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The Systematic Dumbing Down of the Populace. Public Education promoting Mediocrity

Dr. Fernald is a scholar of philosophy and rhetoric. That says something. I found this old essay he wrote, which reminded me of important current problems. Mostly that people place no value in wisdom and the search for the truth–they are more concerned about social pressures and acceptance.

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Sol Stern celebrates real curriculum

May I become a tall and handsome fellow–Sol Stern discusses the effort to make curriculum mean something.

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A bellyful of leftist historical revisionism

There are some numbskulls who think we can trust the teacher community to do the right thing on American History.

That’s after a couple of decades of the dominance of the Howard Zinn commie version of American History?

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Sex ed for kindergarten

Teachers can’t teach very well, but indoctrination is a strong point. Sex ed including alternative lifestyle ed in a Nevada School District for 5 year olds? Why not 3 year olds as long as we’re getting stupid.

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Common Core Math–a hot shot teacher explains why it is ill conceived

This essay is written by a real teacher–engineer who went into teaching as a second career–very experienced.

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Common Core isn’t our only problem–Consider the College Board

The College Board writes a curriculum that is intended to help students prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) which is critical for college bound high school students. High scores means good chances.

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Clarice hits one out of the park

This is an ambitious essay, my emphasis is on the propaganda issues, public perceptions and a very insightful section on ECOFEMINISM

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