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Not a surprise

Renewable energy mandates raise Colorado energy bills. Continue reading

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Department of Interior sued over eagle kill permits.

The American Bird Conservancy filed suit in federal court over 30-year permits allowing wind energy operations to kill eagles. Continue reading

Collateral damage

Environmentalists think that the loss of jobs from the new coal plant regulations are necessary collateral damage. Continue reading

Kathleen Hartnett White on energy policy and fossil fuel use

Ms. White was previously Chair of the Texas Commission on Enviromental Quality, now a fellow and writer at Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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Just as intended

West Virginia’s most efficient power plant won’t meet the 2030 CO2 goals. Continue reading

CCS is just around the corner

The Richmond Times Dispatch says it is, so it must be true.  Continue reading

NCPA weighs in on the effect of the new carbon rules

It’s gonna hurt.

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One utility response the proposed GHG regulations

I believe this says thanks for allowing us to increase rates.  Continue reading

Guardian is off its meds and deep into True Believer

Another shot of a steam plume and the Guardian takes off on project to save the world.

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Another navy goes green

The Royal Australian Navy will be biofuel capable in six years. Continue reading

How much algae?

A new report on green fuel says that 30% of our fuel demands if we just converted the untillable land to algae production.  Continue reading

What’s the footprint of a Wind Turbine? Ask Howard Hayden

The green thugs claim that Wind Tubines have a positive impact on the enviornment. Birds and Bats might disagree–but there’s more, courtesy of Howard Hayden

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Technology Introductions in the Context of Decarbonization

Commenter profitup10 recommended a note from the Global Warming Policy Foundation on the introduction of new technologies by Professor Michael J. Kelly. Continue reading

Public interest in climate change waning?

This seems to be one of the conclusions using Google Trends as an indicator of interest.  A sign the propaganda isn’t working? Continue reading

Going organic… clobbers the US’s nuclear waste repository

Safely disposing of nuclear waste is a big issue. There are both technical challenges (which are manageable) and.. there are lots and lots of political, NIMBY, and “just no nukes anywhere” tree huggers.
The US has the “Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)” near Carlsbad, New Mexico. It’s a group of repurposed salt (yes, as in that white stuff) mines, which have been the final destination for a good chunk of radioactive waste material for the past couple of decades.
Until… some radiation alarms went off in mid February, and everything came to a halt.
The reason? well, put down anything spillable and read on:
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Summary of renewable energy subsidies by state.

Renewable energy subsidies cost taxpayers and consumers.  Now there is a tool to look at the programs available for each state. Continue reading

Double counting on renewable energy?

Vermont counts renewable energy toward its renewable goal and allows the same to be sold as renewable energy credits.  Purchasers of Vermont green energy are balking at this double counting. Continue reading

KLM begins air flights with biofuel

They must have a great deal of confidence in biofuel, right?  Not really.  Continue reading

May we have more renewable fuels, please?

The renewable fuels industry protests the reduction in the renewable fuels standard.  Continue reading

Perpetual motion

Reports of the Naval Research Laboratory’s sea water to avgas were perpetual motion stories that ran up on the shoals of the laws of Thermodynamics.  Continue reading