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Endangered Species Scares–scam enviro advocacy?

This is a fertile ground for enviro manipulation.

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Dunes Sagebrush Lizard Endangered Species act Scam thrown out.

Good news discussed by our heroine in the energy and property rights wars, Marita Noon.

However, I would remind you that the industry people did way too much in the early negotiation to compromise with the crazy greenies–the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard was not endangered any more than the prairie chickens adn grouse are, but it sure screws up farming and ranching and oil and gas production to say they are.

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Endangered Species game being played to shut down a shale play

The lizard game pops up again. Endangered species scam to stop production in the Eagle Ford Shale.

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Endangered species counts.

If these population numbers are correct it deserves a note of concern–no doubt available habitat is impacted by human presence. For example the jungle habitat for the Orangutan and Tiger has been impacted dramatically by biofuel farming.
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Polar bears out, baby seals out, Nemo in

Propagandists aim for children and adults with the minds of children.

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Land control under Endangered Species Act

Land can be designated critical habitat even if the species hasn’t been seen there for 50 years and the land doesn’t contain all the necessaries for the species to be there. Continue reading

Endangered Species Act changes passes House NGOs squawk

Naturally the pres promises to veto anything that would stop the insanity of the ESA.

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