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Caruba on the enviro whorehouse Sugar Daddy problem

Ever heard of projection? It’s attributing your own bad thoughts/actions/motives to your opponent. This attack on Willie Soon is a good example.

Alan Caruba wrote this fine essay that Joe Bast forwarded.

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Enviro sugar daddy money –Just consider this from the early 90s until today–billions

This recent fuss about funding for people who debunk the warmers is hypocrisy. The enviros are flush, the opposition is running on a shoestring. All the advocacy, pr, and research money is going to the lefty greens.

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John Fund is worked up about Kitzhaber green corruption? Really–why doesn’t he do some research into the sugar daddys for the enviros

I cannot believe the ignorance of John Fund–doesn’t he realize that 20 billion a year is being poured into the warmer advocacy research trough. Billions are going to enviro crusades of all kinds–climate claims, pollution claims, chemophobic claims, pollution research endangered species research that is junk.
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Driessen on divestment demands by silly college students and their noisy allies.

What do you expect of college students who have time on their hands a tremedous opinion of themselves–they try to pressure their schools on investment choices.

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Sustainability, now there’s a pregnant word

Here is a short and insightful commentary on an abused term by a guy involved with the salmon issue in the NW.

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RIP John Briscoe…

… who fought ‘BREATH-TAKING HYPOCRISY’ of enviros at World Bank to build dams in poor countries. —>

Report from CFACT

I pay attention to CFACT because Rucker and Driessen are allies and active warriors in the battles for sensible environmental policies.

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