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Proposing the RFS for 2014?

EPA has released the proposed renewable fuel standard volumes for 2014, 2015 and 2016.  It says something about the bureaucratic mind if you are still proposing 2014 and 2015.  Continue reading

Crony socialsm and biofuel mandates

The New York legislature continues to push for a biofuel heating mandate.  One of the people behind the push is the guy building the plant to supply it.  Continue reading

Cork sent me this NYT piece on ethanol–even the NYT will say stop the nonsense

Robert Bryce from the Manhattan Inst, admittedly a conservative think tank, says, in the NYT, no less, that ethanol is expensive as an offering for the god of green. Thanks Cork.

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Enviro money compromises our alliances to promote sensible enviro laws

Here’s how it works–make a offer the supposed conservatives can’t refuse.

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When did farmers become crony capitalists?

Well it’s easy to record the period–it’s when Archer Daniels Midland created the stupid ethanol concession.

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Green propaganda at work

Airlines are going to biofuel and the NRDC is  giving them ratings on their progress.  And the greens are gushing. Continue reading

Studies used to promote biofuels are flawed

Nearly all the studies used to promote biofuels as climate friendly are flawed and need t be redone says University of Michigan researcher.  Continue reading