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Time magazine shows ignorance

Well Time is concerned about EU backing off crazy air pollution regs.

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Stan Young and John 1282 on warming and junk science

I was very impressed by Stan Young’s paper on warming and air pollution human effects. Stan is a PhD statistician/geneticist who always teaches me something. A fine man and great thinker.

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Stan Young waxes eloquent on matters of warming and air polluton

Stan Young is a very erudite and insightful analyst.

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EPA CO2 rules will make make people poorer — and then kill them

Statistician Stan Young shows how the real costs and imaginary benefits of the EPA CO2 rule are a deadly combination. Continue reading

The importance of CO2

Craig Idso is an expert on carbon dioxide and searches the literature.

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Asthma is triggered by cold weather.

Here is another of Craig Idso’s articles.

It confirms what I have known since I was a young physician. I did my internship at Harlem Hospital and asthma is a big problem in the urban black community. The onset of cold weather caused a dramatic increase in asthma cases. Some of that may be due to closed up environments with increased indoor air allergen loads, some of it may be the tendency of cold weather to aggravate reactive airways.

For example exposure to cold and exercise cause asthma attacks in some, but remember that asthma is mostly an allergic disease, and the triggers are allergens, not ozone or temp. Cold and exercise may aggravate the reactive airway disease but is not the cause of asthma. That’s why Milloy’s research showed no correlation between asthma attacks and ozone levels in a long-term CA study.

Milloy Ozone study in CA

Idso site features a Chinese study on cold and asthma:

The ozone scare mongers lie, lie, lie

Read the research and commentary here on about ozone and you know the EPA is lying.

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