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Sterling Burnett shows why Obama lacks prudence on climate

Prudence is an essential civic virtue, important in political leaders–Socialists don’t have it.
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Viral Chinese video: Woman claims air pollution caused baby to have tumor

While we applaud the video’s bold effort to criticize the Communist Chinese government for, among other dastardly deeds and crimes, failing to make a dent in China’s poor air quality… Continue reading

When even Russian and Chinese icebreakers give up on you…

A Russian “research vessel” (term in quotes to rekindle memories of all those “fishing trawlers” they used to run, which were under observation by all those US “weather planes”…)..
Anyway, it seems there’s a Russian ship which was sailing to Antarctica as part of a recreation of “Sir Douglas Mawson’s footsteps into Commonwealth Bay“. It’s gotten trapped by super duper thick ice. Continue reading

China to slap anti-subsidy duties on U.S. solar material

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Warmists foment water shortage scare for China coal

Malthusians overlook technology developments, including desalinization. Continue reading

Green jobs fantasy failing on global scale — EU trade with China more important that going green

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Chinese new coal capacity equal to building large coal plant every 10 days until 2022

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