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Species to control pests–parasitic wasps

This is a story of innovation. Sometimes these experiments go awry because the new species has no natural enemies and then becomes a new pest.

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Gordon Fulks, Physicist, knows why GMO crops are good sense and humane

Here’s another stupid woman crusading through the world for “organic” farming. Condemning the companies and technology that are preventing starvation.

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Iowa get smacked–corn prices crash

I went to my class reunion in Estherville Iowa this past weekend. Since the Estherville International Airport has not yet opened, I drove across Iowa from Omaha. 4 hours of cornfields and soybeans and surprisingly few feedlots and pastures. Big round hay bales stacked up where livestock operations were in place.

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Endocrine disruptors from agricultural pesticides?

A study finds that percentage of agricultural lands in three watersheds correlates with testicular oocytes (eggs) in male smallmouth bass.  A correlation between testicular oocytes (TO) was found with estrone, a naturally occurring hormone.  There is no correlation between actual pesticides used was not studied.  Testicular oocytes were not found in two species of suckers. Continue reading

Right to Farm trumps Nuisance suit

The Right to Farm Act prevents nuisance suits against established farm operations.

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Imported biofuel?

84% of the biofuel used in Ireland is imported.  Weren’t reduced transportation and decreasing the need for imports part of the biofuel charm? Continue reading

EPA pushes to regulate every puddle

We have repeatedly reported on the question of EPA and the “Navigable Waters” issue.

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