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Sierra looks deeper into Risky Business

More from Sierra–sure am glad he get’s his cup a java in the morning.

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Industry and business are weenies–consider the XL

I hear about the fearsome and formidable Kochs and the vaunted American industry and business complex.

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Tom Steyer, puppet master, Crony Capitalist

So Steyer promises to fund lefty green causes.

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Everyone hates Rich People–Right?

Yesterday I was working on a book review of Ben Shapiro’s book
Bullies and he reminded me of the many species of political bullies, including the class bully.

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Defense contractor Raytheon anticipates global warming profiteering at taxpayer expense

No doubt this is the way Krupp looked at things in 1933. Continue reading

Look Who’s Complaining About Google Making a Donation to the Competitive Enterprise Institute

National Center’s Amy Ridenour unloads on Michael Mann and Rev. Jim Ball. Continue reading

Fossil Fuel Divesters: Colleges, institutions should re-invest in ‘solutions to climate change’

Just don’t ask Calpers for any investment advice! Continue reading

Airlines agree on strategy to thwart climate regulation

The International Air Transport Association Ask is asking for a global, market-based standard to reduce airline CO2 emissions — the perfect strategy for ensuring nothing gets done while looking proactive. Continue reading

Will Apple’s private sector reality change Lisa Jackson’s “doughy concepts such as economic redistribution and alleviating racial grievances”

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ExxonMobil CEO: ‘What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?’

From today’s annual shareholder meeting. Continue reading

Ex-EPA chief Lisa Jackson to work for Apple

“One of the bigger announcements out of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s appearance at the D 11 conference tonight is likely the appointment of Lisa Jackson to run Apple’s environmental responsibility efforts.” Continue reading

5 Years Ago in JunkScience History: Milloy reads riot act to warmist shareholders at ExxonMobil annual meeting

This year’s ExxonMobil annual meeting is tomorrow, May 29. But in 2008, it was on May 28. Listen to Steve Milloy introduce the shareholder proposal to end all shareholder proposals (literally). It is 4 minutes well spent. Continue reading

Study: Running shoes leave large carbon footprint

But Nike says, “reducing our own contributions toward climate change is a primary aim of our sustainability strategy.” Continue reading

Tesla CEO quits Zuckerberg group over Keystone XL, oil drilling advocacy

“I agreed to support because there is a genuine need to reform immigration. However, this should not be done at the expense of other important causes,” Musk told AllThingsD. Continue reading

Obama Motors calls for action on climate

GM also belonged to the ill-fated US Climate Action Partnership. Continue reading

Memo to PERC: The Nature Conservancy is not a free-market solution to anything

While insurance is a free-market solution to weather risk, the multi-billion dollar, taxpayer-subsidized, connive-to-remove-land-from-productive use, corrupt green scam known as The Nature Conservancy is not something a free-market think tank like PERC should be advocating. Continue reading

GE Capital cuts off funding to small gun stores

“GE Capital is still doing business with merchants with more diverse lines of business, including Wal-Mart Stores, the nation’s largest seller of guns and ammunition, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, he added.” Continue reading

‘Shareholders’ File First-Ever ‘Carbon Bubble’ Resolutions

“Shareholder activists are concerned that fossil fuels could become unburnable because of climate laws—and they want firms to divulge the financial risks.” Continue reading

Oxfam: Big Food failing on CSR goals

The so-called corporate social responsibility movement is a fraud. Continue reading

Government-Rentseeker Complex: Exelon offers to help EPA with major anti-coal regulation

Courtesy of Chris Horner, an e-mail from nuclear utility Exelon offering to help EPA with its anti-coal utility MACT regulation. Continue reading