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So a jackass from Fed Fish and Wildlife extorts a settlment

This makes me sick–the Feds settled with this creep who wanted to make the lizard a weapon against oil and gas.

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Shelving the ESA and stopping the collusive lawsuits and misanthropy

This is an excellent review of a very misguided adventure.

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Hank reports on the Monarch Butterfly CRISIS–I report on evil greenie operatives

Thanks Hank, for your update.

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Hank alert–Monarch Butterfly now considered for Endangered Species

Of course the range of the Monarch and their dependence on milkweed could result in a Government take over of all the ag land. But the gov must act–right?

Hank de Carbonel, California cement pumper writer, raconteur and expert on the Monarch Butterfly issue for JunkScience, will review the situation and I look forward to his commentary.

Botched enviro predictions

Now this is separate from the screw up of predictions by the modelers–this is more general panicky predictions.

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Endangered Species Act shenanigans? Shocking

This is one great area for speculative but very effective hand wringing–my goodness, the disappearance of a bird or a fuzzy mammal is really important–but even a bug or a lizard or a bladderpod plant bring tears to me eyes.

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Another ESA game on another bird

Why is this not a surprise.  After all a grouse or a chicken or an obscure almost unknown lizard or amphibian or small fish are more important than PEOPLE.

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