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Dealing with the EPA–another story

I think this should be reviewed for content and strategy.

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Comments deserving a special post.

I am just a moderator, and a slug science guy.

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Green fanatics run amok on Coal

Here’s an example of True Believer. Where are the True Believers more in evidence than in the land of the fruits and the nuts.

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more issues with antibacterial triclosan

The marketing to germophobes has led to an industry of “antibacterial soaps”, despite not a single bit of evidence that (in the cast majority of cases) they do any good whatsoever. And there’s plenty of reason to be wary of them. With a new problem just identified (at least in theory)… Continue reading

Scary antibiotic resistant bugs

Here’s another scare on antibiotic resistant bugs.

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3rd World Diseases

I pay a little attention to 3rd world diseases, that are often mistakenly just called tropical diseases. I even see some of those disease occasionally or get public health reports of their presence in the US.

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Oh the Fear, Oh the Anxiety–Resistant Bugs Caused by Farmers

I have been practicing medicine now for 42 years and I am still using Amoxicillin, a penicillin family (called beta lactam) antibiotic, for respiratory infections in children, with great success. Amoxicillin became available in the 60s as I recall, as a better form of penicillin. I have personally prescribed a river of Amoxicillin, the pink bubble gum stuff, as the mommies say.

So why do journalists declare another “crisis” related to resistant bugs? Because that’s what journalists do and a crisis makes news.

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