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Cancer rates and reporting effects

There are cancers and cancers–for example many skin cancers are not invasive, many thyroid nodules are neoplasms that aren’t nasty.

But they get counted.

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Oil companies not responsible for sea level rise on Mississippi Delta

A suit by Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East against oil companies holding them responsible for sea level rise on the Lousiana coast has been tossed.  Continue reading

Wanna understand cancer better than the Cancer Society–read this

I do not, under any circumstances, think that the American Cancer Society is a good source of info on cancer, because they are too political and too oriented to raising money.

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Cancer Danger from doing radiological procedures in children?–usually worth the small risk

Here’s more on the scaremongering that goes on with regards to radiological imaging. The scare is based on the junk science proposition that any radiation is going to cause cancer.

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Tailor made cancer therapy–thank you mr. mouse

So you have mice that are immune compromised and will allow the growth of a cancer injected under their skin, then you test therapies to find the most effective for that particular tumor, a transplanted tumor from the patient.
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Cancer research and treatment

Here is news about new immunotherapy concepts.

A few things to learn–they’re expensive, they require research and development and the research gives us insight into cancer.

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PSA testing for Prostate Cancer is not worthless–no it isn’t

Study shows some benefits.

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