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RIP John Briscoe…

… who fought ‘BREATH-TAKING HYPOCRISY’ of enviros at World Bank to build dams in poor countries. —>

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Report from CFACT

I pay attention to CFACT because Rucker and Driessen are allies and active warriors in the battles for sensible environmental policies.

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Enviro sugar daddies revisited

We have talked at junkscience about enviro money and enviro organization assets.  They are flush.

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Mr. Paterson is right, but the greens don’t really care

Dr. Benny Peiser takes it to the green lobby on eco-imperialism.  Continue reading

Driessen and Morano–CFACT strikes

A nice report on the watermelons, as Delingpole dubbed them.

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Paul Kengor coments on the socialist rally in NYC for the causes of the left

You think climate is what the left is obsessed with–nooooo, let’s review again, they cobble together crusades that allow them to push totalitarianism and the tyrants always come in under the banner of good intentions.

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In big planner policy making the little guy always takes a hit

I find it amusing that socialists preen and strut and claim good intentions but always screw the little guy when they can. Continue reading