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Mike Fumento is back–and talks about the VW emissions trick

Fumento is a reliable skeptic–born to be a writer for

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Sel Graham on the EPA Carbon Dioxide liar’s club

Editors note–this attempt to copy paste Sel Graham’s essay has resulted in a strange thing–all the links drop out.

Master of the web site, Milloy, has been asked to attempt to kill the problem so Sel’s complete essay with links will entertain and inform you. Sorry

john 1282

Sel has always, as an petrol reserves engineer and lawyer, been all over the silly EPA claims on fuels and carbon dioxide. He is my friend and ally.

Here’s his latest column. He writes regularly for a local newspaper.

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EPA lies on premature deaths

Here’s a fine discussion by Charlse Battig MS MD, on the issue of EPA junk science epidemiology that claims to show hundreds of thousands of death annually from air pollution–absolute Bullshit. His focus for this piece was the EPA’s ozone claiims, but the argumetnts presented are true for the small particle claims.

The EPA uses a tortured and false concept when it says “premature deaths” because in their methodology they aren’t necessarily premature at all.

We have been banging away on the EPA epidemiological lies now for many years.

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Scientific fraud is a major problem–but we knew that

Below is another essay put up by Steve Milloy on scientific fraud.

I would say that the authors are naive when they say fraud is less in intensely studied areas of research. They point to climate science as an example–what a crock–anybody willing to say the modelers are involved in reliable and valid science? How about all the yakkers that claim warming will produce a disease ridden world who ignore the benefits of warm for humans and living things?

In areas that are hot and well funded, fraud can, in fact, be worse that in the backwaters where evidence drives the research instead of political agendas and money/power games. Climategate taught us that.

Fraud is rampant when it involves politics or serious eccnomic consequences and lots of funding. Consider the group at George Mason that does climate work and suggested a RICO prosecution of people on our side who oppose the warmer canon, has received almost 100 million over the years for doing really not much at all.

The Hundreds of millions spent by the EPA supporting researchers to bolster their claims about air pollution were spent to buy whores who would claim that small associations in observational studies mean something.

They were so anxious to prove up their case that they did human exposure experiments to try to find some biological/toxicological plausibility evidence, at the same time testifying to congress that air pollution killed hundreds of thousands of Americans every year–as big an impact as cancer, said Lisa Jackson. What Bullshit.

EPA has spent a lot of money to build its case for ever-expanding regulations of air and water. They want their power and pseudo science and an army of researcher whores gives them the leverage. Helps to have advocacy organizations that specialize in the precautionary principle, scaremongering and just plain lying.

The EPA can’t kill animals or humans with small particles or ozone, so they go back to their epidemiological data torturing, taking advantage of variable death rates and training computers to find ASSOCIATIONS.

Are the EPA’s whores churning out good research on air and water pollution epidemiology and toxicology? No.

Are the researchers in subject areas with hot political agendas hewing to the straight and narrow on Scientific methods and objectivity? No.

Are social scientists ever going to be able to stop putting up outcome biased and confirmation biased research? Probably not.

Consider this little thought experiment–if small particle air pollution is so bad and kills acutely and long-term, knocking off more than 300,000 annually according to the EPA, why are the Chinese, who live in cities with serious and severe small particulate and other criteria pollutants air pollution living longer than Americans?

Why don’t hookah bar habitues and marijuana smokers as well as cigarette smokers drop over dead?

So we continue to labor on here at pointing out the fallacies and biases and the fraud.

Lets review the EPA lies on Ozone causing deaths and asthma

The NYT piece on the new Ozone rules put on full display the lyin’ EPA ozone research claims for lives saved and asthma prevented.

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Ozone rules expensive and they suck–we need a VW defeat device for the country

Ozone doesn’t kill anybody or cause disease, it just makes EPA more powerful and intrusive.

Nitrous and Sulfur oxides are ozone precursors, do not kill or harm anyone at ambient, even at higher than ambient, levels as proven by EPA’s own research. Ozone is not lethal, toxic or carcinogenic at ambient and even higher levels even in high dose exposure human experiments sponsored by EPA.

But in the push for power, lies are told. Research is cobbled together and exaggerated claims are made.

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The VW matter from a different, and sensible perspective–EPA lied, lied, lied

We have, here at JS, emphasized so many times that nobody, nobody has died from ambient NOX or small particles, but that EPA has put together junk epidemiological data dredges to make their claims of saving hundreds of thousands from emissions.

So consider this essay that suggests a strategy for VW–a strategy based on a frontal attack on EPA junk science.

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