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MACT is another “cobenefits” EPA game–they use small particles for everything.

This inane article in the Hill describing the inane deliberations at the SCOTUS, gives our readers some understanding of the way the EPA takes advantage of the scientific illiteracy and innumeracy of the judiciary. The key to any regulation getting through, now is small particles pollution claims of premature deaths.

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Milloy was thinking insightfully about asthma before the EPA

Let’s consider the assertions of Milloy on asthma from a 15 years ago.

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Is there any good research on effects of ambient indoor air pollution? Nope


All there is is epidemiology on outdoor air monitored air pollution and the data dredged small associations.

Then they project the numbers they claim from the outdoor air pollution “associations” and take some samplings of indoor air.

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I have to slap down Matt Ridley on an assertion made in his fine essay on fossil fuels and how they represent the future and progress

Don’t worry it’s an innocent mistake that climate science people make all the time–because they don’t know squat about the science related to air pollution human effects. To my great dismay, since I work hard to know their area of commentary–what’s their problem–too lazy????

And I do get mad about their laziness, oh lordy how I do.

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James Enstrom’s battle for scientific integrity with UCLA and the CA EPA powers

Well I would say it has been a long battle.

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NO… air quality is not related to slower learning in children

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Viral Chinese video: Woman claims air pollution caused baby to have tumor

While we applaud the video’s bold effort to criticize the Communist Chinese government for, among other dastardly deeds and crimes, failing to make a dent in China’s poor air quality… Continue reading