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Dispelling the EPA’s deadly air pollution myth

My commentary in today’s Washington Times. Continue reading

Charles Battig–masterful presentation on why the EPA is not to be trusted on air pollution human health effects

Charles is, like all engineers and physicians, intent on making a good and cogent presentation.

So he keeps up the effort.

This is he iteration of a more satisfactory presentation in Dr. Battig’s opinion. Sorry, can’t provide the pics. Continue reading

Those evil CO2’s?

The EPA says North Dakota has the most unhealthy air in the US. Continue reading

Steve Goreham on the insanity of EPA air regs–based on bad epidemiology

Steve Goreham is a wonderful and effective writer, a great ally in this battle and friend.

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Michigan v EPA discussed

This writer doesn’t realize how this is a little hiccup, the SCOTUS is a lapdog for the administrative welfare state–these judges believe that they should be a part of an oligarchy–improsing their “expert” preferences, just like the EPA.

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Marita on the Scotus slap down of EPA

I have mixed feelings about this, since I dont’ trust the SCOTUS AT ALL, not even Scalia.

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Omigosh, now it’s fireworks

Just in time for the 4th of July, NOAA says there is a big spike in PM2.5.  Continue reading