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Piereson misses that Piketty is a Frenchie socialist

Finally, a new authoritative book that properly condemns free market capitalism. Commies are overjoyed.

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Breast Cancer, Mammograms, And The Fear Factor

Call them “breast-obsessed” if you like, but more than 3500 years ago, Egyptian physicians documented breast cancer on papyri that survive to this day. Some authorities claim that these documents could date back much earlier than that. A key entry describes “bulging tumors of the breast that have no cure.”

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Breast Cancer Screening

I won’t wear out the debate on mammography.

Here are the recommendations that focus on the high risk BRCA genetic trait. You might recall a very intense debate on mammogram screening of young women and then another debate on prophylactic mastectomy. Lots of strong opinions, the rate of cancer of the breast is very, very age related with a few exceptions.

Cancer to be redefined

The working group for the National Cancer Institute has proposed that the term “cancer” be redefined to mean only lesions likely to kill a patient if untreated. Continue reading

Claim: Walking reduces risk of breast cancer

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Virginia Hospital’s Race for the Bottom: Let us cut your breasts off

Now that Angelina Jolie has publicized her personal mutilation — it’s the thing to do. Billions and billions of dollars spent fundraising, running, walking, researching, and gala partying — and this is what breast cancer diagnosis/treatment comes down to: lopping off one’s breasts. Continue reading

Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy — Does it make sense?

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