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Cancer research issues. Two opposing positions

Here are what I would consider two opposing viewpoints on cancer research.

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Senator Tom Coburn on medical research, cancer research

Dr. Coburn argues that more research funding will produce more cures of terrible diseases, and he calls attention to his survival of 3 cancers.

I would say he is overly optimistic in some ways–big research is often not the equivalent of good and productive research.

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Another hypothesis on skin cancer

I wouldn’t call this a new theory, it is an accepted theory. Damaged tissue appears, in some cases, to be prone to malignant cellular conversion.

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Ductal Breast Cancer and prophylactic mastectomy–maybe not so good

More info on the nature of Ductal in Situ breast cancer.

It’s kinda like the loosey goosey way that people talk about skin cancers–and to impress people with skin cancer risk sometimes the public information gets deceptive to make a point. Epidemic this and that is too much a part of public pronouncements.

There’s malignancy that is not so virulent. Not all cancers come out of the same bottle. Apparently ductal in situ is considered one of those less virulent forms but the precautionary principle approach results in aggressive surgical therapy.

Below ACSH provides a review of recent findings.

In fact we are probably killing off potential cancers in our body all the time.

The search for magic food or drink, now the magic coffee–and colon cancer

This kind of observational nonsense is always in play in the media.

So What’s real, meaningful and what’s just randomness? Calling all witch doctors.

Coffee, colon cancer survival linked, study suggests
The “Well” blog of the New York Times (8/18, Rabin) reports that a study published Monday in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that colon cancer patients who consumed higher volumes of coffee each day “had a far lower risk of dying or having their cancer return than those who did not drink coffee.” The study showed that “significant benefits” began with two or three daily cups of coffee, and patients who consumed four or more each day “had half the rate of recurrence or death than noncoffee drinkers.”

On its website, NBC News (8/18, Fox) reports that Dr, Charles Fuchs of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute said that the study of just under 1,000 patients found that “Those who drank coffee regularly had a better disease-free survival, meaning they had a lower rate of having their cancer recur or of dying.” He added that patients who drank other caffeinated beverages like soda had “a poorer outcome,” and decaf coffee and tea did not produce the same benefits. NBC News notes that the study was funded by the National Cancer Institute.

Screening mammography has no impact on Breast CA mortality

Well that means we don’t know something.

Wouldn’t be the first time. I still say in women at risk because of family history, screening mammography probably offers some benefit. Breast self exam is still extremely helpful.

Environmental Working Group (EWG) needs to take their meds

This is getting out of control–why do these chemophobes get to be so crazy?

Josh Blooms lights a flare–but we all need to be aware of the idiocy.

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