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Tip from one of our commenters

Got this tip on a great science discussion site from one of our favorite commenters stefan.

In addition to many other sources, I think this site is interesting and informative.

Carlin for sainthood

Alan Carlin was awarded a special recognition for good reason–he is a man of virtue and insight.

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Another great paul Driessen referral–Ron Arnold

Arnold teamed with Driessen to write a wonderful book titled Cracking Green. The chapter on financing of the Green Movement was stunning in its detail and listing of foundations and advocacy groups with big budgets and assets.

We at JS have listed them too, but the Driessen/Arnold list was longer and more maddening than ours.

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Climate Central beats the scare drum

There has developed in many sports venues this terrible noise maker thing–in soccer matches the loud horns, in baseball parks, drums.

Climate Central is a noise maker web site, the enemy of rational discussions. Now they announce a terrible trend to heavy rains, and they remind me of the cancer cluster nut cases–every time two things happen together these clowns and advocates announce a trend or a crisis. Their favorite word is epidemic, defined as any time two things happen and catch the attention of an empty-headed journalist or lefty advocate.

If you think Climate Central can be trusted, please look at our archive on Sierra Rayne, a whiz at statistics, who debunks these scaremongers all the time on their claims of this or that enviro “trend” or “epidemic” or “crisis.”

In the past a close look at the data on rainfall events shows, NO TRENDS, but journalists and scare mongers and green activists can identify a trend, and of course violent weather is scary and provides an opportunity for the movement.

Shame on these people–they betray the public trust with their scaremongering.

Warming causes droughts, now it causes floods, now it causes tornadoes, now it causes hurricanes, now it causes anxiety and stupidity.

Greens are just anti capitalism socialists–they don’t care about Gaia

This is a charade–the green machine is about destroying capitalism–it is a Luddite movement under the banner of saving the earth.

That’s why sustainability is such a scam concept.

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Imagine that the DOE is screwing with nukes

I know you can’t imagine that the Department of Energy would be involved with interfering with domestic nuke development and markets. Continue reading

EPA causes more harm than good–not new

Here we go.

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