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Clean Air Act overreach challenged.

I like it.

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Murray Energy gets into it with the EPA on Clean Air Act requirements for risk/benefit analysis

I think this is fine, mighty fine, however, but so what if you force the EPA to count jobs lost, they still go forward with their junk science on how many lives they’re saving.

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Ozone regs never make sense–but they cost a bunch

Report on the cost of ozone regs–this round. Previous rounds were expensive too.

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Physicist Gordon Fulks on why the coal miners need to reorganize

In response to Tom Harris, a strong advocate for common sense on climate issues, who rejects warmer crazies, here’s Gordon Folks, PhD Physics of Oregon.

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EPA damage to the economy? Easily more than 100 billion in 20 years.

NCPA report, but they are conservative. I recall the Carol Browner EPA ozone regs that were based on crapola human effects studies.

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60 ppb ozone NAAQS?

Between the Clean Power Plan and potential reductions in the ozone NAAQS we could be in for serious economic impacts. Continue reading

The states make noise again about EPA misconduct

Again like so many times before, the states file suit to stop another round of overreach. And they will lose, and they still have not consulted with people like us at junk science on how to properly challenge air pollution junk science epidemiology and toxicology.

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