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Clean Power Plan lies by EPA Air Chief

This clown is trying to make the Northeast an exmplar of the benefits of EPA regulatory overreach?

NE US has brownouts and shortages and grid weakness that will get worse–but enviros like that retrogression. In the New World of sustainability less is more, decline is progress, shortages are abundance.

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Two EPA-conducted clinical studies report no ill-effects from high exposures to ozone

What if you exposed humans to 300 parts per billion of ozone, while exercising or under heat stress, and nothing happened to them? Continue reading

Manure the new target–solid waste

Gary Baise discusses the RCRA and new EPA ambitions.

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No… airborne particles do not cause strokes

Researchers can’t see the air quality reality for the government funding. Continue reading

Ambient air pollution effects–why I have never seen an air pollution death in 44 years of practice

Dave, a frequent and insightful commenter asked for a clarification.

The question centers on my statement that ambient air pollution doesn’t cause disease, death or asthma. I can also say that in 44 years of medical practice I have yet to see a death from small particle air pollution or ozone as the EPA asserts is common, in fact a major impact on American’s health, producing hundreds of thousands of deaths every year.

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American Thinker writer gets the Malia asthma issue wrong, wrong, wrong

Jeannie DeAngelis quotes the American Lung Association (ALA)–now imagine that,considering that the ALA is not trustworthy on medical claims and is in collusion with the EPA on junk science and junk policy projects regarding second-hand smoke and air pollution.

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Investors Business Daily limps across the line

In an effort to put down the bamster’s claims about warming and asthma, the IBD, an ally for sure, demonstrated ignorance that is inexcusable.

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