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Old style. I haven’t heard “toxic cocktail” in a while.

China’s shipping pollutes says the NRDC.  Continue reading

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Federal judge rules composition of FDA anti-tobacco committee ILLEGAL: Members on payroll of Big Pharma, trial lawyers

One of the Big Pharma/trial lawyer shills is the infamous Jonathan Samet — junk science epidemiologist and chief railroad engineer of radon, secondhand smoke, particulate matter and ground-level ozone. Continue reading

Autism linked to air pollution?

Science 2.0 debunks linkage of autism with air pollution.   Continue reading

We need to be aware that the Green Mafiosi have friends–in and out of government

David Vitter releases NRDC and EPA collusion to destroy coal.

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Something doesn’t jibe–but what a surprise.

EPA reports on air quality trends.

Damn the Clean Power Plan more insanity from the EPA

So Joe Bast forwarded this WSJ piece on the new EPA overreach. I highlighted the stuff that caught my eye.

We know some people who are interested in the Murray Energy petition, don’t we?

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Clean Air Act overreach challenged.

I like it.

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