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China be a big place with lots of people using cement and coal

Craig Rucker, the fine lead dog at CFACT, provides me with this report on Chinese grwoth and energy/resources usage.

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The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Paul Driessen makes a good case. Here’s a review of a book by Epstein repeating the arguments.

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Bedpartners on the anti coal crusade–Viv Forbes explains

The Speech Vaclav klaus, Pres of the Czech Republic gave many years ago at a Hearlant Climate Conference covers it–these are the new commie totalitarians the UN, the limo liberals, the elites, the lefties, even the pope and mainstream Christian Churches. All marching along to the music of socialist true believer nuttiness.

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The EPA is being reasonable?

The EPA’s new coal combustion residuals (CCR), or coal ash, rules might even be characterized as reasonable.  Time will tell if looks are deceiving. Continue reading

The ozone scare mongers lie, lie, lie

Read the research and commentary here on about ozone and you know the EPA is lying.

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Supreme Court to review the MACT rules which are way too expensive

A sterling dissent at the appellate court set this up.

The Mercury rules were silly from the get go, and I assure you the Minimata and Basra mercury incidents have nothing to do with ambient mercury or emissions mercury in the US.

There aren’t any people suffering from Mercury toxicity.

During the roll out of the rule enviros were claiming a link to autism–but autism is an epidemic created by diagnostic bending, not Mercury.

Bank of India loans 1 billion for mining a cheap and efficient fossil fuel called coal? My my

Imagine that, India is doing the sensible thing–maybe they know a thing or two about making good economic decisions, since they are a very big country devloping country with lots of smart people like Adani and the bankers, who are not burdened by leftist nanny ideology and bias.

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