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If air pollution kills, why doesn’t it kill the Chinese?

The New York Times editorial page is using this photo of Shanghai to promote the myth that air pollution kills. Continue reading

All this chemistry stuff is confusing

It looks like an ace environmental reporter doesn’t know the difference between NO2 and N2O. Continue reading

AMA reports EPA saving so many lives–not

This is all crap–lousy epidemiology and projections when I am yet to see a death from small particle air pollution or ozone. Continue reading

Gary Baise talks ozone and ag

I could really get upset that Gary Baise put this up without talking to me.

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Clean Power Plan lies by EPA Air Chief

This clown is trying to make the Northeast an exmplar of the benefits of EPA regulatory overreach?

NE US has brownouts and shortages and grid weakness that will get worse–but enviros like that retrogression. In the New World of sustainability less is more, decline is progress, shortages are abundance.

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Two EPA-conducted clinical studies report no ill-effects from high exposures to ozone

What if you exposed humans to 300 parts per billion of ozone, while exercising or under heat stress, and nothing happened to them? Continue reading

Manure the new target–solid waste

Gary Baise discusses the RCRA and new EPA ambitions.

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