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Three fourths of American High School grads are ‘no ready’ for College.

Well what’s the surprise–the educational system only looks good for the same reason the bamster supporters claim a good economy and improving employment–cheating.

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College Board Advanced Placement junk curriculum in history protested

The National Association of Scholars says the Advanced Placement materials are commie Howard Zinn type anti-American, lefty revisionist junk.

But no surprise. College Board is in the running with Common Core for running down scholarship and education.

Mike Shaw reminds us of political correctness in healthcare policy making and conduct

I also found Sally Satel to be a refreshing and insightful essayist and author on social science and psychiatry matters. She has provided great insights on fads like affirmative action and new psychiatric crusades. She is an addiction specialist and has n interest in military psychiatry.

I have been in medicine as a family practice, corrections, and emergency medicine practitioner for 44 years and can assert medicine and physicians are like so many in the oligarchy of professional chattering class people–blind to the ideological poison that is socialism/statism.

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Ideological tyrants and a new layer of nannies and despots

This essay discusses how we have government AND some other ruling class tyrannies.

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U of Toronto Continues its plunge into junky science curricula

I am astounded.

Toronto would claim to be a very urbane and educated place.

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Petty Little Dictator Disorder (PLDD) an Epidemic of ideological totalitarianism

Here’s a nice thought piece on the petty tyrants of the ruling class/chattring class, and why we need a vaccine for this disease.

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Clarice updates the threat to the Republic

This essay is alarming in content.

I recommend it, even though some of it is pretty scary–we have an outlaw administration and executive, and derelict congress/courts.

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