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This study on Charter Schools is despicable.

Damn these people, they set up a straw man–the failure of charter schools to provide transportation and meals, and then assume that means that Charter Schools are discriminatory.

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Oregon is the beta test–common core a big bust

Oregon is place where smart liberals are supposed to live, drinking coffee and thinking big thoughts–apparently their kids are academic losers? They bit hard on the Common core candy–and now the kids are not doing well.

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A compelling case for Charter Schools–wow

Of the course the left and the union controlled education establishment keep knocking charter schools–but this essay and the people it references and successes it documents leaves no doubt–public schools are the enemy of education.
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Educational apocalypse

Many here at JS are concerned with the quality of education at all levels.

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More on the latest fetish among the elites–sustainability

I think of sustainability as recycling on steroids, gives elites a sense of well-being that fits with their extraordinary sense of self-importance.

Also a fetish that allows control freaks to decide the priorities.

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DOD course materials anti bible and constitution in the sexism course, pulled

Read to find out why a little inquiry caused a course to be pulled off the website.

A course to teach sexism to the uniformed services and their support.

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Education and life expectancy

This study of life spans shows that education impacts life expectancy for men in a big way.

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