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Labs and viruses: nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong…

It seems that a bunch of epidemics (arguably pandemics) were courtesy of… escapes from labs that were researching them/trying to produce vaccines, etc. Continue reading

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Let’s Stop Producing Food

It always astounds me when Harvard High Flyers put up something that makes no sense.

Thanks to the Chief Toxicologist for Texas, Dr. Mike Honeycutt, for tipping me off.

Continue reading

Three Billionaire Warmist Stooges embarrass themselves in WaPo pretending that America hasn’t already considered global warming

MIchael Bloomberg, Hank Paulson and Tom Steyer write in the WaPo: Continue reading

The Economist: Wrong economic models of climate impact better than no models — But how is assuming harm better than not?

The Economist opines: Continue reading

Social cost of carbon — another bogus metric for stealing liberties, subverting real cost-benefit analysis

Chip Knappenberger writes in The Hill: Continue reading

MIT warmist econ prof: ‘Social cost of carbon’ models ‘close to useless’

IER reports: Continue reading

Bill would block Obama from making ‘secret adjustments’ to social cost of carbon

Why not just ban the concept? There is no such beast as the social cost of carbon. Continue reading

Cooking the warming books: Obama quietly raises the cost of CO2 emissions by 60%

This is how the EPA plans to cook the books for the cost-benefit analysis of its greenhouse gas regulations. Continue reading

Lisa Jackson pushes canard that $1 worth of EPA rules bring $30 in economic benefits

Jackson’s EPA once asserted that two of its rules — the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule and the Mercury Air Toxics Standard — would annually produce benefits of $380 billion — equal to about 2.5% of US GDP! Continue reading

Gallup: More Americans Still Prioritize Economy Over Environment

Duh… poor countries can’t afford to protect the environment. Continue reading

Chamber study debunks EPA figures on job-creating regulations

In some cases, the study concluded, there was no evidence that the agency even attempted to analyze the effect of regulations on employment. Continue reading

WashTimes: EPA busts private-sector budgets with rules that cost $353 billion

The equivalent of all the wealth generated each year in Virginia’s private-sector economy. Continue reading

Congress should look at EPA’s cost benefits

“The war on coal-fired power should be worth the price, and isn’t.” [Charleston Daily Mail]

Driessen: EPA anti-energy regulations killing jobs

“More and more, daily decisions are made less by responsible citizens than by nanny-state government, especially powerful, unelected, unaccountable executive branch agencies in Washington. Among the worst is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).” [Washington Times]

New Report Examines Failed D.C. Bag Tax

Two years after Washingtonians were forced to begin paying the much-lamented bag tax passed by the D.C. City Council in 2009, a new study released this week by the Boston-based Beacon Hill Institute (BHI) and commissioned by Americans for Tax Reform highlights the unrealistic assumptions of bag-tax proponents, as well as the unintended and negative economic consequences of D.C.’s bag tax. Continue reading

James Delingpole: Socialized medicine, from a survivor

Welcome, America, to the British NHS. That may not be what you were promised when your president first dreamed up Obamacare. But the National Health Service is what you’re going to get all the same. Continue reading

NYT: ‘The Phony Regulation Debate’

The Senescent Crone proving once more it does not understand diminishing and negative returns Continue reading

Canada axes green advisory body

The Canadian government is to mark the 25th anniversary of its green business advisers by shutting the agency down” Trouble is this “green advisory body” has less to do with science than economic sabotage and paganism. Good riddance. Continue reading

Farm groups weigh in on approval of 2,4-D-Tolerant Corn

Some of the nation’s largest farm and commodity organizations sent a strong message to USDA Friday, urging support for the Agriculture Department to follow science-based decisions on new products derived from biotechnology. Continue reading

Sen. Barrasso Releases Report: ‘Red Tape Making Americans Sick’

Studies show that EPA regulations cost Americans their jobs and health. Continue reading