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Autism epidemic? Again, a diagnosis related phenomenon?

More on this troubliing entity–that causes so much family and individual suffering and stress.

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Pernicious Junk Science

Those of us, of a certain age, remember the post-World War II promise of Science. Splitting the atom would bring us virtually unlimited cheap electrical power; antibiotics and vaccine technology (a la Salk/Sabin) would eliminate the scourge of infectious disease; and elucidation of the structure of DNA would lead to a cancer cure.

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It’s April…Be Aware of Autism

April 2nd as World Autism Awareness Day was inaugurated by a UN Resolution (62/139), adopted by the General Assembly on December 18, 2007. This soon transformed into Autism Awareness Month, which spawned Autism Acceptance Month in 2011 (more on that later). No doubt, a condition affecting approximately 1 in 68 children in the US (according to the CDC) is worthy of a month’s recognition. Compare that figure to the 1 in 150 rate, reported in 2000.

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Supreme Court to review the MACT rules which are way too expensive

A sterling dissent at the appellate court set this up.

The Mercury rules were silly from the get go, and I assure you the Minimata and Basra mercury incidents have nothing to do with ambient mercury or emissions mercury in the US.

There aren’t any people suffering from Mercury toxicity.

During the roll out of the rule enviros were claiming a link to autism–but autism is an epidemic created by diagnostic bending, not Mercury.

Do you smell junk science genomic “research” on autism? I do

Physical chemistry mapping of the DNA of the human genome and knowing what it does are two different things. Here come some genome researchers who say they are on to something about autism. And I am not convinced they are even doing good research. Multiple inquiry and statistical significance as a measure of reliability come immediately to mind.

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Houston Chronicle BS

So the usual stack picture of a refinery, not an energy plant, and then some dumbass op ed writer from an enviro organization tells lies sponsored by a major daily.

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PETA pops off on milk and dairy–Autism faux link

If you try hard and are lucky on selection–you too can show a causal relationship.

In this case assume that PETA has an agenda–and after that it goes down hill.