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Another lefty enviro snaps up a bankrupt Coal Company

Latest nonsense, planting trees as offsets is the game–

Promises Promises.

CO2 dynamic production and fluctuations–some counter intuitive info

Everybody is so anxious about GHG flux and assumes that advanced nations emit more.


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Jo Nova on carbon dioxide sequestration

This is here usual fine dissertation.

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This is a really vacuous proposal for dealing with Carbon Capture, the Enviro obsession

I have a hard time keeping my nausea, or hysterical laughter under control when considering the insanity of carbon dioxide sequestration.

It makes no sense and costs a bunch.

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Let’s consider the silliness and cost of carbon capture and sequestration

Maybe it goes away without anyone noticing–you may recall we have condemned it as unworkable and very expensive here at JS.

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Why carbon dioxide sequestration is Alice in Wonderland stuff for greenies and bureaucrats

Here’s WY300, a regular poster here at JS–comes from cowboy country.

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Carbon sequestration is a dead duck–it’s way too nasty and costly

This proposal that was greeted with much enthusiasm, is now revealed to be what it always was–STUPID AND EXPENSIVE BEYOND ANY REASONABLE PRACTICALITY, OR EXCUSE.
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