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Dr. Battig talks some more about carbon dioxide

I like to think that Charles Battig, an anesthesiologist and aerospace physician might know something about gasses and humans.

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The question is, what would people pay to control warming

They have a low threshold for absorbing the costs that are measured in billions for compliance.

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Interesting site on wind power

Stop These Things (STT) is an Australian anti-wind site.  Continue reading

California dreamin’ home of the future.

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UK energy insanity is worse than UK dentition

I would suggest that there is a good chance that Brits suffer the worst of energy shortfalls and have bad teeth too.

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Solar is the answer–it sure is

Latest report–solar provides a very expensive 1% of electricity, but it sure can kill birds with the right set up.

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Ever heard of Federalism–it may impact energy/electricity litigation

Wouldn’t that be a shame if state sovereignty and the right to protect its energy grid might interfere with the ambitions of the EPA and the bamster?

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