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I think sustainability should be eliminated from the lexicon

Paul Driessen explains why it is such a junky concept as used by the watermelons.

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Enviros sponsor bird slaughter

Sure they care about nature, sure they do–

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Texas is not what you think it is–because of politics on energy

I have a person clown senator–Troy Fraser, who was, before he became a well dressed Texas Senator who walks around the State House like Khan, a guy who made pallets–wooden flats for heavy items.

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Trying to kill coal people or make them wish they were dead

Paul Driessen explains.

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Pretty strong stuff on holding to opposition to warmers

I think I would still resist without this support, but a pretty good essay.

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Revisiting the Missouri Misconduct of the Corps of Engineers

I was accused of making an irresponsible charge that the US Corps of Engineers intentionally flooded the lower Missouri River Valley below Yankton South Dakota in 2011.

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Citizens sue Corps of Engineers for Malfeasance on the Missouri

The Missouri River Valley citizens suffered at the hands of US Corps of Engineers in 2011 and a lawsuit is filed.

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Charles Battig on the Enviro invasion of Virginia and money games

Charles Battig responsds to the news report on greeen influence in Albamarle Co VA.

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Nice to consider–some people notice the media and academic bias

I got this on a google feed for enviro news items–not the usual for the feed for sure.

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Southern Enviro Law Center–ain’t they just special.

These creeps pop up in the Southeast whenever there is an opportunity to pound the drum and make some money for the momma green company.

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CERCLA, a damn disaster

Here is the typical mumbojumbo that asserts that the CERCLA Superfund is just fine, we just need to accept it’s wonderfulness.

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No cardigan, but offering malaise

Jimmie Carter flies to Aspen to push carbon tax Continue reading

Jay Lehr puts up a plan to take down the EPA

Jay Lehr received the first PhD in hydrology from Princeton a long time ago at a very young age.

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Stop the war on coal–not a bad idea

Here’s a point.

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Keystone XL more has more GHG than estimated

New “research” says the GHG from the Keystone XL is underestimated and, although small, is a step in the wrong direction.  Do they suppose the oil will stay in the ground if there is no pipeline? Continue reading

Follow the money

When you next notice a green group waging war on some or other Big Carbon outfit don’t for a moment believe that the motive is altruism. Follow the money and you’re likely to find that donations from one vile corporate polluter are underwriting those eco activist assaults on a competitor Continue reading

Pretend Petrol isn’t important–then live with your stupid

The fracking change is much more important than you can imagine–petrol products are essential to modern life.

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Listen to what HL Mencken said about the rule of practical politics

The goal is to make the populace anxious so they will be clamorous to be led to safety…

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Texas considering a rebellion–nice

Bryan Shaw says he might consider telling EPA to consider going to hell on electricity plant regs?

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Tom Harris on coal

I put up Gordon Fulks on this before. Sorta out of order, but you’ll get the message.

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