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Comments deserving a special post.

I am just a moderator, and a slug science guy.

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Green fanatics run amok on Coal

Here’s an example of True Believer. Where are the True Believers more in evidence than in the land of the fruits and the nuts.

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more issues with antibacterial triclosan

The marketing to germophobes has led to an industry of “antibacterial soaps”, despite not a single bit of evidence that (in the cast majority of cases) they do any good whatsoever. And there’s plenty of reason to be wary of them. With a new problem just identified (at least in theory)… Continue reading

Scary antibiotic resistant bugs

Here’s another scare on antibiotic resistant bugs.

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3rd World Diseases

I pay a little attention to 3rd world diseases, that are often mistakenly just called tropical diseases. I even see some of those disease occasionally or get public health reports of their presence in the US.

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Oh the Fear, Oh the Anxiety–Resistant Bugs Caused by Farmers

I have been practicing medicine now for 42 years and I am still using Amoxicillin, a penicillin family (called beta lactam) antibiotic, for respiratory infections in children, with great success. Amoxicillin became available in the 60s as I recall, as a better form of penicillin. I have personally prescribed a river of Amoxicillin, the pink bubble gum stuff, as the mommies say.

So why do journalists declare another “crisis” related to resistant bugs? Because that’s what journalists do and a crisis makes news.

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FDA taking a closer look at “antibacterial” soaps

[excerpts from FDA press release]

FDA Taking Closer Look at ‘Antibacterial’ Soap

When you’re buying soaps and body washes, do you reach for the bar or bottle labeled “antibacterial”? Are you thinking that these products, in addition to keeping you clean, will reduce your risk of getting sick or passing on germs to others?

Not necessarily, according to experts at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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No US/FDA approved drug? If you’ve got connections, they’ll authorize a foreign import

There’s a meningitis outbreak at Princeton Univ. in NJ. There’s no US approved drug to treat this strain (“B”). But with at least seven infected students so far (and some heavy duty alumni, including the First Lady), the FDA is allowing them to bring in “Bexsera, a vaccine against N. meningitidis serogroup B only approved for use in Europe and Australia,”.
So if it’s good enough for the rest of the world, why has the FDA been dragging its feet? And the same for many, many, other drugs that other countries have deemed safe and effective?
more info from the Princeton student newspaper:

NO… there is still no convincing evidence that antibiotic use on the farm is a public health problem

The best former FDA commission Donald Kennedy can do — after all these years of hysteria and research — is point to studies that, in the words of their authors, only “could be responsible” for, or “suggest” a link between livestock antibiotics and resistant bacteria. Continue reading

Claim: Chemical in antibacterial soaps may harm nursing babies

This is junk science because… Continue reading

Anti-chemical industry pushes feds to ban triclosan from anti-bacterial products

It used to be anti-bacterial resistance. Now it’s endocrine disruption. Either way, it’s always junk science. Continue reading

Report: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in ground turkey in 21 states

A new Consumer Reports scare. Cook your turkey well and you’ll be okay. No need to panic. Continue reading

CDC warns of superbug ‘nightmare’

Possibly CDC could focus on solving a real public health problem instead of nannying us? Continue reading

MOJO: The Meat Industry Now Consumes Four-Fifths of All Antibiotics

And the greens still can’t link farm use to antibiotic resistance. Continue reading

Study: Unchecked antibiotic use in animals may affect global human health

“The increasing production and use of antibiotics, about half of which is used in animal production, is mirrored by the growing number of antibiotic resistance genes, or ARGs, effectively reducing antibiotics’ ability to fend off diseases – in animals and humans.” Continue reading

Video: Why are we running out of effective antibiotics?

There’s no money in antibiotic development. Continue reading

Antibiotic-resistant diseases pose ‘apocalyptic’ threat, top expert says

Antibiotic resistant disease is at least a real threat. Continue reading

Lake Triclosan?

“Antibacterial agent used in common soaps found in increasing amounts in freshwater lakes.” Continue reading

Resistant bacteria ‘no concern at all’ if food properly cooked

Food safety | An Agriculture Canada study found enterococcus bacteria in 94 percent of poultry samples collected from Alberta grocery stores Continue reading

Government gene sleuths stop superbug that killed 6

Over six frightening months, a deadly germ untreatable by most antibiotics spread in the nation’s leading research hospital. Pretty soon, a patient a week was catching the bug. Scientists at the National Institutes of Health locked down patients, cleaned with bleach, even ripped out plumbing — and still the germ persisted. Continue reading