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Turbines are ugly, inefficient and expensive

James Taylor discusses.

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Fred Singer explains how the policy side will work or create hardships for people

I won’t say that I agree withe all of this proposal of Fred Singer, but Fred is smarter than me and I will consider.

And tomorrow I will critique his proposal, since at this hour he has me at a serious disadvantage. That is not a surprise, now , is it?

Texas Comptroller says it ‘s time for wind turbines to get off subsidies–but they’ll die

Wind powered energy has always been on government subsidy and mandate life support–it’s ugly and inefficient.

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Germany is at odds with Germany

Coal is increasing as a source of energy in Germany–might have expected that when they shutttered their nuke fleet. Imagine Germany doing such a thing, but they do have their very own green party.

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Hank sends me a German distress call

Imagine, the Germans without electwwicity.

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Clean energy has it’s problems–like science and common sense.

Where do I start with these morons?

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Paul Driessen reviews the fracking issues

Never hurts to remind of the insanity of these socialist totalitarians.

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