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The 0.3% solution to saving the planet.

Why do airlines use biofuels?  It pays to advertise?  Continue reading

Paul Driessen on the issue of biofuels–what a joke of an idea and Paul shows

I would be negligent if I didn’t repeat arguments that ethanol and biofuels are stupid. Continue reading

Marita Noon on biofuels hitting on some resistance–good

Renewable fuels that cost so much in land and fuel use, can’t be piped, eat up space and money to pander to enviro agendas and feed the the maw of the Ag people making this bad excuse for a fuel that competes in the market for food for people.

Said enough? And they are not efficient and emit more carbond dioxide for the energy produced.

In summary biofuels and ethanol suck for engine fuel.

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Proposing the RFS for 2014?

EPA has released the proposed renewable fuel standard volumes for 2014, 2015 and 2016.  It says something about the bureaucratic mind if you are still proposing 2014 and 2015.  Continue reading

Crony socialsm and biofuel mandates

The New York legislature continues to push for a biofuel heating mandate.  One of the people behind the push is the guy building the plant to supply it.  Continue reading

Cork sent me this NYT piece on ethanol–even the NYT will say stop the nonsense

Robert Bryce from the Manhattan Inst, admittedly a conservative think tank, says, in the NYT, no less, that ethanol is expensive as an offering for the god of green. Thanks Cork.

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Enviro money compromises our alliances to promote sensible enviro laws

Here’s how it works–make a offer the supposed conservatives can’t refuse.

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