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Cass Sunstein is just another Harvard totalitarian–despicable

Sunstein is now a high flyin’ University Professor at Harvard after a stint in the administration of the beloved socialist leader, the bamster.

Recently he took on claims by other Harvard professors that the political system was rigged and prevented them getting their totalitarian way.

Sunstein assures them that hard work will eventually extinguish liberty and freedome, along with free markets and limited government by the consent of the governed.

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Scoring the Republican Candidates on their Common Core positions

I think Common Core is a an abomination, more John Dewey socialist claptrap pretend curricula.

So I agree with the Politichicks assessment of the too common go along RINO BS attitudes displayed by half of the Republican candidates.

Totalitarianism and malfeasance in higher ed–a former professor explains

Richard Winchester is a frequent contributor to American Thinker and a former academic who became a full professor.

He explains why and how higher ed is a political correctness and totalitarian fever swamp.

JunkScience has been hammering on the problems:

Colin Flaherty on the black kids tearing up schools

Wanna job in a war zone? Teach in the urban public schools of America.

This goes back a long way–Colin gives us an update.

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Anyone in the house who can defend whole word, look-see reading?

My father, a physician, was so damn mad he could spit. He found out about look-see when 2 of my brothers were in early grade school–he got em out of that school in less than a week after he found out the silliness of look see. I was in college at the time and saw his anger that his boys were being cheated.

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Another demonstration of the Liberal bullshit theory of Frankfurt- Head Start CARES fails

This project to make Head Start more effective in preparing kids for schools comes a cropper–but no matter, 46 years and 180 billion, Head Start is immortal.

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Did you ever think if the hicks in Atlanta Schools would cheat, the NY schools wouldn’t do them better?

So here we go, and you know this doesn’t even come close to the nature of the scandal–just like the unemployment numbers, if you control the magnitude of the lie, you control the lie to your advantage.

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