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Can Illinois catch a break?–now Ozone regs will cause economic stress

The EPA lies about the economic benefits by claiming lives lost and putting a 10 million per death number, but they ignore the real world deprivations of economic hardship–real premature deaths as opposed to desk top data torturing.

Alarming information that exposes the Pope’s climate move as a fool’s errand

Like most utopian leftists, the Pope is wrong, so wrong about what will help the poor.

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The strange dynamics of carbon taxation

Why would oil and gas companies in Europe go for carbon taxes?

Read this stunning indictment of their motives.

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More on EPA cheating–ACSH Discussing Paul Driessen’s essay

I like an echo chamber when it repeats what I am saying.

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Greens are just anti capitalism socialists–they don’t care about Gaia

This is a charade–the green machine is about destroying capitalism–it is a Luddite movement under the banner of saving the earth.

That’s why sustainability is such a scam concept.

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California enviro sugar daddies distort the debate, corrupt the science/policy making

When 30 million dollars is put in play, it’s hard for regular people to win. Example in the essay below in City Journal is about the carbon legislation and the CA battle about enviro laws in an environment of unemployment.

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Wind Turbine Distress Syndrome WTDS

Turbine surely are ugly, inefficient symbols of stupid enviro ideas. But there’s more than just inefficiency, unreliability and high cost, there’s also the low-frequency womping sound, the flashing lights, the bird killing.

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