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Marita revisits the problem of the increasingly discredited biofuels idiocy

Sel Graham is right, ethanol is stupid and inefficient and it even produces more carbon dioxide per BTU of energy.

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The new normal in naval supremacy

Three contracts have been awarded to produce “drop-in” biofuels for the Navy. Continue reading

Building the energy future

From the biofuels perspective it is continued subsidies and regulated demand.  Continue reading

Sierra looks deeper into Risky Business

More from Sierra–sure am glad he get’s his cup a java in the morning.

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Wood wastes for ship fuel?

A fast pyrolysis process for converting Norwegian wood waste is one of the latest biofuell endeavors.  It is touted as reducing greenhouse gasses, but no data are given to support the contention. Continue reading

Tobacco as the next biofuel?

Is this under the what are they really smoking category? Continue reading

UN Condemns Biofuels

Biofuels make no energy or even carbon sense, are not “renewables” in a sensible analysis, and compromise food supplies.

Thanks Charles Battig in AT linked below.

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