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School Teachers come from the lower intelligence ranks

One of our commenters/readers asked if there was evidence that teachers come from the lower intellectual ranks.

There is.

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More Money does not improve educational outcomes?

Yep, in America the educational system sucks up a lot of tax dollars, for less return than is hoped for.

But locally and at the state level, nobody in politics can resist the siren song–for the children.

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Nobel Laureate fired for political incorrectness

He told a joke, and they hounded him. The feminist thugs.

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Higher ed is now lower ed–and falling

Multiculturalism, racialism, quotas, dumbing down the curriculum–and much more have caused such a decline in secondary and higher ed.

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Other people’s money

One thing’s for sure, we now have 100 trillion or more, much more in debt or unfunded fed, state and local government liabilities, and even debauching the currency has limits–I would expect some more bankruptcies and broken promises.

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Did you ever think that academics would be gender biased in the sciences?

Not a chance. Gender disparities in the academic/faculty hard sciences are a product of choices and preferences, not discrimination. However, like the alleged racist tendencies of cops–the problem is measuring in terms of outcomes. If women were strong and numerous in the hard sciences, they would be more represented. In medicine women are now dominant.

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A change in the culture and the outlook–all for the worse morals and economics

Here are two essays that provide insight. One on cultural decline, the other on economic decline

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