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Driessen and Bezdek on Carbon Benefits

This is an easy one.

Carbon as a product of burning fossil fuels is a positive.

Greenie antagonism is insane. Thanks Driessen and Bezdek

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Droughts and Floods Caused by Green Monsters

When the California Drought subject came up, I thought about the Missouri River floods of the Spring 2011, that were manufactured by the Corps of Engineers.

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CA Drought Self Inflicted

A thorough discussion of the CA insanity and the current drought.

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I’m from the Guvment–You Will comply

The tyranny of the administrative state is poised to impose.

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EPA blocking repair/installation of fire hydrants

In an unbelievable bit of hysteria about lead pollution, the EPA has just blocked pretty much all installations/repairs of fire hydrants? Why? Because they have a small amount of lead in their composition. —>

Norway gives World Bank $13 million to stop Ethiopia from feeding itself

Dunno about you, but “climate-smart” agriculture sounds like something the Soviets would have dreamt up. Continue reading

Nordic countries join Obama in agreement to keep global poor in the dark

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Eco-Imperialist Bill McKibben tells economically troubled Iceland to stop oil exploration

“McKibben said that it would be an important step in breaking the ice if a county announced that it would not extract oil, gas or coal despite it being available.” Continue reading

Hansen fundraises to keep Haitians in the dark

Instead of advocating/fundraising for the electrification and development of Haiti, Jim Hansen sees poverty- and earthquake-stricken Haiti as a way to advance his twisted global warming agenda. Continue reading

Andrew Bolt: Waking too slowly from our green daze

How is business meant to plan investments, when the Gillard Government changes its mind so abruptly on taxes and mad multi-billion schemes? Dennis Shanahan:

The decision to end the negotiations to buy and close down Australia’s “dirtiest” brown-coal power plants is not just a shift in policy that might ultimately save the budget billions; it is another shift in the goalposts that sends the wrong signals to industry and investors.
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Critics Say California Law Hurts Effort to Add Jobs

Environmentalists in this greenest of places call the California Environmental Quality Act the state’s most powerful environmental protection, a model for the nation credited with preserving lush wetlands and keeping condominiums off the slopes of the Sierra Nevada.

But the landmark law passed in 1970 has also been increasingly abused, opening the door to lawsuits — sometimes brought by business competitors or for reasons unrelated to the environment — that, regardless of their merit, can delay even green development projects for years or sometimes kill them completely. Continue reading

Bangkok 2012: Climate talks breaking down

In a repeat of the Bonn conference, rich and poor countries square off as the search for an international agreement on climate change continues. Continue reading

Climate Needs To Move To Top Of Political Agendas, Denmark Says

Says the country perhaps most dependent on oil revenue. Continue reading

Small signs of improvement in the UK?

Geoffrey Lean seems troubled by a Cabinet reshuffle in the UK – that can’t be bad Continue reading

Green Taxes On Fuel Bills Nearly Double, Consumer Group Says

Green taxes on energy bills have nearly doubled in two years to almost £100 as companies pass on the costs of becoming environmentally-friendly to households. Some industry insiders believe that bills could increase by between 50 per cent and 100 per cent by 2020. Continue reading

Public relations fail, straight from the green wackos – updated

Even though it is Fathers’ Day in the land Down-Under and I have a father to fete and children with whom to celebrate I must just share some correspondence received, apparently sincerely*, from dipsticks wanting you to not have children and to euthanize your pets. I kid you not. Continue reading

Daniel Greenfield: Starving Amidst Plenty

There are two types of societies, production societies and rationing societies. The production society is concerned with taking more territory, exploiting that territory to the best of its ability and then discovering new techniques for producing even more. The rationing society is concerned with consolidating control over all existing resources and rationing them out to the people. Continue reading

Ben Pile: Environmentalism’s Amoral Disorder

From the pulpit at the Church of Crass Generalisations and Poorly Concealed Prejudice, Andrew Brown of the Guardian delivered these words on Tuesday: Continue reading

Environmental Guilt Is Big Business

39% of Americans feel ‘green guilt’ for wasting food, a much higher number than letting the sink run while they brush their teeth or not buying those stupid low-flow toilets. The 2012 Eco Pulse results are in. So look for the latest marketing campaigns from environmental activism corporations soon. Continue reading

Paul Driessen and David Legates:

Governments treat us like Sim-citizens: with fewer rights for us and no accountability for them Continue reading