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Mischa Popoff, expert on GMO matters, sends up a flare

There is trouble afoot and someone is trying to sneak in an Anti GMO bill.

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Manure the new target–solid waste

Gary Baise discusses the RCRA and new EPA ambitions.

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Hank, briefly, explains why CA is stupid about water

You don’t allow run off to go to the ocean–simple.

You put it in reservoirs and hold it for use.

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Gary Baise, lawyer who protects farmer and ag interests from tyrannical gov talks nitrates

Methemoglobinemia causes blue babies. Scary thought, but I have never seen it in 44 years of practice.
Nitrates, found in fertilizer, are one of many causes of methemoglobinemia. Other causes are some drugs, and, for example, aniline dies.

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Consider Tobacco–and nicotine.

Some things to know about the tobacco plant. It has become a research plant, with genetic modifications as the factor to consider.

Recently it was credited with producing the antibodies thought to assist in the battle with Ebola.

I lived in North Carolina in the country, and next to me was a tobacco farm–very good income for the farmer.

Crony capitalism, farmers,, politics

I write to amend and correct my misstatement about when farmers became crony capitalists. Yesterday I was thinking about the biofuel scam and Archer Daniels Midland lobbying for ethanol, but it’s much worse than that.

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Rick Perry drinking Kool aid of the enviros again

I have been fighting with Texans who believe the enviro junk science and claims.

Sierra would be alarmed to find out that when the Texas Attorney General sued the EPA on air pollution regs a few years ago the petition spent a significant amount of space talking about how Texas had been cooperative with EPA plans, and NO SPACE AT ALL ARGUING THAT THE EPA IS USING JUNK SCIENCE TO PROMOTE ITS AIR POLLUTION REGS.

This essay by Sierra talks about why Perry should get a better advisor, like me.

I would work for nothing to get Republicans to stop being so stupid.

Remember GHW Bush the environmental president and all the enviro nonsense tolerated for 8 years of W and Republicans in Congressional control during most of those years?