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Maher and Maddow taken to school by Cooke

Charles Cooke, regular writer for National Review was invited to a debate about the Delta Smelt and the CA drought.

Maher and Maddow tried sneer and snark and still could not change the reality.

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Hank Pursues a Butterfly crisis

Attached is an investigative report on an early alert about a Monarch Butterfly crisis.

Hank de Carbonel has a way with words.

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A New Take on Earth Day

This Earth Day, the Center for Biological Diversity is celebrating endangered species at 20 events in 13 states across the country. More than 15,000 condoms will be distributed in colorful packages (with artwork by Roger Peet) that feature species threatened by unsustainable human population growth, including the Florida panther and leatherback sea turtle.

They must be expecting an interesting day…

Berkeley discovery: Bumblebees like flowers, not pavement

Hard to believe anyone paid for this… yet there is a darker side to it… Continue reading

<chuckle> Why biodiversity increase from global warming is not good news

No! There can be no good from warming or anything at all that can be associated with humanity, ever! Continue reading

Research reveals contrasting consequences of a warmer Earth

A new study, by scientists from the Universities of York, Glasgow and Leeds, involving analysis of fossil and geological records going back 540 million years, suggests that biodiversity on Earth generally increases as the planet warms. Continue reading

Nature, red in [beak] and claw

‘Greedy gulls threaten Argentina whales’ – WHAT began as unusual bird behaviour has turned into something out of a horror film for threatened whales in Argentina who are feeding on live whales. Continue reading

UK insect numbers ‘very low’ after months of wet weather

Some species of insects are at “very low numbers” in the UK after months of wet and cool weather, experts say.

Cold and wet, just not really good for life generally. Continue reading

Invasive Fungi Wreak Havoc on Species Worldwide

The most well-documented example is the lethal amphibian fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, commonly known as chytrid. Originally reported in 1997, chytridiomycosis has infected more than 500 species of frogs and salamanders on all continents where amphibians are found, and launched half of all amphibian species into evolutionary decline. Many other species affected by fungal disease face imminent extinction, such as the European crayfish. Continue reading

North American freshwater fishes race to extinction

Wow, they must be like, really bored and have nothing better to do. And we’d have no reason to doubt the precision of current extinction rates being 877 times that of “background rate” at all… Continue reading

Return of the Wolf ‘People Don’t Need to Be Afraid’

The last wolf in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein was killed in 1820, but now a lone individual has returned. As the species begins to reestablish itself in the country, a leading expert assured SPIEGEL that Germans don’t need to fear the wolf.

Hmm… dogs as small as dingoes are perfectly capable of killing a child. One wonders about the wisdom of allowing wild predators to re-infiltrate ‘safe’ regions given how urbanized people have become (not much “country sense” in townies, from what I can see). Continue reading

Nitrogen pollution changing Rocky Mountain National Park vegetation, says CU-Boulder-led study

A new study led by the University of Colorado Boulder indicates air pollution in the form of nitrogen compounds emanating from power plants, automobiles and agriculture is changing the alpine vegetation in Rocky Mountain National Park. Continue reading

Richard Dawkins in furious row with EO Wilson over theory of evolution

Book review sparks war of words between grand old man of biology and Oxford’s most high-profile Darwinist Continue reading

Species Interactions Could Be Affected By Global Warming

Yale and University of Connecticut researchers report that more extinctions will take place due to global warming should “scientists fail to account for interactions among species in their models.” Continue reading

In Its First Life, an Oil Platform; in Its Next, a Reef?

The dormant oil platform known as High Island 389-A rises out of the Gulf of Mexico about 100 miles southeast of Galveston. Below the surface, corals, sea fans and sponges cover its maze of pipes. Continue reading

David Rothbard and Paul Driessen: U.N.’s threat to biodiversity

‘Green’ agenda is not healthy for children and other living things Continue reading

Study finds predators have outsized influence over habitats

A grasshopper’s change in diet to high-energy carbohydrates while being hunted by spiders may affect the way soil releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, according to Yale and Hebrew University researchers in Science. Continue reading

Rio+20 sustainability conference: trusts countries after all, but ignores squirrels

While the United Nations packs some highly questionable notions into its Rio+20 “The Future We Want”, it might be helpful to note the suggested changes that weren’t incorporated into it.

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It’s worse than  we   they  someone thought: Study predicts imminent irreversible planetary collapse

Note the admission from these guys: “… we went from being hunter-gathers to being moon-walkers during one of the most stable and benign periods in all of Earth’s history

How’s that “unprecedented change” thing coming along? Continue reading

Killer whale at risk due to inadequate prey population

Southern resident killer whales, found along the northwest coast of North America, are in trouble mostly because of inadequate prey, the number vessels in their habitat has much less impact, according to work published June 6 in the open access journal PLoS ONE. Continue reading