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Stop the war on coal–not a bad idea

Here’s a point.

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Tom Harris on coal

I put up Gordon Fulks on this before. Sorta out of order, but you’ll get the message.

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Physicist Gordon Fulks on why the coal miners need to reorganize

In response to Tom Harris, a strong advocate for common sense on climate issues, who rejects warmer crazies, here’s Gordon Folks, PhD Physics of Oregon.

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Coal gets a sucker punch

Bankruptcies are up, say the shark tank tenders.
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NYS’s (version of EPA): let’s shut down Indian Point… raise CO2, raise electric rates…

NYS wants to shut down Indian Point. Today’s excuse: for the fish.

Indian Point is a complex of two nuclear power plants about 25 miles north of NYC. It supplies roughly one quarter of the baseload power to that area.
NYS Governor Cuomo is on very solid record as wanting to shut it down.
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CO2 causes asthma

The EPA is selling it’s “carbon reduction” plan as an asthma and allergy reduction plan. Continue reading

Coal industry needs a backbone–Murray has one

I am informed that Murray Energy is fighting back–we can hope they have a good strategy that improves on 20 years of industry business compromise with fanatic greens.

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