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First climate change victim?

The headline makes it sound like the first modern era climate change extinction.  The story is somewhat different.  Continue reading

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Endangered Species Act, All purpose Weapon for Enviros

ESA is a weapon in the hands of enviros. Way to shut down a lot of activities, intimidate and interfere with farming.

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Turtles stop wind farm–what about birds?

Sometimes courts just make me crazy–this stay of a wind farm certainly makes no sense. Worried about the wind farm interfering with turtles.

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Here we go with Lawsuits

Southern Enviro Law Center is filing suit–looking forward to those court awarded legal fees and a settlement that puts them in a cat bird seat.

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Ocean Mysteries

Thomas Lifson discusses another reason not to believe the apocalyptic panicmongers.

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Monbiot–Wolves have made Yellowstone a better place

What a fascinating video essay, narrated by George Monbiot, who puts up great political rants you may have seen.

This is a completely different and fascinating video on Yellowstone and Wolves.

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The Endangered Species Act problem

Marita is on the case.

ESA now covers hundreds of species.

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Hank Pursues a Butterfly crisis

Attached is an investigative report on an early alert about a Monarch Butterfly crisis.

Hank de Carbonel has a way with words.

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Alternative Energy Killers

Marita Noon is a reliable and effective writer, regular columnist at Town Hall, lecturer and ally fighting goofy environmentalism and warming issues.

She also is a bird lover like most of us hard bitten conservatives. What’s not to love about a raptor, even a little finch?

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Putting up a windmill? Watch out for birds and birdbrain bureaucrats

Duke Energy has been installing windmill farms in numerous areas, including Wyoming. It seems that when birds hit the twirling blades, the results are pretty one sided.
Quoting from a Duke press release: “Duke Energy Renewables, a commercial business unit of Duke Energy, today announced it has reached a settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding the deaths of golden eagles and other migratory birds at two of Duke Energy’s wind generation sites in Wyoming.”

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Fossil fuel-haters gain new weapon: 7,500 birds killed by flaring at Canadian natgas plant

CBC News reports: Continue reading

Fighting climate change by killing eagles — Why isn’t the wind industry subject to the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act?

Robert Bryce writes in the Wall Street Journal: Continue reading

Polar bears defy concerns about their extinction

The Daily Mail reports: Continue reading

Claim: Iberian lynx threatened by global warming

What… is it threatened by changes in mean global temperature (wherever that is)? Sea-level rise? Ocean warming or acidification? No… Continue reading

California flushes 800,000 acre-feet of water into SF Bay to save 300 smelt

The Wall Street Journal editorializes: Continue reading

Junk Science Week at the FP: Now we have too many polar bears?

“Despite sea ice having declined since the 1970s, polar bear numbers in Davis Strait have not only increased to a greater density (bears per 1,000 km2) than other seasonal-ice subpopulations (like Western Hudson Bay), but may now have reached its carrying capacity.” Continue reading

An Inconvenient Evolution: Study says species adapt to warming

Warmists have said for years that warming will wipe out species. We’ve always said that species will adapt to warming. A new study indicates we are correct. Continue reading

Obama gives wind farms a pass on killing eagles

But oil companies and utilities get prosecuted. Continue reading

Weather Channel: Global warming to kill off bunny — What, the polar bear scare failed?

Headline: “Could This Bunny Become a Casualty of Climate Change?” Continue reading

Claim: Global warming to wipe out 67% of common plant species, 50% of animal species by 2080

This is junk science because… Continue reading