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What Kind Of Health Care System Do You Want?

Reforming health care is a signature issue with the current administration, but even the most ardent proponents of Obamacare would be reluctant to call it a success. Notwithstanding the well-publicized problems, of the countless billions spent on this program, precious little has gone into actual patient care. But really, what should we expect from a system designed by soulless bureaucrats such as “bioethicist” Ezekiel Emanuel and Donald Berwick, former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services?

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Diet–don’t make no difference to me

I get really tired of people talking nutrition and diet. Food’s important to me but there is no magic healthy eating.

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Food Fetishists and Junk Nutritionists Push Back

Thomas Lifson reports on the Saturated Fats are OK study and the reaction from the food nuts. Food “experts” are very much like climate junkster “experts.”

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Heart Rhythmn Problem?

The problem of atrial fibrillation is found to be aggravated by obesity.

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Study: Saturated fats don’t stiffen blood vessels or harm function

From a registered clinical trial involving 112 study subjects published in the September 2013 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Continue reading

Claim: Secondhand smoke presents greater threat to teen girls than boys

Regardless of the validity of the researchers dubious HDL claims, unfortunately for these researchers, cholesterol levels have nothing to do with risk of heart disease. Continue reading

Five Guys’ cheeseburgers aren’t killing anyone

NYTimes writer Timothy Egan spotlights what he doesn’t know about diet and health. The diet-heart hypothesis was debunked long ago. No doubt Egan missed that development because he was working within the NYTimes’ anti-science force field. Continue reading