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A new formaldehyde standard is not needed

The EPA is considering revising formaldehyde regulations and, unsurprisingly, getting some pushback from construction materials and home furnishing industries.  Continue reading

Now we have super toxic chemical cocktails

The fact that the ingredients in this super toxic chemical cocktail are two commonly used herbicides doesn’t even slow down environmentalists when it comes to suing the EPA.  How much money do they get for suing the EPA? Continue reading

Roundup opponents thrashed again

I like this.

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Pernicious Junk Science

Those of us, of a certain age, remember the post-World War II promise of Science. Splitting the atom would bring us virtually unlimited cheap electrical power; antibiotics and vaccine technology (a la Salk/Sabin) would eliminate the scourge of infectious disease; and elucidation of the structure of DNA would lead to a cancer cure.

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Formaldehyde, sounds scary, normal metabolic byproduct of human systems

We have an expert on formaldehyde, Mr. Bob,

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Don’t piss me off about the formaldehyde scare, we make it in our bodies

How can I object to formaldehyde when I make it myownself?

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Scibabe takes on Food babe silliness

I could start to enjoy this.

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