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UN Climate Chief Gets a Case of Egomania

This Figueres is an excellent example of often wrong, never in doubt. She wants to control fossil fuel reserves?

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John Christy Corrects

John Christy, Boss of the Weather and Satellite studies program at Huntsville, says it’s not that good.

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Carbon Offsets People Suffering

Lifson is on a roll today.

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Political payoffs vs. (supposed) Enviro friendliness. Guess who wins?

The Tesla electric car is a darling of the Rich and Yuppie enviro crowd who want to believe it’s a “green” vehicle and want to show off their tree hugging credentials. Of course the truth ain’t quite that simple, but that’s a discussion for another day.
That being said, it seems to have run afoul of political business as usual in… New Jersey. Continue reading

Driessen Goes Downtown

Paul Driessen writes a regular column for Townhall, and is an ally of those who propose sensible policy on energy and environment issues. He and I agree with few quibbles.

He is a spokesperson and writer for Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) that pushes back on fanatic enviros with a particular emphasis on the negative impact of environmentalist nonsense on the welfare of 3rd World people.

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Capitalists selling the rope: JP Morgan Chase, Cargill want UN-appointed global regulator for all carbon markets

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EU approves move to manipulate carbon prices upward

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ExxonMobil CEO: No carbon tax

Good, no carbon tax would accomplish anything, anyway. Continue reading

International Carbon Lunacy in Dire Straits: Australian carbon tax cut scrapped as carbon tax fails; European carbon trading ‘chaos’ blamed

We owe the Euros and Aussies a debt of gratitude for proving that carbon trading and taxing is lunacy. Continue reading

WaPo: Europe ‘a green-energy basket case’, ‘dysfunctional’, Kyoto ‘not designed properly’ — Flashback to Dec. 1997: WaPo disses Kyoto

Hits Germany for shutting its nukes, Spain for over-investing in renewables, and France for not fracking — but still urges a carbon tax for the U.S. Continue reading

Navigating the American Carbon World (with the UN)

There is much activity in the UN climate arena at the moment, as they push for yet another “Global Agreement on Climate Change”

At the moment, UNFCC executive secretary, Christina Figueres is boasting that they have an agreement to come to an agreement by 2015. Whilst it is to be hoped that this agreement to agree goes the way of previous ones, it highlights that they haven’t gone away and are determined to keep pressing on, no matter that the AGW paradigm is collapsing.

She gave a speech this week in San Francisco, entitled Navigating the American Carbon World
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Terence Corcoran: The missing costs of carbon policies

“Carbon trading and clean energy policies fail because costs exceed benefits.” Continue reading

EU carbon vote hurts UK companies: UK carbon tax to hit £30 by 2020 as competitors pay only £3

“Tuesday’s vote means prices in the EU emissions trading system, the world’s largest carbon market, are likely to stay at about €3 a tonne for at least the next seven years, analysts say.” Continue reading

Irish PM says EU Parliament vote against carbon market manipulation not ‘democratic’

“We are not prepared to allow this issue to die. We have a working party, and we will see what we have to do to put [this issue] up to people in a democratic process.” Continue reading

EU rejects effort to prop up carbon credits

The EU will flood the carbon market with another 900 million tons of credits, sure to force already low carbon prices even lower. Continue reading

EU to vote tomorrow on propping up carbon market; Delay sought in issuance of 900 million tons of permits

“With prices languishing at less than €5 per tonne – because of a glut of the carbon allowances that allow companies to pollute without penalty – it risks instead becoming an embarrassing EU policy failure.” Continue reading

Carbon Prices Drop — Despite EU Vote to Prop Up Prices

The EU would argue that the manipulation worked since the price didn’t drop to zero. Continue reading

European carbon price ‘inching ever closer to zero’

“”Dramatic”, “enduring”, “meltdown” – the words used by leading analyst firm Thomson Reuters Point Carbon to describe the continued slump in global carbon prices could not be starker.” Continue reading

Falling EU carbon price should inspire greater mitigation efforts

Except that emissions are increasing and EU carbon prices are low because the market is failing, not because it’s inexpensive to reduce emissions. Continue reading

EU Carbon Permits ‘Worthless’ Without Change of Rules, UBS Says

“With current rules ETS won’t work until 2045, thus carbon is worthless.” Continue reading