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Polar bears out, baby seals out, Nemo in

Propagandists aim for children and adults with the minds of children.

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Land control under Endangered Species Act

Land can be designated critical habitat even if the species hasn’t been seen there for 50 years and the land doesn’t contain all the necessaries for the species to be there. Continue reading

Endangered Species Act changes passes House NGOs squawk

Naturally the pres promises to veto anything that would stop the insanity of the ESA.

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Anthropocene defaunation

Are at the beginning of the sixth great extinction?  Some seem to think so. Continue reading

Something to grouse about?

The prairie chicken could affect control of the Senate. Continue reading

Monarch Butterfly update

Hank de Carbonel, who is in the cement pumping business during the day, keeps us up to date on the Monarch Butterfly crisis.

Thanks Hank.

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Collusive lawsuits–distort our government policy making

I recommend this writer–excellent topic too. Collusion in the courts upsets the balance intended by the framers of the US Constitution.

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