for climate propaganda

Well it continues to be true–big money buys big lies.

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NOAA fraud again

Look at this crap NOAA manufactured to make present day temps look bad.

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Since we be talking smoking–how bout a toke?

I admire a certain writer who puts up this fine piece on why small particles–tiny dust–don’t kill nobody the way the EPA claims.

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Imagine, a world with adequate carbon dioxide

Right now we have an ambient air with a 400 parts per million level of Carbon dioxide, 0.04 % by volume, is a less than ideal level for plants, which are better off at about 2000 PPM.

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Climate Conference was a success–I was there and confirm

Monckton is always a hoot and very effective in taking down the pretensions of the lefty climate nutcases.

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Charles Battig on mass movement delusions and Climate panic

Charles is a physician/anesthesiologist/electrical engineer and a cogent commenter on the human foibles.

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Wanna make me grumpy–talk recycling

I know some stuff. For example, I know that recycling is stupid “do something to prove we care” nonsense. And it’s expensive. But it makes idiots feel good about themselves.

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