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Alexis predicted our political demise

This is why Alexis de Toqueville is recognized as a great political commentator and analyst.

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BOOK REVIEW: ‘Why We Bite the Invisible Hand’

Financial Post columnist Peter Foster’s terrific new book on anti-capitalist psychology is reviewed by the Washington Times. Continue reading

Kaminsky on two great books about Capitalism and Culture

Ross Kaminsky is a regular writer for AMSPEC, a local political figure in Denver and an eloquent voice for common sense.

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Ludwig von Mises on anticapitalism

I was directed to a long essay by Ludwig von Mises on the issue of capitalism-anticapitalism many years ago. The book is The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality.

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Sierra looks deeper into Risky Business

More from Sierra–sure am glad he get’s his cup a java in the morning.

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Industry and business are weenies–consider the XL

I hear about the fearsome and formidable Kochs and the vaunted American industry and business complex.

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Tom Steyer, puppet master, Crony Capitalist

So Steyer promises to fund lefty green causes.

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