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The enviros have a dummy economist feeding them poppycock

I continue to be amazed that these so, so smart guys ignore the emptyheaded economics put out by the enviro movements and its running dog government agencies.
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Caffeine: Use Disorder or Miracle Drug

Caffeine can be addictive and we now have a new malady for people who have difficulty reducing their caffeine intake: caffeine use disorder. And we need additional research on this newly found malady, says Professor Juliano.

If you search on the effects of caffeine or coffee, the results come back looking like it is a miracle drug.

I’m not sure how good the science on caffeine is, but we seem to be regularly reminded that it is either good or bad.  I’m sure that I’ve developed a permanent mug holding reflex and they will very likely pry that mug out of my cold, dead hands.

Dr. Eric Topol: ‘Population medicine — Let’s get over it’

Dr. Topol devastates one-size-fits-all health/lifestyle advice. Continue reading

Now, a war on caffeine

“The busybodies at the FDA say the small amount of caffeine in gum is ‘very disturbing,’ but they’re not so foolish as to try to impose their wimpy ways on coffee.” Continue reading

Claim: Caffeine linked to low birth weight babies

The Food Police have been pushing this junk for almost 40 years, but no joy. This study doesn’t cut it either. A complex health outcome — e.g., birth weight — cannot be studied with unreliable, self-reported and/or partial data. Continue reading

Feds Raise Hackles Over 5-Hour Energy Drink

“The FDA, not known for its sense of humor, is planning a full-fledged probe into the product.” [Weekly Standard]

Chris Semsarian: Energy drinks: a trigger for heart attacks and stroke?

Energy drink consumption has grown exponentially over the past five to ten years. Sales are increasing at double the rate of total carbonated beverage sales. Continue reading