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When even Russian and Chinese icebreakers give up on you…

A Russian “research vessel” (term in quotes to rekindle memories of all those “fishing trawlers” they used to run, which were under observation by all those US “weather planes”…)..
Anyway, it seems there’s a Russian ship which was sailing to Antarctica as part of a recreation of “Sir Douglas Mawson’s footsteps into Commonwealth Bay“. It’s gotten trapped by super duper thick ice. Continue reading

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China to slap anti-subsidy duties on U.S. solar material

FOX News reports: Continue reading

Warmists foment water shortage scare for China coal

Malthusians overlook technology developments, including desalinization. Continue reading

Green jobs fantasy failing on global scale — EU trade with China more important that going green

The Washington Post reports: Continue reading

Chinese new coal capacity equal to building large coal plant every 10 days until 2022

The Guardian reports: Continue reading

China anti-car rules push buyers into bigger, more gas-guzzling cars

The Wall Street Journal reports: Continue reading

Water shortage to limit fracking in China — coal vital to China growth

The Economist reports: Continue reading

China’s Environmental Irony — the grayest and greenest country

The Economist reports: Continue reading

China Air Pollution Triple WHO Recommended Levels in First Half

No reporter seems to want to ask where the bodies are. Continue reading

China Restricts Car Sales Due To Air Pollution Troubles, But Expert Says It ‘Still Won’t Solve The Problem’

Medical Daily reports: Continue reading

China wants to see some bodies caused by air pollution, too

China Daily reports: Continue reading

Still no reported deaths from ‘heavy air pollution’ in China

China Daily reports: Continue reading

Green Dream: China threatens death penalty for serious polluters

Reuters reports:

Chinese authorities have given courts the powers to hand down the death penalty in serious pollution cases, state media said, as the government tries to assuage growing public anger at environmental desecration.

Read more…

China set to launch cap-and-trade; EU-designed program already looks doomed

RTCC reports: Continue reading

Chinese spring snowstorm blamed on Arctic melting

It was the biggest snowfall in 50 years — so on what was that snowfall blamed? Continue reading

China won’t cap CO2 emissions — Keep sharp things away from warmists

China’s Chief Climate Negotiator Su Wei reaffirmed his nation’s commitment to lower emissions relative to economic output while dismissing reports that it will adopt an absolute cap on greenhouse gases. Continue reading

Air Scare Debunked: Still no deaths reported from Chinese air pollution

The enviros claim 1,000 deaths per day. Show us a body!!–more–>

From the U.S. China Institute:

ON AN AVERAGE DAY IN CHINA outdoor air pollution causes the premature death of roughly 1,000 people. This is the conservative estimate of World Bank researchers utilizing surveys collected by Chinese government agencies and scholars. A number of news organizations reported that an internal World Bank report put the number who die prematurely each year at 350,000 to 400,000. The World Bank’s preliminary report states that air pollution costs the average Chinese urbanite 18 years of life. In 1997, the World Bank estimated 50,000 Chinese died prematurely each year due to air pollution.

But there are still no reports of deaths from air pollution in China since Steve Milloy wrote this op-ed in January.

Read “Show Us the Bodies, EPA.

Financial Times: China should adopt carbon caps to improve its popularity

Because totalitarianism goes down smoother with junk science-based policy? Continue reading

Claim: Pollution from China is killing Japanese island’s trees

“Some scientists questioned why the tree deaths slowed even as China’s pollution problems have grown.” Continue reading

China plans to cut carbon intensity 40-45% before 2020

At China’s economic growth rate (around 8%), though, total emissions would still likely increase. Continue reading