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Meet BPA-Free, The New BPA

Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the most studied and understood chemicals. Despite its extensive track record of safety, junk science-fueled anti-chemical activists have forced consumer product manufacturers to abandon BPA for much less well-studied substitutes (i.e,. “BPA-Free”). Chemist Steve Hentges takes a look at the implications at Science 2.0.

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Ed Markey is an idiot and a US Senator–but do I repeat myself?

Markey believes that BPA is an endocrine disrupter in spite of many studies that show no toxicity.

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Are You Exposed To BPA, And Does It Matter?

For quite a few years, one of the most popular chemicals for scientific inquiry has been bisphenol A (BPA). Scientists around the world have been conducting a diverse array of studies aimed at understanding whether BPA poses a risk to human health.

Based on the weight of evidence from these many studies, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently answered the question “Is BPA safe?” with a simple and unambiguous answer – “Yes.” Read more…

ACSH thanks! Report is EPA has downgraded BPA, Phthalates

I think this is important.

What is going on at EPA?

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We need to stop the Bullies on GM

There are too many anxious idiots on the issue of Gentically Modified food sources.

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BPA get’s a treatment from ACSH and Butterworth

I like this Butterworth. I have written too often about BPA–I think politicians should be reminded that pretending to save people is the charlatan’s pose.

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Now BPA is an Obesogen?–Nonsense

I have seen and reviewed a lot on Bisphenol A (BPA) and it isn’t toxic in any way.

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Claim: BPA + chlorine = bad news

This is junk science because… Continue reading

FDA bans BPA in infant products — admits ‘decision not based on safety’

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Claim: BPA increases the risk of prostate cancer

This is junk science because… Continue reading

Claim: Early exposure to bisphenol A might damage tooth enamel

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Merde: Rubber gloves don’t protect cashiers from BPA on receipts, say French regulators

Exposure to BPA is entirely harmless. Continue reading

Ex-UK Science Advisor on BPA: ‘Being frank, I think the only way you could hurt babies with bisphenol A baby bottles is to baton them with them’

But there was no scientific evidence that the levels found in the plastic used to make baby bottles was harmful to children, said Sir John. Continue reading

California lists BPA under Proposition 65; Another non-toxic chemical made toxic by decree

The American Chemistry Council is suing the state to keep BPA off the list. Continue reading

French food safety agency goes junk science on BPA; Claims BS mouse study shows fetal exposure causes adult breast cancer

The baby mice were first exposed to BPA and then to known mammary carcinogens… and BPA gets the blame?! Continue reading

Leading Environmental Group Scientist Praises FDA’s Ground-Breaking Research On BPA: A Tipping Point In The Controversy?

“So it came as something of a shock to the panel and the audience when, after the presentation by the FDA’s Daniel Doerge, Ruthann Rudel, an expert on endocrine disruption at the Silent Spring Institute (named after the Rachel Carson book which ignited the environmental movement) praised his research. ‘I actually just want to thank you for the work that you’ve done, because I’ve found your studies to be some of the most clarifying and helpful pieces of information in making my way through the bisphenol A woods,’ said Rudel.” Continue reading

New York’s unfakeable driver’s license: Will the BPA-containing card also be untouchable?

New driver’s licenses in New York will be made of polycarbonate — often (always?) made with bisphenol A (BPA). Since the enviros have attacked receipts containing BPA, will they go after the new licenses as well? Continue reading

Claim: BPA causes asthma

Aside from the improper use of statistical analysis and lack of biological plausibility, widespread BPA use predates the supposed “epidemic” of asthma by decades. Continue reading

AAAS meeting: No harm from BPA

“Diseases associated with exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) could be more simply explained by an unhealthy diet of pre-packaged fast foods that come in plastic wrapping containing the chemical.” Continue reading

California to list BPA under Proposition 65

What does it matter if BPA is harmless? Continue reading