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Fraud on a scam–the scam is carbon trading–the fraud is false carbon credits

Not hard to imagine, is it–the whole thing is a scam–why not some cheating?

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Another lefty enviro snaps up a bankrupt Coal Company

Latest nonsense, planting trees as offsets is the game–

Promises Promises.

Paul Driessen dissects the Clean Power Plan and finds economic malignancy

I will let his essay tell the tale. He even provides some commentary on nullification–an old and usually ineffective strategy when tyranny reigns.

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Paul Driessen on the bamster new effort to push forward on carbon controls

The bamster is a fanatic and Paul explains.

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The question is, what would people pay to control warming

They have a low threshold for absorbing the costs that are measured in billions for compliance.

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Sierra Twofer–the man is amazing on NOAA cheating and Aussie waffling

Here he comes today with two debunks of the media warming ninnies.

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Lenar Whitney speaks truth to crazy

I get a belly full of enviro nonsense.

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