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Chrysler/Fiat’s CEO: Please don’t buy Fiat 500e electric car

It seems Sergio Marchionne either didn’t get the memo, or won’t play along. He’s right up there explaining that his company loses $14,000 on each electric 500e they sell

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Another Electric Car goes poof

Another electric care debacle.

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Will EV’s help pollution in China?

MIT says it won’t do much for the environment. Continue reading

Political payoffs vs. (supposed) Enviro friendliness. Guess who wins?

The Tesla electric car is a darling of the Rich and Yuppie enviro crowd who want to believe it’s a “green” vehicle and want to show off their tree hugging credentials. Of course the truth ain’t quite that simple, but that’s a discussion for another day.
That being said, it seems to have run afoul of political business as usual in… New Jersey. Continue reading

Why not Drive an IED?

These stories of all electric cars raise some questions, but note that the Tesla driver whose car burned up said he would buy another one in a minute. Gotta love these enviros.

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Another failed green car

Hybrid sports car maker Fisker Automotive owes the DOE  — that’s us taxpayers — $192 million but no one wants to buy the troubled company. It hasn’t built a car in over a year, according to Reuters, but has gone through $529 million in government funds. And that’s just one example of the government’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program…. Continue reading

Green car co. launched by Dem Virgina Guv candidate to miss production target by 99.7%

Terry McAuliffe’s promise of one million cars annually gets scaled back to 30,000 — at least his form exceeded its quota for federal investigations? Continue reading

Luddites Live! UK Liberal Democrats propose banning internal combustion engine in cars by 2040

The internal combustion engine is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Continue reading

Audit shows Obama admin wasted $135 million on electric car charging stations

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BMW unveils its i3 electric car

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Tesla CEO calls for carbon tax

So taxpayers can continue to subsidize his lame-o electric cars to the tune of $7,500 a pop? Continue reading

Tesla: The Other Government Motors

The Wall Street Journal editorial page exposes electric car maker Tesla for what it is — another taxpayer boondoggle. Continue reading

WaPo Columnist: Government’s bad bet on Fisker

“Government can efficiently affect energy usage through fuel taxes and basic research. When it intervenes on behalf of specific technologies and specific companies, however, bad things happen — resource misallocation, windfall-seeking, even, sometimes, corruption. The Fisker debacle proves once again that, in the immortal words of former White House economist Larry Summers, ‘government is a crappy VC’.” Continue reading

Edmunds: ‘The Internal Combustion Engine Is the Future’

“Gasoline is a very talented energy source.” Continue reading

Broke California giving away up to $55,000 vouchers to purchase hybrid/electric vehicles

Only $12 million left — so hurry on down to your car/truck dealer now and get your share of OPM. Continue reading

Tesla scraps $52K econo model and claims profit; Fisker teeters on edge of bankruptcy

Hardly a success for the Obama-run Central Planning Venture Capital. Continue reading

Marc Gunther: If electric cars are the answer, what’s the question?

“What problem to do they solve for electric-car owners?” Continue reading

Jaguar Chief: Electric cars not mass-market solution

“Ralf Speth criticizes UK government subsidy of ‘poor electric vehicles’ and nationwide charging stations.” Continue reading

Electric cars struggling in India

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Fights Perceptions as Stock Drops

Tesla’s $465 million loan from taxpayers is not working out for anyone. Continue reading