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Perpetual motion

Reports of the Naval Research Laboratory’s sea water to avgas were perpetual motion stories that ran up on the shoals of the laws of Thermodynamics.  Continue reading

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Get a charge from flushing

Flushing a toilet as a source of renewable electricity?  Korean research teams say it’s possible.  Continue reading

Renewable Border Wars

North Dakota’s Public Service Commission refuses charges from higher cost renewable electricity from Minnesota. Continue reading

Maine Gov rejects alternative Energy Proposal

Good reaction to a stupid me too project.

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Stanford pinheads think hard

This report of growing a food crop among solar cells just makes me breathless. What a special thing.

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Clean coal boondoggle?

Duke Energy’s Edwardsport, IN, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle station may be an example of good sounding ideas not living up to the hype.  Continue reading

UN Climate Chief Gets a Case of Egomania

This Figueres is an excellent example of often wrong, never in doubt. She wants to control fossil fuel reserves?

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Electric Cars NEEEEED Global Warming and More

Lookee hear at the great Climate Depot website.

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Beaverton, OR, commits to 100% wind power

Because renewable energy is less expensive than in the past the city can now purchase equivalents for all electrical needs.  This is municipal use and not all users. Continue reading

What’s a Trillion to Save the Planet

Concerned about the planet, the EPA plans to make human’s pay.

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The EPA Targets Sulphur

Every day I get up and my wife tells me the EPA did something to make me mad.

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Viv Forbes–Nice

Got a message from the boss of He is, like me, a fan of Viv Forbes, a reason why Americans should love Aussies.

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Electricity comes from Somewhere

The crusaders against the Keystone XL pipeline promised they were going to use alternative energy.


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Bullying and Scientific Misconduct

Charles Battig MD is a distinguished anesthesiologist and electrical engineer.

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Wind turbines harm thoroughbreds?

Four dead Irish thoroughbreds are signs that they must be kept at a safe distance from wind turbines. Continue reading

Solar and Wind Savagery

Now an alternative energy project in Nevada burns birds out of the air.

These enviros are monsters. First the turbines, now the mirrors.

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New Coal Plant Rules Jack Up Energy Costs.

Actions by government have consequences.

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Dark Money and Climate Advocacy

There is some blow hard named Brulle, a sociologist from Drexel U in Philly (gee, wonder if he’s a lefty?) who claims that 1 billion is being spent by eveeeel capitalists in opposition to warmers.

Damn it, so far, none of that money has gotten to me and I fight the warmers all the time.

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Viv Forbes gets my vote–Best Essay on Solar Silliness

I read and enjoyed this wonderful Swiftian essay this AM at American Thinker, then Milloy sent it to me with a positive comments.

Viv Forbes gets my vote as best essayist I have enjoyed in a long time.

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May I help you, Green Idiots?

The EPA and greenie crusade is intended to eliminate coal.

Energetic morons indeed, but coal ain’t killin nobody, in fact it will keep things going.
Efficiently and cleanly.

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