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It’s called a tautology–a rhetorical bludgeon

When a theory or a hypothesis can always be twisted to explain contradictory evidence or a failure of evidence to support the theory, but the adherent finds an excuse or explanation in the theory–that’s a tautology. Continue reading

Rick Moran at AT picks up the temp record scandal from Booker

Another report, and surely there will be more.

“Adjustments on the temps–I like that. Cheating–for money and fame and a political agenda–never.

Roy reports on Dec 2014 temps and the satellite system data sets

First a discussion about the satellite system.

Then the report on Dec 2014 temps.

Tim Ball speaks to the junk academics/researchers/modelers

He has a good take off point–Jon Gruber. This essay is outstanding.

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UN, Lima, Climate negotiators–another Joe the Plumber moment

Couldn’t develop a good socialist redistribution of wealth plan to stop evil carbon producing activity? Can’t avoid the Joe the Plumber question? Wanna steal from Peter to pay Paul and get permission? Hey–no problem, socialists and bureaucrats like to go to meetings.

Next stop, Gay Paree.

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Ag agent in Minnesota tells a lie, big surprise

They just can’t help themselves. So the ag extension agent says farmers should use cover crops since Minnesota is getting heavier rains because of warming.

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4012 and 1422, fine and dandy, but what congress can do is demand good science and kill the conflicts

Congress has oversight authority–but refuses to use it.  Passage of 4012 and 1422 are emblematic of their frustration with government agency junky science and policy making high handedness , but they have the authority to kick agency butt–they are just too weak and poorly prepared.

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