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Conservatives for stupid Solar–whores for Steyer

Talk about fake out–these clowns will do anything for money.

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Marita on the solar scam

Recently we have posted on the recruitment of conservatives to push the crony capitalism strategy to get government breaks for solar.

Solar stinks as an energy source. Marita Noon discusses the game being played.

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Clean Power Plan lies by EPA Air Chief

This clown is trying to make the Northeast an exmplar of the benefits of EPA regulatory overreach?

NE US has brownouts and shortages and grid weakness that will get worse–but enviros like that retrogression. In the New World of sustainability less is more, decline is progress, shortages are abundance.

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Even Newsweek can’t support the wind power idiocy

This is a surprisingly good condemnation of wind as an alternative energy source by a normally liberal and lefty newsmagazine.

Thanks to John Droz

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Wind power leaseholders may have some legal exposure in bankruptcies.

In Canada wind turbine leaseholders may have land encumbered by a mortgage taken by a lessee K2 WIND Project. People need to watch the fine print and what gets attached to their title.

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Donald Kendal of Heartland exposes the green lefty misanthrope dark side

The reason for the enviro crusade is that they think humans are a cancer on the earth.

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Marita discusses public relations failures of the warmers

It appears that the American public doesn’t care much about the warming crisis.

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