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Bird killer wind turbines now condemned by greens–why so late?

Wind is a lousy way to produce electricity and it kills lots of birds and bats.

It also is an eyesore on the prominences of land where sited, and the flashing lights and whomping sound has been shown to cause human habitation close to turbines distressing.

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Future with nukes–no objections here.

However the plausibility of Nukes runs head on into the anti-nuke attitudes and the licensing and permitting and litigation problems.

Consider Japan and Germany as a start. They are going backwards.

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Wind, what a crock, and a crooked idea to boot–Driessen introduces Barton

This essay ends with a golden rule I think worth considering–from the Rotary Club International.

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Battig discusses Friedman’s applause fo the green idiocy of Germany

Thomas Friedman is so smart he knows how to ignore the evidence–kinda like modelers who go merrily along igoring the real world temp record that is called EVIDENCE.

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Marita makes AMSPEC

This is repeated from what you have already seen.
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Energy loan defaults in DOE program

The DOE calls 2.2 billion in losses a successful program.

And I would say it’s likely more. Other bad loans might be in a different program–got to spread the gravy around.

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Conservatives for stupid Solar–whores for Steyer

Talk about fake out–these clowns will do anything for money.

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