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Tobacco as the next biofuel?

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UN Condemns Biofuels

Biofuels make no energy or even carbon sense, are not “renewables” in a sensible analysis, and compromise food supplies.

Thanks Charles Battig in AT linked below.

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Class on Alternative Fuels in Session

I have a few friends who are much smarter than I.

Here’s a question from a physicist answered by an engineer that explains why I am so fortunate.

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Another Stupid Biofuel

You can’t make this stuff up. Renewables projects are the playground of air heads. Here’s another stupid idea, jatropha–a bush now promoted as an alternative fuel source. Sorta like cane and corn to ethanol and canola oil for diesel additive. I am breathless with anticipation on the breakthrough that is jatropha.

Another waste of land and good resources to produce an inferior energy source that benefits from green projects and renewable fanaticism. Almost as maddening as taking away some remaining tiger and orangutan habitat, taking down forest for an inefficient plant that requires a carbon using process to be converted to fuel.

Any physicist can splain to you, if you believe in plants, that plants be made of compounds that are not energy dense–they must be converted by a process that takes energy to make something that has concentrated energy. Compression makes coal and petrol dense–they are cooked down in high pressure earth mantel.

Here’s the interesting thing.

We used to burn wood,because it had more electron bonds and energy than burning weeds and manure and trash, then we moved up to coal and oil because, by golly the physics favored our choice–high energy concentrations, now we are going back down the energy ladder? Help me out here, is that progress? Look at the waste of land and resources, even carbon imprint required because of the renewable religion of coalophobia and petrolophobia.

I know nuclear would be better, but that’s another lesson.,

Often wrong but never in doubt, the geniuses of the green community. Repeat after me–for miles driven ethanol produces more carbon dioxide because it is less energy dense. Moreover ethanol burns hotter and is hydrophilic so it is hard on engine parts. Ethanol adds increase the cost of fuel, it has a big land, carbon and water use footprint, and it only survives because of the politics of the ethanol mandate and a little thing called the Iowa caucuses along with our friends at Archer Daniels Midlands and the farmers who are getting rich on high priced corn while mexicans can’t afford tortillas.

Damn shame.

Read about jatropha below–it’s probably more stupid than ethanol if that is possible. After that, class dismissed.

‘Green energy’ via press release and tax money

In the latest “green energy” news, another gov’t facility has issued a press release announcing their Big Step forward. In this case, they’re claiming a major breakthrough in rapid conversion of algae into fuel oil and other hydrocarbons.

To be fair to them, they’re reasonably cautious in their statements. Of course, they’re calling for more funding. Oh, and they’ve got a commercial partner who’s participating courtesy of gov’t (taxpayer) grants…

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Maybe, just maybe, that whole ethanol/gasoline absurdity will fade away

The key reason ethanol is added to gasoline is very simple. Most of it is derived (in the US) from corn. Iowa, the first State in the Presidential election primary calendar grows lots of corn.
(To be sure, the so-called “oxygenation” additives to fuel have some, emphasize some, utility in reducing local air pollution in congested urban areas. But there are huge, make that HUGE, downsides to ethanol. Including massive increases in the price of food).

Now it’s starting to look like it’s losing some of its clout. Continue reading

More from Sel on ethanol — Stuff to consider

So I am not finished with Sel Graham, my expert on ethanol and the awl (that’s oil for you yankees) industry.

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Ethanol is stupid, really stupid, ask Sel Graham

It is a challenge to explain what a stupid idea ethanol is as an additive to gasoline.

Let me try.

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Oil industry sues EPA over unrealistic ethanol requirements:

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Ethanol credit trading increases gas prices, becomes Wall Street racket — another central planning masterpiece!

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WaPo slams ethanol ‘central planning’ — but it would somehow be different with CO2?

Sadly though, carbon central planning would be just peachy. Continue reading

Grocery Bills Too High? Blame The Climate Cultists — You’ll starve before the sea levels rise

Stephen Kruiser writes at PJ Media: Continue reading

Another EPA secret: Agency hides, refuses to disclose identity of lone refinery exempted from ethanol blending rules

Kim Strassel reports in the Wall Street Journal: Continue reading

Obama rejects calls to end biofuels mandate

Reuters reports: Continue reading

Schwarzenegger defends Hummers: Claims to fuel them with ethanol

This is nonsense since… Continue reading

Supreme Court allows EPA to wreck car engines with E15 ethanol

Dow Jones reports: Continue reading

DOJ: Art collector used EPA green gas program for $15M scam

EPA recently denied it knew the program was susceptible to fraud. Continue reading

IBD: EPA Increases Mandates For Fuels That Don’t Exist

“In yet another green folly, the lawless Environmental Protection Agency continues to fine gasoline producers for not using cellulosic biofuels in quantities that don’t exist, making only more pain at the pump.” Continue reading

EPA: We didn’t know there would be renewable credit fraud

“The first fraud case came to light in the fall of 2011. EPA put 24 companies on notice that more than 32 million RINs they had tried to use for compliance were bogus.” Continue reading

Claim: Biofuels wiping out grasslands; ‘Comparable to deforestation in Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia’

“America’s prairies are shrinking. Spurred on by the rush for biofuels, farmers are digging up grasslands in the northern Plains to plant crops at the quickest pace since the 1930s. While that’s been a boon for farmers, the upheaval could create unexpected problems.” Continue reading