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Do more diesel autos equal more air pollution?

Diesel engines are more efficient and have lower CO2 emissions (by distance) than gasoline engines.  There has been a push switch from gasoline (petrol) to diesel in Europe to reduce CO2.  Has this switch increased other pollutants? Continue reading

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California Double Counts Emissions

You can’t make this up.

We’re supposed to consider these people experts saving hundreds of thousands from air pollution death.

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Claim: Diesel exhaust stops honey bees from finding flowers they want to forage

This is junk science because…

… the study involved no actual flowers, but chemicals in the laboratory. Given that the claimed phenomenon has not been observed in the real world…

The media release is below.


Diesel exhaust stops honeybees from finding the flowers they want to forage
Exposure to common air pollutants found in diesel exhaust pollution can affect the ability of honeybees to recognise floral odours, new University of Southampton research shows.

Honeybees use floral odours to help locate, identify and recognise the flowers from which they forage.

The Southampton team, led by Dr Tracey Newman and Professor Guy Poppy, found that diesel exhaust fumes change the profile of flora odour. They say that these changes may affect honeybees’ foraging efficiency and, ultimately, could affect pollination and thus global food security.

Published in Scientific Reports (3 October 2013) the study mixed eight chemicals found in the odour of oil rapeseed flowers with clean air and with air containing diesel exhaust. Six of the eight chemicals reduced (in volume) when mixed with the diesel exhaust air and two of them disappeared completely within a minute, meaning the profile of the chemical mix had completely changed. The odour that was mixed with the clean air was unaffected.

Furthermore, when the researchers used the same process with NOx gases (nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide), which is found in diesel exhaust, they saw the same outcome, suggesting that NOx was a key facilitator in how and why the odour’s profile was altered. The changed chemical mix was then shown to honeybees, which could not recognise it.

Dr Newman, a neuroscientist at the University, comments: “Honeybees have a sensitive sense of smell and an exceptional ability to learn and memorize new odours. NOx gases represent some of the most reactive gases produced from diesel combustion and other fossil fuels, but the emissions limits for nitrogen dioxide are regularly exceeded, especially in urban areas. Our results suggest that that diesel exhaust pollution alters the components of a synthetic floral odour blend, which affects the honeybee’s recognition of the odour. This could have serious detrimental effects on the number of honeybee colonies and pollination activity.”

Professor Poppy, an ecologist at the University, adds: “Honeybee pollination can significantly increase the yield of crops and they are vital to the world’s economy – £430 million a year to the UK alone. However to forage effectively they need to be able to learn and recognize the plants. The results indicate that NOx gases — particularly nitrogen dioxide — may be capable of disrupting the odour recognition process that honeybees rely on for locating floral food resources. Honeybees use the whole range of chemicals found in a floral blend to discriminate between different blends, and the results suggest that some chemicals in a blend may be more important than others.”


Big Calif. trucking cos. rat out independents to gov’t over diesel emissions; Air emissions regs used to weed out small competitors

The Los Angeles Times reports: Continue reading

Another shocking disclosure about the illegal EPA human testing experiments readers have previously learned that EPA has been subjecting human study subjects (without obtaining informed consent) to exceedingly high short-term exposures to diesel exhaust (2-hours at roughly 30x typical ambient PM2.5 exposures). You’ve also learned that these experiments have been conducted with exceedingly high short-term ozone exposures (i.e., 400 ppb, when the EPA 8-hour standard is 75 ppb). But we haven’t so far seen… Continue reading

Confused: Calif. regulators claim diesel rules reduce global warming — even though their own study says opposite

From “ARB claims diesel engine controls reducing climate change impact in California”: Continue reading

DC ambulance with gunshot victim had to pull over because EPA-required emissions system failed

“The diesel engines at issue are designed to cut power if exhaust filters are not kept clean.” Continue reading

California to ban beach fires

The Washington Times reports: Continue reading

California Truckers Challenge Constitutionality of Diesel Regulations

States are pre-empted from regulating motor carriers — as in forcing either the replacement of engines or retrofitting of equipment with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) that can cost upwards of $20,000 per vehicle. Continue reading

EPA Fines School Bus Co. For Diesel Idling; Who will fine EPA for diesel idling?

So it’s not okay for school buses to idle, but EPA can idle a truck and pump its diesel exhaust into the lungs of elderly people?

From the Danbury Daily Voice:

Idling diesel engines emit pollutants, which can cause or aggravate a variety of health problems, including asthma and other respiratory diseases, and the fine particles in diesel exhaust are a likely human carcinogen,” the EPA said in the statement. “Diesel exhaust not only contributes to areawide air quality problems, but more direct exposure can cause lightheadedness, nausea, sore throat, coughing and other symptoms.

Click for EPA’s illegal human experiments.

A Connecticut bus company was fined after the Environmental Protection Agency saw several school buses idling in lots. Photo Credit: Flickr user Twix via Danbury Daily Voice

A Connecticut bus company was fined after the Environmental Protection Agency saw several school buses idling in lots. Photo Credit: Flickr user Twix via Danbury Daily Voice

Air Pollution Test Might Miss Toxicity

The mixture of particulates and chemicals found in urban air is more toxic to lung cells than a common test suggests, report researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Environ. Sci. Technol., DOI: 10.1021/es301431s). The finding sheds light on how the complex blend of particulates, gases, and semivolatile species in urban air may affect health. Continue reading

In utero exposure to diesel exhaust a possible risk factor for obesity

New research in the FASEB Journal shows evidence of neuroinflammation in the brains of mouse fetuses exposed to diesel exhaust, and increased immune activity in areas of the brain that control metabolism Continue reading

Gas from pollutants, forest fires at potentially toxic levels

Forest fires and emission of air pollutants, which include fumes from vehicles running on diesel and slow burning of coal and charcoal, release isocyanic acid in the troposphere. Continue reading

First CO2, Now Diesel – WHO Classifies Diesel As Being As Dangerous As Mustard Gas, Asbestos And Arsenic!

Anyone who still does not believe environmentalism is a front for repressive, authoritarian-like state control of our lives can now look at yet another example that it is indeed so. And again the target is poor countries. Continue reading

Diesel Soot Contributes to Global Warming

I think they want you to retain more diesel soot in your lungs or maybe soot in your lungs causes global warming… Hard to tell from their opening line: Continue reading

France should act on diesel cancer link -minister

France should rein in tax policies favouring diesel engines after a World Health Organisation review found a clear link between their exhaust emissions and cancer, the country’s environment minister said. Continue reading

Diesel exhaust fumes can cause cancer, WHO says

 LONDON (Reuters) – Diesel engine exhaust fumes can cause cancer in humans and belong in the same potentially deadly category as asbestos, arsenic and mustard gas, World Health Organisation (WHO) experts said on Tuesday.

Jen Alic: Short-Term Politics Stifles Pentagon’s Green Energy Ambitions

The US Defense Department consumes more energy than any other department or sector in the country, spending around $20 billion annually by some estimates; but ambitious plans to make it the nation’s green leader have been swept under the rug over budgetary concerns that smack of campaign politics. Continue reading

Study Warns of $7 A Gallon Diesel in California By 2020

A study commissioned by the California Trucking Association claims the combined effect of a proposed cap-and-trade carbon emissions program and a pending 2020 low-carbon fuel standard by the California Air Resources Board could potentially drive diesel fuel prices up to $6.69 a gallon. Continue reading

‘California-Only’ Diesel Will Come at High Cost for State

Study: Clean fuel directives will lead to job losses, drive price up to $6.69/gallon Continue reading