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Pretty strong talk abut warming.

Imagine, John Coleman has an opinion and his opinion supports our position.

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Public interest in climate change waning?

This seems to be one of the conclusions using Google Trends as an indicator of interest.  A sign the propaganda isn’t working? Continue reading

Maybe People are Wising up on Climate?

The Milloy feeds me this.

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I Thought Krauthammer was in Jail for Sedition?

Here’s Charles, who is in a wheelchair so he can’t run and hide.
The long knives were out last week over his Climate comments.

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Mikey in Trouble after defaulting to Ball

It’s a long and ugly story. Tim Ball, climate scientist and skeptic of warming is sued by the litigious Michael Mann, and his life is turned upside down.

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Group sues UArizona to disclose Climategate e-mails

The Arizona Daily Star reports: Continue reading

Barbara Boxer ducks debate challenge from Dana Rohrabacher

The Huffington Post reports: Continue reading