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NO… air quality is not related to slower learning in children

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Viral Chinese video: Woman claims air pollution caused baby to have tumor

While we applaud the video’s bold effort to criticize the Communist Chinese government for, among other dastardly deeds and crimes, failing to make a dent in China’s poor air quality… Continue reading

EPA BS epidemiology and risk assessment on air pollution

This essay is pretty good, but misses the underlying fraud.

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How could anyone say that warming is more dangerous than a savage?

Here’s a consideration, if warming is a major security threat–why not air pollution? Could it be they are both false scares conjured up for political purposes?

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Charles Battig, engineer, physician, discusses air pollution junk science.

Nice work, thorough.

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More on small particle air pollution–African Dust, intercontinental dust–toxicology

This is a great day. I reviewed the papers sent to me last week by a friend of Fred Singer that discuss intercontinental air pollution by dust with one paper focusing on African dust.

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More on junk epidemiology–jump on Ernest Curtis’ comment

So in response to the John Hoare essay and discussion, today, Ernest Curtis, cardiologist, adds and I need to expand on his comment.

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