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Marita on Energy Independence

Go for it Marita. Energy independence is something everyone claims to desire. It’s how to get there that’s the disagreement.

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Can the idiot not understand–Fracking is Soft Power

It’s easy to pander to the Luddites.

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Kemper Ewectwicity by Tweety Bird

A typical coal plant is 1000 MW and used to cost 1 billion to build. This Mississippi disaster is now breaking a record for stupid.

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We’re from the EPA–You can Trust us

Latest from the EPA, they want to clean the air but guarantee electricity availability.

Sho nuff

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Russia on a Roll Against Enviro West

Now let’s assume that the West was committed to piddle power from solar and wind and willing to shut up coal, even nuclear energy plants and compromise the grid or increase prices and decrease access, increasing dependence on Russian Natural Gas.

Imagine, to borrow from John Lennon the peacenik.

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Electric Cars NEEEEED Global Warming and More

Lookee hear at the great Climate Depot website.

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Political payoffs vs. (supposed) Enviro friendliness. Guess who wins?

The Tesla electric car is a darling of the Rich and Yuppie enviro crowd who want to believe it’s a “green” vehicle and want to show off their tree hugging credentials. Of course the truth ain’t quite that simple, but that’s a discussion for another day.
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Walmart Kissin’ up

Why do I have my doubts about the reasons Walmart would buy Hydrogen cell tech?

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More on the Solar Blasters

Rick Moran picked up on the news.

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Solar and Wind Savagery

Now an alternative energy project in Nevada burns birds out of the air.

These enviros are monsters. First the turbines, now the mirrors.

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As comfy and cozy “leaders” in the West try shutting down the coal industry..

People in countries such as Pakistan, where poverty really does mean starving to death (one of the very positive things about the US is that no one, aside from the occasional “outlier” that can never be completely cleared, does so), are avidly looking at developing their coal resources. Continue reading

Bird Killing Allowed for Green Monsters

The goofy administration of a goofy president now announces 30 year permits to Cuisinart large raptor birds.

I can’t make this stuff up.

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Important Junk Science in Economics and Public Policy

You might say, well JunkScience shouldn’t touch on political issues–and what would you call chemophobia, climate change, and policy decisions on climate, energy policy, and air pollution?

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The SOTU Address Marita Noon Comments

There are many who say the State of the Union Address has become a bore.

However, it does say something. Marita Noon, our ally on energy issues, comments.

Twisted Thinking from Windy People

I think you will see the irony in this nonsense from the left.

Howard Hayden Loves Physics

When people ask me what I am I say–a physician.

I have met so many fine minds who feel the same way about their work–they are physicists.

Howard Hayden is one example

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Is Coal on Life Support?

From my friend, great physicist and advocate for sensible energy policy and reliable climate science, Gordon Fulks.

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‘Green energy’ via press release and tax money

In the latest “green energy” news, another gov’t facility has issued a press release announcing their Big Step forward. In this case, they’re claiming a major breakthrough in rapid conversion of algae into fuel oil and other hydrocarbons.

To be fair to them, they’re reasonably cautious in their statements. Of course, they’re calling for more funding. Oh, and they’ve got a commercial partner who’s participating courtesy of gov’t (taxpayer) grants…

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Stand Up Coal People

Tim Ball is an environmental scientist of great repute and on the front lines of the battle with the green thugs.

He asserts that the Coal industry has to start fighting back. No doubt, they have been mugged and dragged for providing affordable clean electricity. Damn shame such a fine bunch of people would suffer from the eco politics arrayed against the coal production and electricity generation business.

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Goreham Gets a Hit

Steve Goreham is a prolific and articulate writer and lecturer on climate issues.

Invented, far as I can tell, the term Climatism to characterize the fanatic movement.  Title of his first book and part of the title of his second.

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