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More on the latest fetish among the elites–sustainability

I think of sustainability as recycling on steroids, gives elites a sense of well-being that fits with their extraordinary sense of self-importance.

Also a fetish that allows control freaks to decide the priorities.

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DOD course materials anti bible and constitution in the sexism course, pulled

Read to find out why a little inquiry caused a course to be pulled off the website.

A course to teach sexism to the uniformed services and their support.

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Education and life expectancy

This study of life spans shows that education impacts life expectancy for men in a big way.

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Gender beats competence, just like color beats everthing

I get tired of hearing about how women are discriminated against.

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The failure of Public Ed–top to bottom, side to side

What a terrible thing–so much money, so many hope, so much incompetence.

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Higher education is on the diversity chute to the trash

When we recruit faculty based on color, not brains, wadduweget?

Gee, I guess a diverse faculty with questionable qualificatins.
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Story of a pioneering female physician

Dr. Jacobi was exemplary now, wasn’t she?
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