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Vaquita porpoises get a National Geographic story

This rare porpoise that apparently is only seen in the Sea of Cortez, is another opportunity for the misanthropic enviros at National Geographic to lecture the benighted masses of careless humans, like those fishermen.

They really like the issue of the disappearing wildlife and species–and like most enviro mags, they surely would say Humankind is a Cancer on the otherwise bucolic and orderly planet. Irresponsible humans are endangering a porpoise? The oceans are a desert because of humans?

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End of the world, end of humans? Not

Patrick Moore takes up the issue.

Why do we have to argue these stupid theories?

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More silliness on extinctions from the loony Gaurdian

Well it was not the Guardian that said it, but some researchers trolling for grants and support–claiming they have discovered a terrible human effect.

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Endangered Species Act changes proposed by Feds that are good?

Here’s a report on a frequently misused ESA.

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The Feds control way too much land in America

Look at a map of federal land and you can see Utah, Nevada, and other western states, Alaska and even California have big swaths of federally owned and controlled land.

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Scientist’s claims about species and extinction are nonsense

The people who claim to know the number of species and how many are being extinguished are blowing smoke.
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So a jackass from Fed Fish and Wildlife extorts a settlment

This makes me sick–the Feds settled with this creep who wanted to make the lizard a weapon against oil and gas.

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