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Australian coal destroying the Great Barrier Reef?

So says a propaganda piece by Earth Justice.  They are invoking the power of the World Heritage Organization.  Continue reading

Another review of Michigan v. EPA

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Hate to break it to you, but this defeat on the EPA regs was a cinch

The Federal Courts have abdicated their role as administrators of what is good evidence a long time.

Conservatives and libs alike defer to agency interpretation of what a statute means and how they should act to comply–and of course that means–ANYTHING GOES THAT THE AGENCY CHOOSES.

Thank you Nino–you ninny.

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Marita on energy policy and delusional enviro proposals

Marita’s weekly–this one summarizes a number of festering energy problems.

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Sterling Burnett shows why Obama lacks prudence on climate

Prudence is an essential civic virtue, important in political leaders–Socialists don’t have it.
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Marita finds Ben Carson poorly informed on energy–big surprise

I run into this all the time–people who don’t know stuff, but have the good intentions.

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Bill Clinton Stole Utah low sulfur coal for the Riady family

This episode, as narrated by the great Cashill, was an example of why the monuments thing is an excuse for federal land grabbing.

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