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RIT Professor: Climate change deniers… are “criminally negligent”

Seems that Rochester [NY] Institute of Technology Assistant Professor of… Philosophy Lawrence Torcello has a problem with people who disagree with (as he states) “about a set of facts that the majority of scientists clearly agree on“. In his blog post he calls them part of a “criminally negligent” group that should be treated accordingly. Continue reading

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Not a Joke: Disgraced Thief Peter Gleick Poses for ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award

Amazingly, not for stealing e-mails or forging documents! Continue reading

Heartland releases criminal referral of Peter Gleick

Prepared by the white shoe law firm of Jones Day. Continue reading

The Criminal Case Against Peter Gleick coming from Heartland on Valentine’s Day

“On Thursday, February 14, 2013, The Heartland Institute is releasing a 57-page report produced by its legal counsel, Jones Day, presented to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois in support of criminal prosecution in the matter… Continue reading

Rael Jean Isaac: Assessing the Heartland Institute

Andrew Revkin, longtime environmental reporter for the New York Times who now writes its Dot.Earth blog, has delivered the unkindest cut of all to the Heartland Institute, the Chicago-based think-tank known for its skepticism of global warming catastrophe scenarios. Continue reading

Claim: No Charges Filed Against Gleick

Perhaps “yet” is the word missing from this lefty blog report, if even accurate. Continue reading

Feds discreet about foreign funding of climate skeptics

While it has aggressively slammed environmental groups for using foreign dollars to finance a small portion of their budgets, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is being tight-lipped about revelations that climate change skeptics in Canada are getting money from an American think-tank with corporate funding. Continue reading

Lies and fraud for the greater good, just the way scientists should behave

Environmental journalist James Garvey has defended Glick’s behaviour, arguing that he acted in a way that served the “greater good”. He commented: “If Gleick frustrates the efforts of Heartland, isn’t his lie justified by the good that it does?” Continue reading

EPA admits deleting grants to Gleick: Claims mysterious tech glitch

EPA admitted that grants to Deniergate’s Peter Gleick were deleted from its Grants Award Database. Continue reading

[New and improved 'ultra-conservative'] Heartland Institute calls on Oxford to ban Peter Gleick from giving lecture

Conservative thinktank says Gleick should be barred for his role in leaking Heartland’s plans to discredit climate science Continue reading

Insurers and some green groups remain friends of Heartland despite climate flap

Hours before secret documents sprayed across the Web revealing details of the Heartland Institute’s efforts to undermine climate science, the group’s libertarian president was rubbing shoulders with top environmentalists and insurers who see rising temperatures as a threat to the globe. Continue reading

Warren Beaty: Global Warming Rides Again

Have you ever heard of Fakegate? Continue reading

Gleick’s fraud winning after all

We should have known the LAT and co-traveling warmists would approve fraud and deception, after all, they support the global warming fraud Continue reading

‘Fakegate': Climate Change Fanatics Wage War on Dissenters

Why would Dr. Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute, a MacArthur Foundation Fellow, and chairman of an American Geophysical Union task force on “scientific ethics and integrity,” break the law to engage in a smear campaign against a small think-tank called The Heartland Institute that resulted in “Fakegate”? Continue reading

Alan Caruba: The Utter Desperation of Global Warmists

In the “glory years” of the global warming hoax, you had Al Gore picking up Oscars and Nobel Prizes (shared with the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and government employees like James Hansen of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies were picking up wads of cash as awards, speech fees, and grants. Continue reading

Alan Caruba: Fakegate: The War on Science

Generations of Americans have been raised to venerate science and those who have enhanced and extended our lives through its application. The rise of environmentalism, however, has generated a war on science, first by distorting it, and then by propagandizing the “findings”, “studies” and resulting claims based on them. Continue reading

General Motors pulls funding from Heartland Institute; Heartland responds

From the folks that brought (a very few of) us the Volt. Continue reading

O’Sullivan: Libeling Climate Skeptics

Radio Free Europe’s John O’ Sullivan reviews Deniergate.

Unethical scientists undermine public trust

Forrest Mims III on Peter Gleick. Continue reading

Heartland Institute Responds to Rep. Markey Letter on ‘Fakegate’

“Your letter repeats several false statements that appeared in the fake memo and have been circulated widely in the press.” Continue reading