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Expensive energy

The Obama administration has taken quite a number of steps to make energy more expensive.  Continue reading

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New life for some dirty coal?

Recent environmental air pollution regulations may be giving a boost to coal production in the state with the second largest reserves in the US.  Continue reading

The noise continues over coal ash

As far as I can tell coal ash is inert and shouldn’t cause so much anxiety–but the enviros aren’t about calm–they are about panic and crisis and making money.

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Stop the war on coal–not a bad idea

Here’s a point.

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Tom Harris on coal

I put up Gordon Fulks on this before. Sorta out of order, but you’ll get the message.

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Physicist Gordon Fulks on why the coal miners need to reorganize

In response to Tom Harris, a strong advocate for common sense on climate issues, who rejects warmer crazies, here’s Gordon Folks, PhD Physics of Oregon.

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Coal gets a sucker punch

Bankruptcies are up, say the shark tank tenders.
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