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4012 and 1422, fine and dandy, but what congress can do is demand good science and kill the conflicts

Congress has oversight authority–but refuses to use it.  Passage of 4012 and 1422 are emblematic of their frustration with government agency junky science and policy making high handedness , but they have the authority to kick agency butt–they are just too weak and poorly prepared.

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Seldon Graham reveiws the national energy policy problems of ethanol

In addition, of course, to his engineer’s review of basic thermodynamics of burning fuels from various sources.

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Joanna Nova provides insightful comments on the situation

What a nice, brief and insightful discussion of Carbon Dioxide levels and the Earth’s ecology.

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Pretty strong talk abut warming.

Imagine, John Coleman has an opinion and his opinion supports our position.

Public interest in climate change waning?

This seems to be one of the conclusions using Google Trends as an indicator of interest.  A sign the propaganda isn’t working? Continue reading

Maybe People are Wising up on Climate?

The Milloy feeds me this.

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I Thought Krauthammer was in Jail for Sedition?

Here’s Charles, who is in a wheelchair so he can’t run and hide.
The long knives were out last week over his Climate comments.

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