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Food Fetishist Alert

I know how to get a certain group going–talk about eating healthy.

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Let’s talk some more Taubes

Some reacted negatively to my applause for Gary Taubes.

Let’s discuss.

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I’m Toxic, Hand me the Detox Stuff

This is a very lucid discussion of another junkscience scam–detoxing.

Detoxing is a health food supplement type scam that pretends to eliminate something bad–kinda like purging and cleansing enemas. Nonsense.

Alternative Medicine (cont.)

A fan sent a note of inquiry about a surge in alternative medicine talk and linked me to an item on WebMD about Alternative and Complementary methods of treating pain. Actually that is one place where the placebo effect of unscientific medicine can have good effects.

Let’s consider. Medicine for pain and psych stuff should always be liberally sprinkled with placebo laced methods. They work.

Benefits from placebo effect don’t mean you’re faking, it means you are cooperating and finding some chemical neurohumeral and psychological benefits.

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Stop it, There is no Magic

You think there are supplements or additives or changes in diet that will make magic?

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Scary Diet Supplement

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Supplements exempt from Prop 65 rules in California

Companies selling dietary supplements containing lead have convinced a California Superior Court judge that chemicals  occurring naturally in foods do not count as chemical exposure for consumers and are exempt from Proposition 65’s warning label requirements. Continue reading

Research pours cold water on alleged benefits of sports products

Study reveals there is a ‘striking lack of evidence’ to back up claims made for trainers, drinks and supplements Continue reading

Ian Reid: Can calcium supplements cause heart disease?

People taking calcium supplements to mitigate their risk of developing bone disease (osteoporosis) may be doing more harm to their health than good. That’s because a growing body of research shows the supplements confer little benefit and increase the risk of developing heart disease. Continue reading

Calcium supplements ‘double risk of heart attack’, study finds

Doctors dispute results but advise people not to take supplements unless required for medical condition Continue reading

Josh Bloom: When Is a Drug a Drug?

“Dietary supplements” aren’t necessarily drug free or safe, let alone “nutritional.” Continue reading

Secret science: Researchers refuse to provide data in vitamin E-prostate cancer study

What does Dr. Eric Klein of the Cleveland Clinic have to hide? Continue reading

Vitamin E increases prostate cancer risk?

Will a new study end vitamin E as a dietary supplement for men? Continue reading

Multivitamins kill older women?

Will One A Day® make grandma have fewer days? Continue reading