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Pernicious Junk Science

Those of us, of a certain age, remember the post-World War II promise of Science. Splitting the atom would bring us virtually unlimited cheap electrical power; antibiotics and vaccine technology (a la Salk/Sabin) would eliminate the scourge of infectious disease; and elucidation of the structure of DNA would lead to a cancer cure.

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So you’ve been exposed to BPA — does that matter?

Thanks to the swirling controversy, you might get the impression that little is really known about exposure to BPA. Continue reading

No consumer health risk from bisphenol A exposure–so says EU food safety group

EFSA’s comprehensive re-evaluation of bisphenol A (BPA) exposure and toxicity concludes that BPA poses no health risk to consumers of any age group (including unborn children, infants and adolescents) at current exposure levels. Exposure from the diet or from a combination of sources (diet, dust, cosmetics and thermal paper) is considerably under the safe level (the “tolerable daily intake” or TDI). Continue reading

Angela Logomasini discusses endocrine disruptor nonsense

In 2008 I wrote a piece for Heartland on the silly endocrine disruptor claims of some greenie junk researchers. Since then I kept track of the BPA hucksters and scaremongers.

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New study doesn’t show BPA a risk during pregnancy

A new BPA claims that exposure to realistic levels of BPA during pregnancy increases “biochemical markers for oxidative stress,” which are “associated with insulin resistance and inflammation, which are risk factors for diabetes and other metabolic disorders as well as cardiovascular disease.” Continue reading

More on the new BPA substitute, and on the BPA junk science scare

This will give you enough to work with.
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Preposterous scare develops about BPA substitute.

How can these people get away with such things? BPA is safe, probably this new substitute is not toxic. Normal brain cell growth disruptor? Cause of ADD? My my. WAPO has ADD.

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