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Junkscience in asbestos abatement response?

The EPA’s OIG has questioned EPA’s policies for some asbestos abatements. Responses conflate  asbestos deaths with the EPA’s policy imminent collapse policy. Continue reading

Duufus signs on to a Genius’ plan to feed the world.

No comment on the letter to Borlaug’s daughter from the guy who is promoting stupid green wasteful policies everywhere, BUT

Continue reading

City in Russia Unable to Kick Asbestos Habit

The New York Times reports: Continue reading

EPA faulted by Inspector General for delaying studies of asbestos dangers in Montana town

“Internal investigators faulted the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday for years of delays in completing health studies needed to guide the cleanup of a Montana mining town where hundreds of people have died from asbestos exposure.” Continue reading

Asbestos flub costs Co-op City tenants $20M

“… 86,000 air tests conducted so far show no airborne asbestos before, during or after flooring work. They blame the phony scare on overzealous city inspectors and want their money back.” [New York Post]

Road Scare in the Dakotas?

A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that 300 miles of roads as well as schoolyards, playgrounds and baseball fields in Dunn County, North Dakota have been surfaced with the asbestos-like erionite — a mineral that has been associated with malignant meosthelioma (MM) in Turkish villages. Continue reading

UN underscores arbitrariness of chemical bans

Canada and the Ukraine successfully blocked the banning of chrysotile asbestos from the UN’s politically incorrect list of chemicals that can be banned from import as hazardous. The two countries argued that chrysotile asbestos shouldn’t be banned because it can be handled safely. Of course, there’s not a chemical on the Rotterdam list that can’t be handled and/or used safely. Chemical bans are arbitrary, silly and harmful.