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Germany is at odds with Germany

Coal is increasing as a source of energy in Germany–might have expected that when they shutttered their nuke fleet. Imagine Germany doing such a thing, but they do have their very own green party.

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Coal has no future

Christina Figueres, UN Climate Chief, says so and even suggests that China is taking this very seriously.  Continue reading

Expensive energy

The Obama administration has taken quite a number of steps to make energy more expensive.  Continue reading

New life for some dirty coal?

Recent environmental air pollution regulations may be giving a boost to coal production in the state with the second largest reserves in the US.  Continue reading

The noise continues over coal ash

As far as I can tell coal ash is inert and shouldn’t cause so much anxiety–but the enviros aren’t about calm–they are about panic and crisis and making money.

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Stop the war on coal–not a bad idea

Here’s a point.

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Tom Harris on coal

I put up Gordon Fulks on this before. Sorta out of order, but you’ll get the message.

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