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The latest environmental illness: windmill sensitivity

Never underestimate the power of nocebo. Continue reading

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LFNs – a serious issue for wind power?

Scares over technology aren’t restricted to unsound fears of EMFs emanating from electric lines or automated natural gas meters. Now wind farms are being blamed for making families and children sick because of low-frequency sound waves, harmonics, to the point some famililes in St. Croix County, Wisconsin, abandoned their homes near wind turbines. It prompted a study… Continue reading

City passes ordinance warning of cancer risks with cell phones

Demonstrating the tenacity of fear and junkscience, and why we don’t want bureaucrats making health decisions for us, a city in Florida just passed a resolution — unanimously — to warn residents that their cell phones could be dangerous and give them cancer. Continue reading

Argentine Locals Want Power Transformers Out of Neighborhoods

Limits on electromagnetic radiation emissions by power stations in Argentina do not respect the precautionary principle. Continue reading

Health Risks From Mobile Phones Should Be Examined, GAO Says

The U.S. should reassess standards for radiation exposure from mobile phones, the Government Accountability Office said in a report that found federal guidelines lagging behind international standards. Continue reading

Cellphone-safety advocate hopes Congress forces the FCC to update its regulations

As soon as next week, Congress is expected to say that a year-long investigation by the Government Accountability Office has found the Federal Communications Commission’s cellphone-safety regulations are woefully out of date. Congress may also urge the agency, whose radiation-limit rules are 15 years old, to take a fresh look at how children in particular may be affected by radio waves. Continue reading

Report: Smart meters are bad for your health

For the tinfoil undies brigade Continue reading

Mobiles: the call on cancer

One year ago a line was drawn in the sand in the mobile phone debate. Continue reading

Is wireless technology doing you harm?

It’s the fear many of us have at the back of our minds: are our mobile phones and the other wireless technologies causing us harm? Continue reading

B.C. parents with WiFi health fears vote to limit school networks

A group representing B.C. parents has voted in favour of two resolutions to limit WiFi technology in schools, reflecting the concerns of some parents that wired classrooms can pose health and safety risks to students. Continue reading

Vermont utilities see growing ‘smart meter’ opposition

No, the wireless meters are not a threat to your health. Your wealth, on the other hand… Continue reading

Aus: Mobile phone radiation emissions may be cut

AUSTRALIA’S radiation limits for mobile phones and transmitters may be changed for the first time in a decade, after a string of European countries lowered their limits. Continue reading

Electrical Pollution: Are We Being Poisoned?

It’s an undisputed fact that the ever increasing electrification of our world has produced escalating exposure to electro magnetic fields.” But not in any significant way when you consider we evolved in earth’s electromagnetic field, which is in the sun’s immensely more powerful field and that people who complain of “electro-sensitivity” seem to manage a days sunshine without ill-effect. Continue reading

Good news! Cellphones don’t cause cancer. Probably

There is no convincing evidence that cellphone use poses a threat to human health, according to an extensive review of scientific evidence released Thursday. Continue reading

‘No evidence’ of mobile phone cancer risk

There is still “no convincing evidence” that mobile phones can adversely affect human health, according to a major new report released today. Continue reading

A close call: Why the jury is still out on mobile phones

Is a rise in brain tumours linked to the radiation sources we hold so close to our heads? Experts can’t agree on the answer Continue reading

Cell Phones and Cancer: Critics Say Kids Risk Brain Tumors

“Science” by Good Morning America Continue reading

NYTimes resurrects power line scare

The New York Times helps enviros and NIMBY-ers fight power lines. Continue reading

Mobiles can affect pacemakers: DoT

“People with medical implants like pacemakers must not keep their cellphones on their shirt pockets.” Continue reading

Colony Collapse Disorder: Cause – All Natural!

The bottom line is: we won’t starve; pesticides are our friend; the bees will return; the cause is most assuredly ‘all natural’ and the scaremongers will look for another reason to condemn humanity. Continue reading