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Save bee lives by keeping them off the road?

Despite activists claims about pesticides killing bees, traffic accidents could be significant contributor. Continue reading

AG Pesticide residuals are no risk–chemophobes stand down

These people who are afraid of anything with a chemical name are apoplectic about insecticides–oooooh so scary.

Repeat after me–dose makes the poison. Paracelsus–very long time ago said it–still true. Too much heart medicine–poison, too much water, makes cerebral edema, hyponatremia–get it?

Here’s a big international study on ag herbicides/pesticides that make for better crop production.

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Another formaldehyde scare promoted by a big ecological study–it causes ALS

I thought it was some other chemical that caused ALS. Nobody knows what causes ALS.

Chemophobia is an irrational fear of things with chemical names.

Did you know that Formaldehyde is found in the human body as a metabolic product and that the studies that resulted in a claim that formaldehyde is a carcinogen were rat studies with high exposures and they were pretty weak indeed. Continue reading

U of Toronto Continues its plunge into junky science curricula

I am astounded.

Toronto would claim to be a very urbane and educated place.

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More BPA nonsense This time claims of genetic mutations

I think endocrine disrupter talk is so silly and when you look at the disrupter research it is rife with scandalous misconduct.

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Eschenbach and Orient on Mercury–sensible Toxicology

Willis is a remarkable man, scientific to the core, brilliant insights and Jane Orient is one of my favorite physician/editor/writers.

I am privileged to know and admire these authors–here they take the mercury scares and the issues apart for your benefit, and mine.

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Dr. Schwartz on aspartame opponents–knock out

No cure for chemophobes, even if you win the argument, remember obsessive complusives need soemthing to fear and avoid–the world is a scary place.

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