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Corn cobs in your gas tank?

Researchers have found a new process to produce fuel from corn stover using bacteria. They haven’t estimated the price of this fuel. Continue reading

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I’d like to see GHG accounting for this

As a result of ethanol mandate the US could be exporting corn-based ethanol and importing Brazilian sugar-based ethanol. Continue reading

Grow your own gasoline

Maybe in the future, right now gut bacteria have been upgraded to propane, in tiny amounts. Continue reading

It takes a mandate

Is ethanol from inedible crops a great idea if it has to be forced through government mandate? Continue reading

Another Boeing-backed biofuel

This time Boeing is backing tobacco in South Africa as the source.  Not much on the overall economics or the expected volume on this one.  Continue reading

A bit of biofuel hype

The headline says “Boeing to produce jet fuel using gutter oil.”  it seems more of a press release to establish green creds. Continue reading

Take your Tesla to the dump for a recharge?

The EPA will now recognize electricity produced from biogas as advanced biofuels.  So, are you going to drive your Tesla to a landfill or wastewater treatment plant for a recharge? Continue reading