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Vitamins report has everybody in a tizzy

Colorado researchers found negative effects in people who ate extra vitamins. Big splash in the news. Vitamins can hurt you and cause cancer–talk about a scare.

We warn you–don’t trust observational epidemiological studies with small associations even if you like the results–be an honest scientist.

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Dr. Sakamoto discusses the benefits of low dose radiation

This is from a new web site to me, a tip from Jerry Arnett. The web site provides information on nuclear power.

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Research on supplemental T troubling

In this case the RR for some groups was more than 2.

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Markers for cancer–update and discussion

This is a fine discussion on the current state and history of markers for cancer.

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Doggy performance report

Here’s a goody sent by a commenter Neil, Italian and UK researchers say that dogs can detect prostate and bladder cancer in a urine sample.

I wouldn’t doubt it a bit.

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Cancer research on cell lines

This is a report on a new cancer research strategy.

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Hey, ninnies, nannies, anxious chemophobes and other nut cases, the cancer numbers are good

In my now extended lifetime I have many times practices in places where people claimed that they were suffering from some cancer epidemic. I knew and most intelligent physicians knew that they were suffering from the effects of reporting and sometimes clusters.

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