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Endangered Species Act changes passes House NGOs squawk

Naturally the pres promises to veto anything that would stop the insanity of the ESA.

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Anthropocene defaunation

Are at the beginning of the sixth great extinction?  Some seem to think so. Continue reading

Something to grouse about?

The prairie chicken could affect control of the Senate. Continue reading

Monarch Butterfly update

Hank de Carbonel, who is in the cement pumping business during the day, keeps us up to date on the Monarch Butterfly crisis.

Thanks Hank.

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Collusive lawsuits–distort our government policy making

I recommend this writer–excellent topic too. Collusion in the courts upsets the balance intended by the framers of the US Constitution.

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The Federal Land Management tyrants

The Western US is a big national land preserve, as a relic of bad policy in the past.

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More on newly discovered species

I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago–of course the “consensus” is that biodiversity is threatened by those damn human beans.

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Marita Talks ESA, the jumping mouse and ranchers

Land management and the endangered species act–trouble for citizens from the tyrants in DC.

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I thought nature was being decimated by human activity

So new species are identified. Zatso?

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William Perry Pendley on the rogue EPA

Everytime I see Gina McCarthy I consider how mandarins got a bad name.

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Kansas City Star auditions to sub for NYT–the usual MSM drivel about green issues

What could be wrong with the Endangered Species Act?

Let me count the ways, BOZO, but your best line was–the act was passed under Richard Nixon–why complain?

Well Ruckelshaus ruled against DDT under Nixon.

Nixon was a statist, an overreaching RINO statist who imposed price controls and invented the EPA and thought seriously about guaranteed incomes as part of his tendency to create an administrative welfare state. The man had the attitude of FDR.


Read this KC Star stuff but take your favorite anti emetic first.

The abuse of collusive lawsuits focused on some chicken or insect to stop progress is just one reason this writer is clueless.

Another collusive lawsuit and settlement, for the baby coho?

Read this, fishermen and fisher women and see if you can understand why enviro people are trying to fine tune the breeding and release of salmon.

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First climate change victim?

The headline makes it sound like the first modern era climate change extinction.  The story is somewhat different.  Continue reading

Endangered Species Act, All purpose Weapon for Enviros

ESA is a weapon in the hands of enviros. Way to shut down a lot of activities, intimidate and interfere with farming.

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Turtles stop wind farm–what about birds?

Sometimes courts just make me crazy–this stay of a wind farm certainly makes no sense. Worried about the wind farm interfering with turtles.

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Here we go with Lawsuits

Southern Enviro Law Center is filing suit–looking forward to those court awarded legal fees and a settlement that puts them in a cat bird seat.

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Ocean Mysteries

Thomas Lifson discusses another reason not to believe the apocalyptic panicmongers.

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Monbiot–Wolves have made Yellowstone a better place

What a fascinating video essay, narrated by George Monbiot, who puts up great political rants you may have seen.

This is a completely different and fascinating video on Yellowstone and Wolves.

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The Endangered Species Act problem

Marita is on the case.

ESA now covers hundreds of species.

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Hank Pursues a Butterfly crisis

Attached is an investigative report on an early alert about a Monarch Butterfly crisis.

Hank de Carbonel has a way with words.

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