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Building the energy future

From the biofuels perspective it is continued subsidies and regulated demand.  Continue reading

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Sierra looks deeper into Risky Business

More from Sierra–sure am glad he get’s his cup a java in the morning.

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Wood wastes for ship fuel?

A fast pyrolysis process for converting Norwegian wood waste is one of the latest biofuell endeavors.  It is touted as reducing greenhouse gasses, but no data are given to support the contention. Continue reading

Tobacco as the next biofuel?

Is this under the what are they really smoking category? Continue reading

UN Condemns Biofuels

Biofuels make no energy or even carbon sense, are not “renewables” in a sensible analysis, and compromise food supplies.

Thanks Charles Battig in AT linked below.

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‘Green energy’ via press release and tax money

In the latest “green energy” news, another gov’t facility has issued a press release announcing their Big Step forward. In this case, they’re claiming a major breakthrough in rapid conversion of algae into fuel oil and other hydrocarbons.

To be fair to them, they’re reasonably cautious in their statements. Of course, they’re calling for more funding. Oh, and they’ve got a commercial partner who’s participating courtesy of gov’t (taxpayer) grants…

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Study adds fuel to enviro campaign against burning biomass

The new CO2 emitter is that may effect the biomass equation is… disturbed dirt. Continue reading

Feds: Global warming to ‘at least double’ areas burned by wildfires in 25 years

Biomass rentseekers get caught in the squeeze. Continue reading

Viv Forbes: UK gov’t wins inaugural ‘Gorebalism Award for Goofy Green Policies That Have Inconvenient Outcomes’

By Viv Forbes
December 27, 2012

Green politicians need to learn Newton’s Law of Government Regulations: – “Whenever government legislates to force an economic outcome, the long term effect will be equal and opposite to that intended.” Continue reading

B.C. port authority approves terminal for wood pellet exports

A B.C. company’s plan to make wood pellets the fuel of choice for more customers in Europe and Asia has been given a boost by regulatory approval for a $42-million terminal project in Prince Rupert. Continue reading

Solving Energy Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

With its high poverty levels and low degree of industrialization, Africa arguably faces the largest development gap of any region. Beyond the usual misery indices and welfare evaluation metrics, we have fundamental challenges that impede meaningful sustainable development. Energy is an incontrovertible challenge across sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Continue reading

Burning the Biosphere

When I was a kid, Mum did the washing in a copper of boiling water over an open fire in the back yard. We collected the wood from the back paddock with a horse and dray. It was all very “green” (but we thought it was just hard yakka). Greens want us to return to this primitive method for generating heat, and even electricity. Continue reading

Are man-made factors behind erratic monsoon?

India is heading for a drought, in meteorological terms, for the fourth time in the past 11 years. The previous droughts during this period were in 2002, 2004 and 2009. Continue reading

Counting the carbon cost of the EU’s woods

What do olives stones shipped from the Mediterranean to Sweden and a wooden bed have in common? They can both count as part of EU efforts to limit the amount of carbon leaking into the atmosphere and, as such, they are hotly contested.

Seriously stupid activities in the name of gorebull warbling. Continue reading

German National Academy of Sciences issues a critical statement on the use of bioenergy

In a statement on the chances and limits of using bioenergy, the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has come to the conclusion that in quantitative terms, bioenergy plays a minor role in the transition to renewable, sustainable energy sources in Germany at the present time and probably in the future. Continue reading

Andrés Cala: IEA Misses the Point on Renewables

The International Energy Agency (IEA) this month expectedly forecast more healthy growth for global renewable energy this decade. Continue reading

Deroy Murdock: High cost of fantasy fuel

Team Obama fines companies for not buying fuel that doesn’t exist Continue reading

Killer cookstoves: Indoor smoke deadly in poor countries; cleaner stoves elusive

For 80-year-old grandmother Espirita Lima Bautista, breathing while cooking over her kitchen hearth is like inhaling the second-hand soot of 400 cigarettes. Continue reading

Should we worry about winter chimney haze in rural towns?

Winter in many Australian country towns is accompanied by a pall of smoke from wood-fired heaters that lasts from late afternoon to the following morning. In larger towns and cities burning wood has been limited by laws to reduce the impact of smoke on respiratory health. Continue reading

Mimicking coal with crops could be a lifeline for Ore. power plant

The stupid things that dioxycarbophobia makes people do… Continue reading