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Another VA failure

As part of the stimulus, the VA got into wind power projects and was less than successful. Continue reading

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If it’s green, economics don’t matter

Minnesota DNR office leads the way for renewable energy at only 21 years to cover installation costs. Continue reading

Godfather of warming skeptics announces chaaaamppeen movie on climate

Mark Morano, caretaker of Climate Depot, source of much of what goes up here on junkscience, is a remarkably effective promoter/debater/speaker/debunker.

Continue reading

Air bags?

The latest innovation to capture excess peak energy from wind and solar is underwater air bags.  Continue reading

Solar Hype

How ~5% from solar becomes 50% in Germany.  Continue reading

From the What Else is New Department

How the EPA ignores the public and science. Continue reading

60 ppb ozone NAAQS?

Between the Clean Power Plan and potential reductions in the ozone NAAQS we could be in for serious economic impacts. Continue reading