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NYS’s (version of EPA): let’s shut down Indian Point… raise CO2, raise electric rates…

NYS wants to shut down Indian Point. Today’s excuse: for the fish.

Indian Point is a complex of two nuclear power plants about 25 miles north of NYC. It supplies roughly one quarter of the baseload power to that area.
NYS Governor Cuomo is on very solid record as wanting to shut it down.
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Sierra Twofer–the man is amazing on NOAA cheating and Aussie waffling

Here he comes today with two debunks of the media warming ninnies.

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Carbon reductions aren’t that hard says Gina airhead

So taking out a good share of the grid isn’t that hard?

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Chrysler/Fiat’s CEO: Please don’t buy Fiat 500e electric car

It seems Sergio Marchionne either didn’t get the memo, or won’t play along. He’s right up there explaining that his company loses $14,000 on each electric 500e they sell

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Aussies show some sense

Dumping enviro projects right and left.

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Bjorn points out the Danger of Misdirection of Resources

This is what his Copenhagen Consensus project is all about .

Too bad people don’t pay attention like Lomborg does, to the Bastiat warming about unintended consequences.

Of course if people die or suffer because of crazy green projects it won’t be counted, since official counts are controlled by the arrogant elites who know how to cheat.

Projected increases in displacement or deaths due to warming, no warming, no deaths? Well retool and ignore the failed predictions.

One can do that if in control of public policy and the media academic bully boy complex.

Carbon Offsets People Suffering

Lifson is on a roll today.

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Political payoffs vs. (supposed) Enviro friendliness. Guess who wins?

The Tesla electric car is a darling of the Rich and Yuppie enviro crowd who want to believe it’s a “green” vehicle and want to show off their tree hugging credentials. Of course the truth ain’t quite that simple, but that’s a discussion for another day.
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Carbon Tax Dressed as a Social Cost–Singer Explains

Fred Singer finds another .

Aussies Pay a High Price for Nothing

This is an example of much ado and expense for no benefit on warming.

Must read: Aussie journo takes down carbon tax as ‘the great climate fiction’

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Aussie Labour party blocking carbon tax repeal despite crushing defeat at polls over it

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OECD chief calls for ‘big, fat price on carbon’ and to be well on way to eliminating GHG emissions by 2050

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Forbes warmist: Carbon taxes should go to federal agencies, not rebates to taxpayers

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Tasmanian Skeptics: Liberal Party to dump Climate Action Council if they win upcoming election

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Aussie warmists promote false narrative of no support for carbon tax repeal

Bloomberg reports: Continue reading

Aussie Labor Party teams up with Greens in effort to block carbon tax repeal

The Guardian reports: Continue reading

OECD Study: Aussie carbon tax hurt competitiveness –rather than reducing emissions, sent jobs overseas

The Autralian reports: Continue reading

More Lisa Jackson transparency: Apple refuses to disclose carbon emissions data — Let’s ask

Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson now heads Apple’s green PR. Continue reading

Warmist Spin: Carbon tax ‘not big issue’ in Aussie election — That’s why new PM has made axing the tax a ‘top priority’

The Climate Spectator spins: Continue reading