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Sierra Twofer–the man is amazing on NOAA cheating and Aussie waffling

Here he comes today with two debunks of the media warming ninnies.

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Lenar Whitney speaks truth to crazy

I get a belly full of enviro nonsense.

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Carbon reductions aren’t that hard says Gina airhead

So taking out a good share of the grid isn’t that hard?

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Northeast on a low carbon diet, or does it have cancer?

Sierra Rayne performs a complex economic analysis/comparison on Northeastern Carbon trends. He hit on something.

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What’s the footprint of a Wind Turbine? Ask Howard Hayden

The green thugs claim that Wind Tubines have a positive impact on the enviornment. Birds and Bats might disagree–but there’s more, courtesy of Howard Hayden

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Bjorn points out the Danger of Misdirection of Resources

This is what his Copenhagen Consensus project is all about .

Too bad people don’t pay attention like Lomborg does, to the Bastiat warming about unintended consequences.

Of course if people die or suffer because of crazy green projects it won’t be counted, since official counts are controlled by the arrogant elites who know how to cheat.

Projected increases in displacement or deaths due to warming, no warming, no deaths? Well retool and ignore the failed predictions.

One can do that if in control of public policy and the media academic bully boy complex.

Kemper Ewectwicity by Tweety Bird

A typical coal plant is 1000 MW and used to cost 1 billion to build. This Mississippi disaster is now breaking a record for stupid.

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UN Climate Chief Gets a Case of Egomania

This Figueres is an excellent example of often wrong, never in doubt. She wants to control fossil fuel reserves?

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Offsets take a beating from a Warmer.

I’ll take good sense from any source.

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Viv Forbes gets my vote–Best Essay on Solar Silliness

I read and enjoyed this wonderful Swiftian essay this AM at American Thinker, then Milloy sent it to me with a positive comments.

Viv Forbes gets my vote as best essayist I have enjoyed in a long time.

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Kerry, a Science Illiterate, Pushes Climate Issues

John Kerry, who served in Viet Nam, by the way, is pushing for climate change policy responses and some State generated treaty work.

Maybe they can stop storms and weather events, which now are getting names from the weather channel to make sure people get scared and stuff.

Info forwarded by Fred Singer.

Give Me Your Children Says the Statist

Charles Battig, a physician and essayist on environmental and other policy issues, provides an excellent critique of what is going on in our schools that can’t teach kids to read and figure, but they sure can teach them the propaganda of the lefty enviros.

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Good/bad warmist news: Carbon farming competitive with carbon capture/storage — Latter not possible/affordable

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Navigating the American Carbon World (with the UN)

There is much activity in the UN climate arena at the moment, as they push for yet another “Global Agreement on Climate Change”

At the moment, UNFCC executive secretary, Christina Figueres is boasting that they have an agreement to come to an agreement by 2015. Whilst it is to be hoped that this agreement to agree goes the way of previous ones, it highlights that they haven’t gone away and are determined to keep pressing on, no matter that the AGW paradigm is collapsing.

She gave a speech this week in San Francisco, entitled Navigating the American Carbon World
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Report: Australian carbon offset business dying; Large emitters no longer interested

“A carbon offset company says business interest halted at least a year ago because of uncertainty over the Coalition’s plans, and now Europe’s price fall is more bad news.” Continue reading

Entergy buys carbon credits for Super Bowl; Maybe the money should have been spent making sure the power was reliable

“Approximately 4,500 megawatts of power will be needed, resulting in some 3.8 million pounds of CO2. These emissions will be offset by the carbon credits provided by Entergy… Fans can select how much of their travel they want to offset (starting at $5) and choose the carbon-offset project from which they would like to purchase credits. Entergy is matching fan offset purchases dollar-for-dollar… In all, Entergy estimates that the company’s offset purchases related to the Super Bowl will result in more than 26 million pounds of avoided greenhouse gas emissions. ‘Hosting the Super Bowl in the city where Entergy is headquartered is exciting,’ said Riddlebarger. ‘Through Geaux Green, we’re assuring the benefits of the big game are far-reaching and everlasting’.”

International airline carbon emissions tax delayed

Today, the European Union institutes a one-year delay in its cap-and-trade rule that would have required all airlines traveling to and from Europe to buy permits for the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the flight. Airlines would be forced to pay a fine of about $125 for every excess ton of carbon emissions they failed to offset by purchasing permits. This EU rule was part of its broader Emissions Trading System that took effect at this beginning of this year. The payment deadline, now postponed, was scheduled to begin April 30, 2013. Continue reading

No early Australian link to Californian carbon market

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EU Carbon Permits Are Second-Fastest Rising Commodity

Let’s see, worthless plus 10% is … Continue reading

Poor seek to cut CDM access at UN climate talks

More than 130 of the world’s poorest nations have sought to pressure richer countries to agree new legally-binding goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions by threatening to deny them access to cheap U.N. carbon credits, potentially making it more expensive for them to meet domestic emission goals. Continue reading