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Blame the lawyers?

Could the Clean Power Plan fail because of a legal technicality such as not having a demonstrated CCS technology?  Continue reading

Another CCS problem in addition to the expense?

A new study shows CCS may not be as effective as thought.  Continue reading

Carbon sequestration project meets milestone

The Illinois Basin-Decatur Project (IBDP) makes a big PR splash on sequestering 1 million metric tons of CO2.  Continue reading

Daily Mail discusses tropical forest dependence on CO2

We all know that tropical forests need carbon dioxide. And do better with more all the way to 2000 PPM

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Revisiting the scare about carbon pollution–yes, ninny, you exhale CO2 at 40,000 PPM

In the ambient air CO2 (carbon dioxide, a non toxic, invisible odorless gas) is around 400 PPM by volume, which is 0.04% by volume.

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CCS is really a good idea, for wasting money

The Canadian foray into Carbon Capture and Storage is quite a money waster.  Why do we keep pursuing it? Continue reading

Carbon reductions aren’t that hard says Gina airhead

So taking out a good share of the grid isn’t that hard?

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