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Milloy reminds me of the EPA lies on the Clean Power Plan benefits

Milloy reminded me of the lies of the EPA on economic benefits of this carbon dioxide control plan (actually just the kill coal and then natural gas electricity generation plan).
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The natural gas–we’re cleaner people get their just desserts–the bamster attacks

I couldn’t tolerate the natural gas campaign to eliminate coal, because neither coal or natural gas cause any serious air pollution problems.

However, for the greens they hate fossil fuels from any origin and now the natural gas people get their dismissal slip.

From the great one, the bamster.

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Two days ago I saw some statements from CATO that were clearly stupid and ill-informed on air pollution

So I am cruising along, reading my usual stuff, and I ran into a series of tweets from a guy who should know better, trying to distinguish carbon dioxide from small particles.

And he used the term–soot.

Soot sounds so scary, doesn’t it?

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Dr. Rust takes down the EPA claims on ozone

Nice work.

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More on cabon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere

A commenter Tom provides this:

Here is another one — a map of worldwide CO2 distribution as measured by a NASA satellite — that appears to me to be almost directly counter to “the consensus.” ‘Red’ represents the higher concentrations.

Dispelling the EPA’s deadly air pollution myth

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Charles Battig–masterful presentation on why the EPA is not to be trusted on air pollution human health effects

Charles is, like all engineers and physicians, intent on making a good and cogent presentation.

So he keeps up the effort.

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