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Fusion for electricity generation? A jump up, but how close?

Discussing the future of domestic use of nuclear fusion technology–a jump up for sure.

Norm Rogers discusses the Clean Energy Summit nonsense

I continue to be astounded at the inanities of the lefty enviros, the mystical thinking.

Norm catalogues their craziness.
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Wind is supplying 8% of the electricity needed? Wow. Like could gerbils do better?

This really sets the table–these clowns put up hundreds of multi million dollar windmills and waddutheyget? Pissant production, inefficient, unpredictable electricity produced by ugly big scars things on the landscape.

Oh for the good old days of energy plants secreted away in out of the way spots.
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Steve Goreham exposes Google and Apple for enviro twaddle and bull____ projects

These people are apparently idiot savants–they can do computer but they can’t do much else sensibly, like evaluate evidence in energy, physics, economics and science, particularly climate science. How can they ignore the IPCC Modeling failures–it’s not exactly a secret.

Science tells us that Carbon Dioxide is good, most of it is produced naturally, we can’t effect the temp of the earth with a puny little project–and yet.

And yet, the enviros, Google, and Apple are committed to a big demonstration of liberal (leftist) Bullshit.
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MK Barton on the wind turbine scourge–stupid but also trashes the environment and kills flying things

Ms. Barton speaks eloquently in favor of eliminating this boondoggle.

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Wind energy is stupid and EXPENSIVE

Good piece for consideration on the issue.

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Help me out here–there is a new interest in Nukes?

I am just a simple man, and I know what works and what panders to all kinds of silly preferences.

Here is a sensible power and energy project–Nukes.

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