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Court won’t stop embryonic stem cell research

Junk science is not against the law. Continue reading

Hope for SMU: Response to: ‘Keep America pro-science’

We spotlighted yesterday a “pro-science” commentary by a voice performance major in the SMU student newspaper. Here’s a student response. Continue reading

Gingrich vows to ban embryonic stem-cell research

But he was for it before he was against it. Continue reading

More embryonic stem cell hype?

What should we make of the news that embryonic stem cell therapy may have helped improve vision in two patients? Continue reading

IBD: California’s Stem Cell Solyndra

Seven years after the California ballot initiative to fund embryonic stem cell research, taxpayers have gotten zilch — predicted this outcome. Continue reading

Fail: First embryonic stem cell trial halted

More evidence of why taxpayers have become the investor-of-last-resort for the embryonic stem cell pipedream. Continue reading

EU Court: OK to destroy embryos, but not to patent their destruction

“Europe’s top court on Tuesday banned researchers from patenting any process to extract stem cells when it leads to the destruction of a human embryo.” (Agence France Presse)