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Carbon Sequestration Project at Kemper will have a little overrun on costs–surprised?

Kemper Project in Mississippi, the prize project of the energy bozos–thought to be perfect because they could burn pulverized coal and pump the CO2 into the ground, now is three hundred percent over original estimates at 6 plus billion. I am certainly not surprised.

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Electricity costs when greenies are on the march.

I am shocked, I tell you, shocked, to know that little old ladies may not have enough money to stay warm and fat ass Algore and his running dog enviros will make millions on selling his carbon credits or windmill projects.

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Reality sets in again–ice cover increases, Algore in despair

Here we go, 25 years after Hansen promised the end of the perfect temperature world and the onset of horrible catastrophic warming.

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Heeeeere’s Marita

Our regular essay from the great sensible energy advocate from New Mexico–Marita Noon.

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Talking sense about energy

I liked this–made sense–only wish we could transfuse a little sense into the noisy left.

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Offshore wind and diesel APS

Not mentioned in wind power discussions is the need for an auxiliary power  supply (APS) when the turbines are connected to the grid.  Continue reading

Floating solar power

Solar plants are being installed on water in Japan.  Try getting one of those permitted in the US not to mention the additional maintenance. Continue reading