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Henry I Miller on organic foods and the nannie/meddlers

Some people just have to be fussin’ about somethin’. Henry Miller MD is a big name in the biz of toxicology. A very wise and sensible man–who knows GM foods and the whole business of “healthy” food promotion. Continue reading

AG Pesticide residuals are no risk–chemophobes stand down

These people who are afraid of anything with a chemical name are apoplectic about insecticides–oooooh so scary.

Repeat after me–dose makes the poison. Paracelsus–very long time ago said it–still true. Too much heart medicine–poison, too much water, makes cerebral edema, hyponatremia–get it?

Here’s a big international study on ag herbicides/pesticides that make for better crop production.

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Gary Baise, expert provides comprehensive review of water law

The EPA has a stratagy for controlling the land of the US–declare all water collections part of the Waters of the United States (WOTUS).

So this past week we had some serious flooding in our area, all those wet areas could conceivable be captured and controlled as part of the WOTUS.

This link is to a series written by Baise, big time DC Ag Lawyer, on the issues.

Marlo Lewis shows how the climate fanatics will harm the developing nations.

I can’t emphasize this enough–coal is the best choice for producing electricity and it does not pollute the atmosphere in a harmful way with current methods. Ambient air pollution with modern processes is not a reason to stop development of electricity in the developing world.

Electricity is the way to a better life, infrastructure, hygiene, medical care, temp control, water supplies, sewerage, all require electricity.

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Irish AG Committee gets stupid on better crops

So the Irish National Ag Committee admits ag production is improved with Genetically Engineered (GE) crops, but they come up with a cockamammy reason to reject them–economic hardship for Irish farmers?

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Rice yield improvements in China–climate not as important as GM

Climate factors produced imcreased yields–but genetic modifications of the rice was more of an influence in these tremendous increases in yield. I would also wonder about ag techniques that were not discussed.

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Green revolution advocated by Indian Prime Minister

India’s population and farmers are afraid of GM crops? Indian Ag falling behind in new production techniques?

That’s a problem.

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