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Clarice hits one out of the park

This is an ambitious essay, my emphasis is on the propaganda issues, public perceptions and a very insightful section on ECOFEMINISM

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How about less expensive, more available fuel?

A clean cook stove and fuel initiative is linked to climate change rather than poverty.  Continue reading

Damn these enviros, pushing their bird killer agendas in wind and solar

I already have alerted you to Ivanpah 3 times, going back a month or more.

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Agency tyranny and overreach might threaten insecure Dems?

I keep reading during every election cycle how the public has had enough.

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Enviro imperialism and greenie opportunism

Ok, don’t get mad, Canada Free press has busy pages, but this is a pretty good expose’on the unconscionable and corrupt high flyers who support green projects. Ceres is the focus.

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Charles Battig on the Enviro invasion of Virginia and money games

Charles Battig responsds to the news report on greeen influence in Albamarle Co VA.

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Southern Enviro Law Center–ain’t they just special.

These creeps pop up in the Southeast whenever there is an opportunity to pound the drum and make some money for the momma green company.

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