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The BPA Paradox – Too Many Studies?

Find out why were not learning anything about BPA despite ever-growing amounts of research on the chemical. Continue reading

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Jack Dini debunks plastiphobia

Very nice. BPA and other components that make plastic do a better job, are safe.

Continue reading

EPA adds BPA to its TSCA Action List

The EPA adds 23 chemicals, including BPA to its key list for scrutiny and possible action.  You would think BPA would have been studied enough.  Continue reading

There has to be money in BPA scares. Time for another grant?

A BPA expert says that we should avoid thermal cash register receipts because we could get BPA.  So, what should we use, paper money that’s full of germs?  Continue reading

BPA again, this time in the air

Cherry picking the Toxics Release Inventory results in the newest BPA scare:  airborne near factories.  Scientific American is undeterred by lack of any real exposure data and repeated studies showing no harm from BPA.  Continue reading

BPA, again

BPA inconsistently linked to childhood lung function.  There must be a lot of research money in beating this chemical and not finding conclusive results. Continue reading

Meet BPA-Free, The New BPA

Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the most studied and understood chemicals. Despite its extensive track record of safety, junk science-fueled anti-chemical activists have forced consumer product manufacturers to abandon BPA for much less well-studied substitutes (i.e,. “BPA-Free”). Chemist Steve Hentges takes a look at the implications at Science 2.0.