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Muscle-building supplements linked with testicular cancer?

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Homeopathy and Pharmacology–health foods and supplements rules

Believe it or not, in this regulated world junk remedies have not been regulated very well.

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Vitamin D is all the rage

This started a while ago–I started running into people taking big doses of Vit D–of course I was skeptical, that’s what I am.
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Josh Bloom on the goofy Dr. Oz

I don’t much care for wellness and counseling schticks–encourages too much schlockiness.

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The Merry Old Land Of Oz

The career path of Dr. Mehmet Oz is most puzzling. Boasting a fine education (Tower Hill prep; Harvard undergrad; Penn med school; and Wharton), Oz did his residency at New York’s Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, and is now an attending surgeon at the same hospital. He also holds various academic appointments at Columbia’s med school. His name appears on more than 150 research papers, and he has published over 20 books—most of which have “You” in the title.

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Food Fetishist Alert

I know how to get a certain group going–talk about eating healthy.

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Let’s talk some more Taubes

Some reacted negatively to my applause for Gary Taubes.

Let’s discuss.

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