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Pernicious Junk Science

Those of us, of a certain age, remember the post-World War II promise of Science. Splitting the atom would bring us virtually unlimited cheap electrical power; antibiotics and vaccine technology (a la Salk/Sabin) would eliminate the scourge of infectious disease; and elucidation of the structure of DNA would lead to a cancer cure.

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It’s Rachel Carson’s (or would be) her 107th birthday…

And it seems there are at least some people who agree with our esteemed founder here that Ms. Carson’s sycophants really need a rude awakening:


California condor egg shell thinning blamed on DDT — even though no significant correlation found

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George Moonbat: ‘Neonicotinoids are the new DDT killing the natural world’

Oh… Moonbat… DDT only ever hurt the disease-bearing lice and mosquitos…. Silent Spring is total… what’s the proper word for you… oh, yes… rubbish. Continue reading

Maryland wind farm projected to kill more bald eagles than DDT

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Hawks in danger of extinction in illegal hunting campaign

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University studies unique ecological archive

This actually does come up with a genuine mechanism where swifts could have been harmed by DDT – and not the infamous eggshell-thinning nonsense: Continue reading