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Hey ___, wadduthink about this

We have a reader and commenter named ___, who appears to be a decent and concerned person soaking wet with the bullshit of the educational establishment.

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We continue to search for better education

I have to say that all the money and concern seem to be wasted, and ineffectual, trying to get kids, particularly poor kids, a good education so they can be good and happy citizens.

Here Star Parker talks about a program for kids in poor neighborhoods. Good luck Dr. Fuller.

Seems like we have this problem–schools don’t teach kids to be functional adults. Dr. Fuller is another guy with a plan. The Teacher Unions are, no doubt, are opposed.

When social goals interfere with education–things get displaced and misplaced

So we talk about the problem with close reading, a big common core effort to eliminate the buggabear of cultural advantages.

This essay puts some meat on the bones of the argument that Common Core is intended to produce little automatons who will be good cogs in the socialist machine.

As the Borg say–you will be assimilated.
Curriculum that is barren of content and context and an attempt to contract or limit will fail.

Grade inflation in College? I’m shocked. Of course all the kids are above average.

It’s kinda like college in general–devalued. A phony scam producing kids who are empty headed.

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Common Core fallacies

You all know I think Common Core is a conspiracy to make kids into good cogs in the socialist machinery.

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IQ is declining? Whatever for?

Report of an insignificant decline in average IQs, get’s some attention and some inane commentary.

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Computer driven formulaeic rewarded education–Walberg and Bast

This the second essay that follows up on the Walberg and Bast book on innovations in education that make sense, with particular emphasis on flexible development and rewards.

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