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Bankers bet on warming? Let’s see–can we trust them?

The World Bank, staffed up with lefties–predicts warming catastrophe–and I am supposed to believe people who can’t balance a checkbook?

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One word changes the meaning

The headline says more than 2/3  of U. S. capacity from wind in October.  They left out the word “new.” Continue reading

Advanced Rail Energy Storage

Another press release on the ARES system.  It doesn’t mention cost or footprint, but it has been “peer reviewed.”  Continue reading

The government as venture capitalist

DOE declares the renewable energy “investments” a successful venture capitalist investment despite failures such as Solyndra.  Continue reading

Seldon Graham reveiws the national energy policy problems of ethanol

In addition, of course, to his engineer’s review of basic thermodynamics of burning fuels from various sources.

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CATO on the showboat agreement

There is nothing effective about making deals with commies or muslims.  Of course we have our own liar in chief.

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Not enough time to implement the Clean Power Plan

NERC says there is not enough time to implement the 2020 objectives for the clean power plan.  Continue reading