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University of Missouri, home of vom Saal, on BPA poisons

Here’s some nonsense on Bisphenol A that is alleged to be an endocrine disrupter. Problem is that they can’t show endocrine disruption as a real phenomenon.

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The Right Chemistry

Worried about TEFLON in your pans?  Dr. Joe Schwarcz lays them to rest one more time. Continue reading

Instecticide Phobias by the loony left

Neonicotinoids are very effective insecticides, so naturally the greenies are trying to scare people.

Bee colony collapse for whatever reason is being used as the scare to cause bans on neonics.

Paul Driessen debunks.

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Coffee benefits–some probably legit, some not so

What could be so bad about a morning stimulant from an aromatic and pleasant source?

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Formaldehyde sounds scary

Michael Shaw provides excellent commentary.

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Aspartame sensitivity–both bogus

We in medicine call it somatization, suggestibility, the nocebo effect, neurotic fears and anxieties.

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A new formaldehyde standard is not needed

The EPA is considering revising formaldehyde regulations and, unsurprisingly, getting some pushback from construction materials and home furnishing industries.  Continue reading