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Another Boeing-backed biofuel

This time Boeing is backing tobacco in South Africa as the source.  Not much on the overall economics or the expected volume on this one.  Continue reading

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A bit of biofuel hype

The headline says “Boeing to produce jet fuel using gutter oil.”  it seems more of a press release to establish green creds. Continue reading

Take your Tesla to the dump for a recharge?

The EPA will now recognize electricity produced from biogas as advanced biofuels.  So, are you going to drive your Tesla to a landfill or wastewater treatment plant for a recharge? Continue reading

Remember all the anxiety about the BP Horizon spill and how it was killing marine life.

Here comes Paul Driessen with some things to think about on the Gulf and biofuels, which are stupid/inefficient/and decrease food production.

Continue reading

Biofuels program a dismal failure

Costs outweigh the benefits.  In Canada, anyway.  Continue reading

Low carbon fuel standards by executive fiat

Paul Driessen covers moves by left coast governors to install LFCS by executive fiat, if necessary, in Executive fiats in the other Washington.  Governing by executive action seems to be all the rage these days.

Biofuel scam

A Houston man was arrested for defrauding the government of $29 million by selling renewable fuel credits for biofuel he never produced. Continue reading