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I’ll drink to that

New study shows that alkeehal reduces stroke.

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New Prohibitionists: CDC moves to block liquor store privatization in Pennsylvania

The Weekly Standard reports: Continue reading

Study: Moderate drinking during pregnancy does not seem to harm baby’s neurodevelopment

Otherwise, virtually all baby boomers would have impaired cognitive processes… oh wait… Continue reading

Anti-alcohol extremists move to lower driving limit from .08 to .05 — MADD crusade runs into law of diminishing returns

Only a very small percentage of driving fatalities (maybe around 1.5% at most) occur among those with blood alcohol content between .05 and .08. It seems that scarce public resources could best be used elsewhere. Continue reading

CDC study on alcohol use is misleading

The CDC is fudging the data to make privatization of liquor stores in Pennsylvania appear to be a public health threat. Continue reading

Advising pregnant women to drink no alcohol is counterproductive

“There is no evidence that low levels of drinking during pregnancy are harmful, and to say so risks stigmatising responsible drinkers.” Continue reading

Targeted: Top 10 Brands for Underage Drinking

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