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Help me out here–there is a new interest in Nukes?

I am just a simple man, and I know what works and what panders to all kinds of silly preferences.

Here is a sensible power and energy project–Nukes.

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Paul Driessen reviews a number of energy policy problems

This is an ambitious review of important developments and issues on the energy agenda table.

Nice work by Driessen.

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Marita on green subsidies and other manipulations for renewable sources

This is just plain bad policy–to prop up inefficient expensive projects that won’t produce a functional energy source.

Marita explains it well. I not she has been getting AMSPEC attention lately–good for her.

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The Arctic is a great reservoir of oil and gas? Yep.

This creates some issues for enviros.

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Marita marks the restart of a nuke in Japan

Nuclear Power is a very clean, safe and efficient thing.

Marita records the restart with some commentary on the nature of the problem of nuke phobia.

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Solar’s “stunning growth” stinks of government stupid

In a world of sensible markets and limited government solar would have achieved a small role, but it is achieving more growth do to bad government policies, that result in subsidies.

Marita Noon writes of the extraordinary nature of this energy nonsense. Ugly, with a big carbon imprint, and low efficiency, solar is silly except in the minds of enviro fanatics.

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One more time–fossil fuel based (coal fired) energy is the most affordable/efficient and it is clean

You say could evil coal be clean enough–well it is.

And there is no air pollution risk that justifies the economic and human welfare damage that attaches to stupid renewables.

Nuke, Hydro, gas fired, coal in rank for emissions.

For affordable the ranks are hydro, coal, gas fired coal, gas, then the silly renewables like biomass, wind, with solar a dead last.