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Dr. Tyrone Hayes and Endocrine Disruption

James Delingpole takes a look at the atrazine crusade and endocrine disruptor research.

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Berkeley Anti-Atrazine Crusader Blames ‘Big Ag’, Set To Sue, After University Dispute Freezes Research

Jon Entine writes at Continue reading

UC Berkeley no longer willing to fund Tyrone Hayes’ junk science jihad against pesticide; Hayes threatens lawsuit; 100,000 frogs in danger

And where’s PETA? Hayes has used 100,000 frogs in his “research.” Amphibians in decline? No, they’re all in Hayes’ cages! Continue reading

Unhinged: Paul Ehrlich likens tobacco cos., climate deniers and pesticide cos. to Murder, Inc.

Population Bomb-er Paul Ehrlich tweeted: Continue reading

Michael Mann mindlessly retweets nutty accusation against Syngenta

Someone interested in facts would wait for some to develop. Continue reading

Enviro Pete Myers suggests Syngenta made threat to cause evacuation of Moscone Center ahead of anti-Syngenta speaker

Here’s Pete Myer’s tweet: Continue reading

New atrazine junk science: Herbicide ‘Though confirmed by many animal studies as harmful to endocrine systems, its specific effects are still unknown’

It’s confirmed as harmful but the effects are unknown? Continue reading

Study: No cancer risk from atrazine

Contrary to enviro claims. Continue reading

You know that pesticides link to Parkinson’s? Never mind…

Parkinson’s Researcher Fabricated Data – Neuroscientist Mona Thiruchelvam agrees to retract two studies linking neurodegeneration to pesticides. Continue reading

Forbes: “Oasis” Film Is An Intellectual Desert

Coming soon to your local movie theater is a documentary film, “Last Call at the Oasis,” about the need for better management of what is arguably the world’s most critical resource: water.  We do face worsening shortages for both human consumption and agriculture but if you dig into the subject a bit, you discover that the film is a shallow left-wing screed with commentary from a coterie of disreputable activists.   Continue reading

Atrazine Pact May Bypass Precedent on Low-Dose Exposure Risks

‘Banned weedkiller caused birth defects in our children,’ say British mothers who live on same street

Another cluster er, ahem, fallacy. And extra tabloid points for a gratuitous headline mention of erring Erin. Continue reading

Good Housekeeping, Polluted

In the SkyMall catalog on a flight last month, a pitch for “MidNite,” a “drug free sleep remedy” caught my eye. Continue reading

Congressman introduces bill to ban atrazine

Wisconsin Ag Connection reports: Continue reading

USGS: Atrazine poses little risk to groundwater

“The report baffled some environmentalists.” Continue reading

Rise of the Pitchforkers: Can a group of protesters waving farm implements bring about new rules for pesticide use?

Enviros try (again) whipping up fears of atrazine and 2,4-D among farmers. Continue reading

Atrazine: Demonizing Defendants

We can understand why plaintiffs’ lawyers and allied advocates for the organic food industry would seek to demonize what they see as a deep-pocket defendant and a competitor. But why would Madison County judges ignore overwhelming science and favor the plaintiffs when so many of the county’s tax-paying residents earn their livelihoods in conventional agriculture? Continue reading

Sex changes and EPA wrapped up in atrazine war

“The atrazine hysteria doesn’t pass inspection — it reeks of ambulance chasers and lawsuit shoppers.” Continue reading

Atrazine: Demonizing defendants

“We can understand why plaintiffs’ lawyers and allied advocates for the organic food industry would seek to demonize what they see as a deep-pocket defendant and a competitor.” Continue reading

Atrazine: The Frog of War

Mother Jones profiles Berkeley junk scientist Tyrone Hayes. Continue reading