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Charles Battig on the Enviro invasion of Virginia and money games

Charles Battig responsds to the news report on greeen influence in Albamarle Co VA.

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Southern Enviro Law Center–ain’t they just special.

These creeps pop up in the Southeast whenever there is an opportunity to pound the drum and make some money for the momma green company.

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Paul Driessen comments on the silly Africa conference

When will people start to realize that the greenies hate people, and their hate falls particularly hard on the 3rd world.

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Market place economic realities and big idea energy policies

Why is the fatal conceit so attractive? Don’t the clowns read?

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Why would energy costs be so burdensome–we elected a villain as pres

The cost of energy climbs, the costs of fuels escalates. Does that make sense given recent discoveries of unlimited resources? Only if a monster is in the white house, the green monster.

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Hypocrisy in LaLa Land

Hanson discusses Silicon valley fashion and political correctness.

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Remember all the anxiety about the BP Horizon spill and how it was killing marine life.

Here comes Paul Driessen with some things to think about on the Gulf and biofuels, which are stupid/inefficient/and decrease food production.

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Misconduct by EPA on the Pebble Mine

You may recall that recently it was revealed that cheating on the impact study was part of the game EPA played, and the “researcher” is not available and some of his paperwork and research is not longer accessible.

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Paul Driessen helps you to understand why I detest greenpeace

I got this note and essay to be published by Paul Driessen of CFACT soon. Paul was at Las Vegas.

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Another story of Federal tyranny–visited on ranchers

Marita tells the story of another one of the lefty land grabs called a monument.

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To hell with Africa say the 1st world warmer fanatics

Oh, sure they pretend to care, sure they care about people who have little but are breaking out of the bind of poverty and deprivation.

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Driessen and Bezdek on Carbon Benefits

This is an easy one.

Carbon as a product of burning fossil fuels is a positive.

Greenie antagonism is insane. Thanks Driessen and Bezdek

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Droughts and Floods Caused by Green Monsters

When the California Drought subject came up, I thought about the Missouri River floods of the Spring 2011, that were manufactured by the Corps of Engineers.

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CA Drought Self Inflicted

A thorough discussion of the CA insanity and the current drought.

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I’m from the Guvment–You Will comply

The tyranny of the administrative state is poised to impose.

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EPA blocking repair/installation of fire hydrants

In an unbelievable bit of hysteria about lead pollution, the EPA has just blocked pretty much all installations/repairs of fire hydrants? Why? Because they have a small amount of lead in their composition. —>

Norway gives World Bank $13 million to stop Ethiopia from feeding itself

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Nordic countries join Obama in agreement to keep global poor in the dark

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Eco-Imperialist Bill McKibben tells economically troubled Iceland to stop oil exploration

“McKibben said that it would be an important step in breaking the ice if a county announced that it would not extract oil, gas or coal despite it being available.” Continue reading

Hansen fundraises to keep Haitians in the dark

Instead of advocating/fundraising for the electrification and development of Haiti, Jim Hansen sees poverty- and earthquake-stricken Haiti as a way to advance his twisted global warming agenda. Continue reading