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Marita on the Scotus slap down of EPA

I have mixed feelings about this, since I dont’ trust the SCOTUS AT ALL, not even Scalia.

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Omigosh, now it’s fireworks

Just in time for the 4th of July, NOAA says there is a big spike in PM2.5.  Continue reading

Video: Milloy pops EPA’s science bubble at Cato Institute — EPA lying about airborne particles killing people

Watch Steve Milloy’s 38-minute dismantling of the Obama EPA’s most important junk science-based assumption — that fine particles from power plants kill people. Continue reading

Another I’m a doctor article

There have been a number of formulaic “I’m a doctor, climate change is bad” letters and articles.  This one is by doctors whose jobs deal with climate and health.  A conflict of interests Continue reading

No conflicts of interests?

Members of EPA advisory boards have received $140M in grants since 2000.  Continue reading

PM2.5 junkscience?

Statistical evidence that PM2.5 below EPA standards is a senior citizen killer.  Really?  Continue reading

If air pollution kills, why doesn’t it kill the Chinese?

The New York Times editorial page is using this photo of Shanghai to promote the myth that air pollution kills. Continue reading