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Paul Driessen reviews a number of energy policy problems

This is an ambitious review of important developments and issues on the energy agenda table.

Nice work by Driessen.

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Kept afloat by subsidies

The oil price collapse hurts Indonesia’s efforts to meet renewable fuels goals.  Continue reading

What number would you like?

The replacement of coal by wood pellets is either a CO2 reduction, about the same or an increase.  It all depends on who and which accounting system you use.  Continue reading

You know you’ve lost the argument when the greenies don’t like it

The NRDC figures out that burning wood for energy isn’t all that green. Continue reading

Marita revisits the problem of the increasingly discredited biofuels idiocy

Sel Graham is right, ethanol is stupid and inefficient and it even produces more carbon dioxide per BTU of energy.

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The new normal in naval supremacy

Three contracts have been awarded to produce “drop-in” biofuels for the Navy. Continue reading

Building the energy future

From the biofuels perspective it is continued subsidies and regulated demand.  Continue reading