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Solar is the answer–it sure is

Latest report–solar provides a very expensive 1% of electricity, but it sure can kill birds with the right set up.

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Ever heard of Federalism–it may impact energy/electricity litigation

Wouldn’t that be a shame if state sovereignty and the right to protect its energy grid might interfere with the ambitions of the EPA and the bamster?

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NRDC teams with bamster greenies to kill oil and gas

Why is this no surprise?

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One more time–the Clean Power Plan sucks, big time

I don’t have to repeat my objections, I can tell you some other commentator’s objections.

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Paul Driessen discusses the Gruberization of Climate news and debate

This is not so surprising, is it. The elites have their lefty agenda and a little lying to the public, the ignorant public–what’s the problem when it’s for a good cause?

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Bankers bet on warming? Let’s see–can we trust them?

The World Bank, staffed up with lefties–predicts warming catastrophe–and I am supposed to believe people who can’t balance a checkbook?

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One word changes the meaning

The headline says more than 2/3  of U. S. capacity from wind in October.  They left out the word “new.” Continue reading