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It’s Rachel Carson’s (or would be) her 107th birthday…

And it seems there are at least some people who agree with our esteemed founder here that Ms. Carson’s sycophants really need a rude awakening:



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California condor egg shell thinning blamed on DDT — even though no significant correlation found

The AP reports: Continue reading

George Moonbat: ‘Neonicotinoids are the new DDT killing the natural world’

Oh… Moonbat… DDT only ever hurt the disease-bearing lice and mosquitos…. Silent Spring is total… what’s the proper word for you… oh, yes… rubbish. Continue reading

Maryland wind farm projected to kill more bald eagles than DDT

Maybe EPA will ban the wind farm? Where’s Bill Ruckelshaus? Continue reading

Hawks in danger of extinction in illegal hunting campaign

Can’t be. DDT was banned long ago? Continue reading

University studies unique ecological archive

This actually does come up with a genuine mechanism where swifts could have been harmed by DDT – and not the infamous eggshell-thinning nonsense: Continue reading

Silent Spring at 50: Reflections on an Environmental Classic

PERC’s Generous Reflection: Fifty years after the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, the book’s legacy is mixed. Continue reading

DDT didn’t eliminate bald eagles from Alabama, either

Don Pagath doesn’t know that. Continue reading

DDT didn’t do-in whooping cranes either

Unless hunters were blasting whooping cranes with DDT shotgun shells… Continue reading

DDT ban didn’t bring eagles to Maryland either

More reveling in tragic ignorance. Continue reading

Bald Eagle Population Soars In South Dakota

Too bad knowledge about DDT doesn’t soar, too. Continue reading

Paper again wrongly asserts raptor populations controlled by DDT

Shooting, egg collection and falconry along with habitat alteration certainly did raptors no good but DDT is not now nor ever was guilty of causing raptor decline, yet still one of the greens’ most successful myths is constantly reiterated and reinforced Continue reading

Bias in DDT reporting?

Does Al Gore like hotel room “massages” Continue reading

DDT linked to vitamin D deficiency?

This study links trace levels of DDT with credibility deficiency. Continue reading

DDT T-shirts are back!

By popular demand. Get yours at the Store. Continue reading

Times-Picayune celebrates DDT myth as history

The brown pelican was not endangered by DDT. Continue reading

Boston Globe: DDT ‘decimated’ eagle population

And how does it know that? Continue reading

Wanted: Bald Eagle Killers

A current event explains what happened to the bald eagle in the first part of the 20th century. Continue reading

Now global warming blamed for eagle decline

If it’s not one manmade thing, it’s another. Continue reading

Letter: DDT ban has deadly consequences

Kudos to Wayne Michaelchuck (Gibbstown, NJ) for this terrific letter-to-the-editor of the Gloucester County Times. Continue reading