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Better results by eliminated the RFS?

The NRDC sues the EPA to save the Monarch butterfly.  Continue reading

Where’s the beef?

Claims of health and environmental effects from large animal confinement facilities mention “the data” but are short on providing the data.  Continue reading

Reports from our carbon dioxide expert Craig Idso

Craig Idso is a scholar in studies related to carbon dioxide, but also ocean acidification and agricultural effects of changes in climate.

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Dr. Keith Dawson on the claim that wheat production would be harmed by warming

Well that assumes warming will occur, but Dr. Dawson has a special insight.

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Nonsense about warming and wheat production.

These people expect me to believe that warming will reduce wheat production?

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Sierra Rayne reviews growing seasons in Micigan for a century–finds no trends

There is no substitute–none, for serious review of the data, and that’s what Sierra Rayne does, from Moose Jaw SA.

He has always been head and shoulders above the crowd because he does his research and knows his data analysis.

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EPA jackasses would like to pretend organic farming is good enough

Organic farming as in farming controlled by chemophobes, is just plain stupid.

The Green Revolution is in full swing because of Genetic Modifications that improve plant strains to herbicide resistance, drought resistance so production can be maximized.

Gary Baise tells me that soil testing and new farming techniques have produced corn production on dryland in the MidWest to levels unheard of 3 decades ago.

Now the production on his land in Indiana and Illinois is close to 300 bushels an acre, and when I was a young man irrigated, heavily fertilized corn land wasn’t even capable of that level of production.

So Henry Miller, a GM expert, discusses the problem of the EPA FANATICS who hate progress and are against progress because they are misanthropes.