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Wacky: Breast cancer blamed on cell phones kept in bras

The South Jersey Times reports: Continue reading

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Ron Bailey: Top 5 Bogus Public Health Scares

Reason’s Ron Bailey writes: Continue reading

Study: Mobile phone use NOT associated with increased brain cancer

The abstract is below. Continue reading

Cell phone scare for men: Don’t hold your phone with your private parts

Salon interviews cell phone scaremonger Devra Davis: Continue reading

City passes ordinance warning of cancer risks with cell phones

Demonstrating the tenacity of fear and junkscience, and why we don’t want bureaucrats making health decisions for us, a city in Florida just passed a resolution — unanimously — to warn residents that their cell phones could be dangerous and give them cancer. Continue reading

Mama Mia: Mobile phones can cause brain tumours, Italian court rules

“A landmark court case has ruled there is a link between using a mobile phone and brain tumours, paving the way for a flood of legal actions.” [Telegraph]

Health Risks From Mobile Phones Should Be Examined, GAO Says

The U.S. should reassess standards for radiation exposure from mobile phones, the Government Accountability Office said in a report that found federal guidelines lagging behind international standards. Continue reading

Cellphone-safety advocate hopes Congress forces the FCC to update its regulations

As soon as next week, Congress is expected to say that a year-long investigation by the Government Accountability Office has found the Federal Communications Commission’s cellphone-safety regulations are woefully out of date. Congress may also urge the agency, whose radiation-limit rules are 15 years old, to take a fresh look at how children in particular may be affected by radio waves. Continue reading

Mobiles: the call on cancer

One year ago a line was drawn in the sand in the mobile phone debate. Continue reading

Is wireless technology doing you harm?

It’s the fear many of us have at the back of our minds: are our mobile phones and the other wireless technologies causing us harm? Continue reading

Aus: Mobile phone radiation emissions may be cut

AUSTRALIA’S radiation limits for mobile phones and transmitters may be changed for the first time in a decade, after a string of European countries lowered their limits. Continue reading

IBD: Cell Phone Nanny State

“The Obama administration’s Secretary of Meddling continues his senseless war against cellphone use in cars. Don’t the busybodies in Washington ever tire of coming up with solutions in search of a problem?” Continue reading

Good news! Cellphones don’t cause cancer. Probably

There is no convincing evidence that cellphone use poses a threat to human health, according to an extensive review of scientific evidence released Thursday. Continue reading

‘No evidence’ of mobile phone cancer risk

There is still “no convincing evidence” that mobile phones can adversely affect human health, according to a major new report released today. Continue reading

A close call: Why the jury is still out on mobile phones

Is a rise in brain tumours linked to the radiation sources we hold so close to our heads? Experts can’t agree on the answer Continue reading

Cell Phones and Cancer: Critics Say Kids Risk Brain Tumors

“Science” by Good Morning America Continue reading

Phone rays harmed unborn mice, study finds

UNBORN mice exposed to mobile phone radiation became hyperactive adults with poor memory, a study has found. Continue reading

Mobiles can affect pacemakers: DoT

“People with medical implants like pacemakers must not keep their cellphones on their shirt pockets.” Continue reading

More Anti-Science Blather from ‘The Atlantic’

“Cell phones do not cause cancer. They do not even theoretically cause cancer.” Continue reading

Just How Dangerous Is Talking and Driving?

Thomas A. Hemphill on the NTSB, cell phones, and regulatory hyperbole Continue reading