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UT shame on you.

I have to admit that I always thought that the U of Texas really should not be allowed to be in Texas and enjoy the support of a bunch of hard-working Texas success stories

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Common Core as a commie strategy

The commies (they call themselves progressives) have always been interested in taking the family down.

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Tyranny of the anti free speech crowd.

We have been discussing forms of bullying.

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More on the Common Core Trainwreck a Comin’

The Koret group is focused on educational issues and curriculum development for K -12.

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Okies understand that Common Core is Poison

I love Oklahoma–beautiful state, lousy place for tornadoes and ice storms.

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Bill Gates a Victim or Perp on Common Core?

Bill Gates learned two big things in the last twenty years that went beyond his obvious knowledge in his business:

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More on Reading

Ran into a little headwind when I said phonics beats Look Say, but this is also worth a look.

Teaching reading is cumulative–I agree.

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VDH speaks to Techie Advances

I don’t have an I phone or a new jazzy I pad.

I also understand the concepts of inductive and deductive reasoning and somewhat less well discussed but frequently used method of abductive reasoning (inference of the best possible explanation by means of incomplete evidence).

In fact I do believe I have a very good tool in abductive reasoning that is too much neglected–there are many uncertainties in life and scientific inquiry. We cannot be present to confirm every piece of evidence we might consider important to prove up an hypothesis.

But I digress. Here Victor discusses the problem of knowledge versus wisdom.

Yesterday another old doc and I, faculty for a residency that is supposed to teach new docs old tricks (think about that a minute).

We were ruminating on how we can teach the art of medicine–in fact–what is the art of being a good diagnostician/therapist/procedurist. What are the magic secrets and tricks and mental strategies that should be taught? How can we short cut to wisdom?

Is an I pad a way to wisdom or a way to the illusion of smarts?

Is there a shortcut to competence and mature wisdom?

We’ll get back to you on that one.

Here’s Victor:

My Brother’s Keeper–Junk and Bunk

I was around for job corps and the war on poverty.

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Junk Education starts with Look-Say

My father went nuts when he realized I had two brothers who weren’t learning to read.

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SAT Scores Against School Spending, Not Encouraging

This is a research project that allows you to look at 40 years of state by state spending against Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) performance. Money can’t buy you love or a good educational system.

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SAT Dumbs Down to Common Core

Who is this creep Coleman?

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Humans and Dissonance

I love music, I hate bad music, it hurts.

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Let’s talk Commie agitators–Saul Alinsky

I hate to bust your balloon, but Saul Alinsky, mentor to Hillary and Barack, hated the United States of America and all it represented.

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Kids think they know something–not

This is like those little jerks, full of themselves, who write to presidents advising on policy.

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Michelle Rhee, Common Core Subversive

Disconnect has been the problem with the perception of Michelle Rhee, heroine of charter schools and thought to be conservative.

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Academic Hypocricy at Purdue

So let’s see if I get this right. Mitch Daniels can’t talk about conservative ideas and offer political opinions as a former governor because lefty faculty members who talk politics in the classrooms want to censor him.

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Another International Climate Expert–Good Gig

Here the proud home town discusses one of their favorite sons, early 40s, a declared climate expert who is a globe hopping celeb.

Do you get the impression mostly he is an apparatchik committed to agit prop for the IPCC warming/climate agenda?

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Union of Concerned (Junk) Scientists are Sponsors at AAAS Meet

Orwellian junk science outfits always get dressed up with nice names.

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Common Core Problems

Joy Pullmann at Heartland put up a note that made sense about the current Common Core wars.

Common Core is not the reason for everything that’s wrong in public school pedagogy.

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