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CCS is really a good idea, for wasting money

The Canadian foray into Carbon Capture and Storage is quite a money waster.  Why do we keep pursuing it? Continue reading

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Carbon reductions aren’t that hard says Gina airhead

So taking out a good share of the grid isn’t that hard?

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Just as intended

West Virginia’s most efficient power plant won’t meet the 2030 CO2 goals. Continue reading

War on coal

EPA’s proposed rule on existing coal plants is essentially a fuel switching mandate.  Continue reading

I’ll try not to laugh at the NYT–they are so serious

Here they come with some ponderous nonsense about ice.

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NY Times reporter believes in underground carbon sequestration

In an otherwise reasonable summary of some proposed major changes being suggested by the NYS Public Service Commission in how electrical utilities and their grids would operate, the reporter adds this unattributed cautionary note:
“Burning natural gas in thousands of locations would make it almost impossible to capture carbon from power plants and pump it underground to avoid worsening climate change.”
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Bjorn points out the Danger of Misdirection of Resources

This is what his Copenhagen Consensus project is all about .

Too bad people don’t pay attention like Lomborg does, to the Bastiat warming about unintended consequences.

Of course if people die or suffer because of crazy green projects it won’t be counted, since official counts are controlled by the arrogant elites who know how to cheat.

Projected increases in displacement or deaths due to warming, no warming, no deaths? Well retool and ignore the failed predictions.

One can do that if in control of public policy and the media academic bully boy complex.