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If they take it for nothing, you are still ahead

Reduced oil prices cause the used fryer oil market to tank.  Continue reading

Marita revisits the problem of the increasingly discredited biofuels idiocy

Sel Graham is right, ethanol is stupid and inefficient and it even produces more carbon dioxide per BTU of energy.

Continue reading

The latest biofuel de jour just in time for the oil glut

Ethiopian mustard, or carinata, seems to be getting some PR in the we can convert anything to biofuel business.  Continue reading

A good idea for a tight defense budget

The Defense Authorization bill has some limits on military purchases of alternative fuels.  Continue reading

Maybe he hasn’t heard about the oil revolution

Among the reasons the Congress shouldn’t mess with the Renewable Fuels Standard is to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.  So says a former member of the House and current CEO of the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Continue reading

Let us know how this works out

E15 available in some Florida locations.  Continue reading

Or make it stand on it’s on

Cheap oil could hurt cellulosic ethanol development.  Continue reading