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Kogan takes down the Schultz proposal on warming

George Schultz says do warming like Reagan did ozone. NOT.

Shultz should know more about the science before trying to draw parallels and dig up Reagan memories.

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Joe Bast responds to a hypocrite from PaloAlto CA on warming

So the original essay by a Stanford snot accused conservatives of being immoral and not caring about people.

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Corrupt peer review makes the news

Thomas Lifson on a new scandal in science publishing.

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Alexandra, such a little precious journalist, doesn’t get it–Americans are sick of enviros

Could it be, Alexandra, that you dont’ get it–that the reason people don’t seem so care is that they get Bullshit information from people like you, who are on a crusade, and they look around and think–what’s the crisis?

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ACSH comments on Driessen’s DDT essay

We at JunkScience emphatically agree–DDT is a life saver. Ruckleshaus and the enviros are killers. Children are particularly at risk from malaria and malarial death is horrific.

Shame on these pathetic fanatics.

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Another Hubbert’s peak find

I am wearing out on the oil and gas finds and the proposed reserves that repudiate the Hubbert’s peak and Malthusian pretenses of the enviros and the fanatic misanthropes. as Julian always said–human creativity is the ultimate resource.

Calling Ehrlich and the Club of Rome–yu peple are cluless.

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James Taylor kicks solar butt in Florida

Wow, my friend James Taylor, excellent enviro expert and debater, makes a solar sucker look bad in a debate on the Florida subsidy for solar proposed in the Florida legislature.

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