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Cap and trade is here–by executive fiat–to hell with Congress

This is the way it goes in a leftist tyranny.

Call it fascism, call him a narcissistic despot–it still furthers the agenda of the power hungry left.

And Hillary is doubling down–trying to prove she can bring on more stupidity on energy and finish off the project to bring us to our knees.

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EU governments start to recognize Kyoto cap-and-trade system has failed

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No one shows for Calif. cap-and-trade auction — event cancelled

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California judge allows cap-and-tax to proceed — temporarily

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California cap-and-tax to be challenged in court Aug. 28 reports: Continue reading

‘Obamacarbon’: Cap-and-taxers anticipate EPA carbon trading rules; Obamacarbon + Obamacare = 100% economic chaos reports: Continue reading

German coal imports up 25% this year as Kyoto emissions trading fails

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