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Kept afloat by subsidies

The oil price collapse hurts Indonesia’s efforts to meet renewable fuels goals.  Continue reading

The EPA slams California Renewables

Renewables have to follow regulations just like coal plants. Continue reading

A bone to pick with our allies at CATO. Medical mistakes on air pollution. Stop it.

One of the great climate guys on the planet for our side is Pat Michaels, who is now director of a new scientific integrity project for CATO Institute of DC Called the Center for the Study of Science. Good idea. Junk Science detectors is what they are.

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Dr. Battig talks some more about carbon dioxide

I like to think that Charles Battig, an anesthesiologist and aerospace physician might know something about gasses and humans.

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The question is, what would people pay to control warming

They have a low threshold for absorbing the costs that are measured in billions for compliance.

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Interesting site on wind power

Stop These Things (STT) is an Australian anti-wind site.  Continue reading

California dreamin’ home of the future.

Go wind and solar with the help of generous subsidies.  Continue reading