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Dr. Schwartz on aspartame opponents–knock out

No cure for chemophobes, even if you win the argument, remember obsessive complusives need soemthing to fear and avoid–the world is a scary place.

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Environmental Working Group (EWG) needs to take their meds

This is getting out of control–why do these chemophobes get to be so crazy?

Josh Blooms lights a flare–but we all need to be aware of the idiocy.

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BPA is about as dangerous as chiggers, and we have a chiggers problem here in Texas

I have about 8 or 10 chigger bites that are a tremendous itching problem for me right now, and don’t start lecturing me about using DEET on my bod.

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Chemophobia and GMOphobia discussed by ACSH and Mr. Dini

Good condemnation of the scaremongers and their willing dupes.

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Another Endocrine-Disruptor Scare

A study that is being reported in hundreds of media around the world simultaneously (that is the first clue of science by press release) claims that pregnant women exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in detergents, solvents and pesticides have a much greater risk of giving birth to boys with hypospadias. This is junkscience on steroids. Continue reading

Gorski exposes the cruel nature of Adams and his chemophobe tirades

So Adams blames cancer survivors for taking chemotherapy and of course advocates a “natural” method.

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Enviro nut cases, WHO, chemophobes, after Roundup.

You can see these jerks coming from miles away–ooooooo–it’s a carcinogen, maybe, probably, could be.

Then the precautionary principle takes over.

thanks Joyce, for the link.

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