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Silicone junk science–plaintiff attorney scams

I have watched this despicable silicone thing for 30 years as a physician attorney-David Kessler is a creepy little pediatrician who was a major miscreant.

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NO… Caramel coloring in soda is NOT a cancer risk

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Chemophobes and precautionary principle nannies influence the Senate to investigate a long list of chemicals

Well ain’t this just what we need. Give the EPA another project in chemophobia and data dredging for new dangers even in chemical lists of things people don’t eat or drink and are governed by the FDA. You know toxicology used to be about what people are exposed to.

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NOT SCIENCE: ‘Earlier menopause linked to everyday chemical exposures’

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Bee Colony collapse is not, NOT caused by insecticides–it’s viral

This research supports what I found when I did research on the Bee colony collapse problem a few years ago. There are viral problems discussed here that are increased by the way that bee colonies are kept and moved and such–bees are essential pollinators in some agricultural activities.

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How to evaluate toxicity and develop good public policy

Try science and keep your biases under control?

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Hank on Chemphobia–very good

The world is so scary, isn’t it and we live to ripe old ages. Hank discusses, with his usual stylish way.

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