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No… study does not link sugar-sweetened beverages with diabetes

The perpetual junk science machine that is the food nanny establishment is out with another whopper: sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) cause diabetes. Continue reading

It’s come to this: Risk factors protect against risk

Check out this author’s summary:

An elevated triglyceride level is generally considered a risk factor for the development of type-2 diabetes. However, recent studies suggest, somewhat paradoxically, that genetic risk for elevated triglycerides may protect against type-2 diabetes. Continue reading

More on obesity, morbid obesity, diabetes and risks

Well this study shows mild obesity increases life expectancy but also cardiac events.

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Mystery of the paradox of obesity

Obese type II diabetics live longer and have less cardiovascular events.

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Betrayal Of The Public Trust…And How To Fight Back

Last week’s article, which detailed officialdom’s unrelenting war on e-cigarettes, generated plenty of e-mail and commentary—100 percent of which was favorable. Many commenters were truly dismayed how the public trust could be betrayed by money, egos, fanaticism, or a combination of the three. Others asked how they could fight back; more on that later.

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Let’s see what Goldilocks says about treating blood sugars in diabetics

Oh my, says goldilocks, be careful, don’t treat to strictly, it might cause problems.

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Let’s review the diabetes situation–and the “experts” that inhabit the scene

I put up the diabetes discussion, but after reviewing it, I thought it needed a more intense inquiry.

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