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Marita marks the restart of a nuke in Japan

Nuclear Power is a very clean, safe and efficient thing.

Marita records the restart with some commentary on the nature of the problem of nuke phobia.

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EPA causes more harm than good–not new

Here we go.

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Afraid they will lose their rent?

Investors are pressuring the G7 for carbon targets.  I suppose I would also if there was $120T to lose if the targets aren’t forced.  Continue reading

Someone else doesn’t like Friedman’s ignorance on German greenie nonsense

Well I will always applaud someone who seconds my motion.

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Marita finds Ben Carson poorly informed on energy–big surprise

I run into this all the time–people who don’t know stuff, but have the good intentions.

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Renewables insanity discussed by Norm Rogers

Norm mourns the fact that politics and tax treatment have distorted the markets.

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Germany–now there’s a misguided country–committing energy suicide

So after the phony Fukishima crisis that killed noone and caused no illnesses, the Germans, led by Merkel, decided to abandon one of their important energy sources–nukes. Germans as morons is a new one for me.

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