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Dr. Tyrone Hayes and Endocrine Disruption

James Delingpole takes a look at the atrazine crusade and endocrine disruptor research.

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Berkeley Anti-Atrazine Crusader Blames ‘Big Ag’, Set To Sue, After University Dispute Freezes Research

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UC Berkeley no longer willing to fund Tyrone Hayes’ junk science jihad against pesticide; Hayes threatens lawsuit; 100,000 frogs in danger

And where’s PETA? Hayes has used 100,000 frogs in his “research.” Amphibians in decline? No, they’re all in Hayes’ cages! Continue reading

Unhinged: Paul Ehrlich likens tobacco cos., climate deniers and pesticide cos. to Murder, Inc.

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Michael Mann mindlessly retweets nutty accusation against Syngenta

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Enviro Pete Myers suggests Syngenta made threat to cause evacuation of Moscone Center ahead of anti-Syngenta speaker

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New atrazine junk science: Herbicide ‘Though confirmed by many animal studies as harmful to endocrine systems, its specific effects are still unknown’

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