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Whole word, look say, teacher malpractice, pedagogical inanity?

I had a little experience as an observer. Look say was not used when I was taught to read–thank goodness.

I learned in the early 50s, but I was in college when lood say or whole word became a rage. Boy, you talk about stupid ideas.

Phonics makes a kid powerful–look say makes a kid a weakling. That’s the way it works–you gots to have the tools.

Tim Ball speaks to the junk academics/researchers/modelers

He has a good take off point–Jon Gruber. This essay is outstanding.

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More on the dangers of preschool

Michele Malkin has no tolerance for the socialists–she is a heroine of mine.

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I see all these kids who are in preschool–for what?

Well actually for babysitting.

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Regulation avalanche EPA regs, Obamacare, Education

This is the typical way an administrative state expands–by stealth and increments.

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Understanding Gruberitis and the new ruling class

I won’t keep repeating my admiration for Thomas Sowell and Angelo Codevilla in regards to the vision of the anointed and the arrogance of the elite ruling class, however Charles Battig brings in an important consideration–educational policy and how it greased the skids for dumbing down the populace and the increasing dominance of Socialism.

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A long but edifying essay on the value of white males–hold on to your hats

Wow, I didn’t realize how valuable we white boys were to the progress of the human race.
I thought all we were was bad boys and worse.

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