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Driessen talks about the latest EPA tyranny, the Clean Power Plan

The problems are serious and will impact energy costs.  Paul explains.

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Seldon Graham reveiws the national energy policy problems of ethanol

In addition, of course, to his engineer’s review of basic thermodynamics of burning fuels from various sources.

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Marita enters a target rich environment

Marita Noon and her weekly commentary.  I cannot improve on it.

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Driessen expounds on the ongoing EPA crusade–air pollution, ozone

You may recall that Milloy did a study on ozone that showed no correlation with human health harms.  None.

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Old style. I haven’t heard “toxic cocktail” in a while.

China’s shipping pollutes says the NRDC.  Continue reading

Federal judge rules composition of FDA anti-tobacco committee ILLEGAL: Members on payroll of Big Pharma, trial lawyers

One of the Big Pharma/trial lawyer shills is the infamous Jonathan Samet — junk science epidemiologist and chief railroad engineer of radon, secondhand smoke, particulate matter and ground-level ozone. Continue reading

Autism linked to air pollution?

Science 2.0 debunks linkage of autism with air pollution.   Continue reading