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CH3CH2OH is ethanol no matter what the source

An E20 fuel that was based on cellulosic ethanol was tested by Mercedes Benz since January and it worked just like real ethanol.  Continue reading

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Sel Graham reminds us of the Oil economics internationally

How can we be safe? Helps to have energy independence. Sel shows how biofuels are stupid, one more time.
Continue reading

The new normal in naval supremacy

Three contracts have been awarded to produce “drop-in” biofuels for the Navy. Continue reading

The AMA opposes increases in the fuel methanol mandate

That’s the American Motorcycle Association.  They seem to have a pretty good argument. Continue reading

Corn cobs in your gas tank?

Researchers have found a new process to produce fuel from corn stover using bacteria. They haven’t estimated the price of this fuel. Continue reading

I’d like to see GHG accounting for this

As a result of ethanol mandate the US could be exporting corn-based ethanol and importing Brazilian sugar-based ethanol. Continue reading

Grow your own gasoline

Maybe in the future, right now gut bacteria have been upgraded to propane, in tiny amounts. Continue reading