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Universities have become high end whorehouses

You think otherwise, consider the price–for less than what was expected, for a start.

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Don’t bottle 13-year-old’s water wisdom

Young activist’s blue campaign is all wet Continue reading

Australia exports millions of litres of water in time of drought

Meh… a few million liters here or there make no appreciable difference – they’re only talking 28,000 m3 over 5 years. Fewer than 500 m3 a month? Impoundments lose more than that in evaporation. Big deal. Continue reading

Ivy Colleges Shunning Bottled Water Jab at $22 Billion Industry

Dartmouth environmental studies sophomore: “The product just doesn’t make common sense.” Continue reading

Battling The Bottle: Students And Industry Face Off Over Water

Bottled water is trickling away from college campuses nationwide, thanks to the efforts of student activists and the non-profit groups that support them with campaigns like Ban the Bottle.

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New green fraud: Organic water

Even the comrades at Mother Jones are upset about “organic water” bottled by Llanllyr Source in Wales. The LLanlyr web site states: Continue reading