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Iowa get smacked–corn prices crash

I went to my class reunion in Estherville Iowa this past weekend. Since the Estherville International Airport has not yet opened, I drove across Iowa from Omaha. 4 hours of cornfields and soybeans and surprisingly few feedlots and pastures. Big round hay bales stacked up where livestock operations were in place.

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Endocrine disruptors from agricultural pesticides?

A study finds that percentage of agricultural lands in three watersheds correlates with testicular oocytes (eggs) in male smallmouth bass.  A correlation between testicular oocytes (TO) was found with estrone, a naturally occurring hormone.  There is no correlation between actual pesticides used was not studied.  Testicular oocytes were not found in two species of suckers. Continue reading

Right to Farm trumps Nuisance suit

The Right to Farm Act prevents nuisance suits against established farm operations.

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Imported biofuel?

84% of the biofuel used in Ireland is imported.  Weren’t reduced transportation and decreasing the need for imports part of the biofuel charm? Continue reading

EPA pushes to regulate every puddle

We have repeatedly reported on the question of EPA and the “Navigable Waters” issue.

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If they can really get rid of kudzu, being overrun with goats might be a benefit. Continue reading

Dennis Avery hits one deep

Very important economic analysis on the effects of carbon dioxide.

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Gary Baise discusses new EPA effort to control farms

The EPA is like any bureaucracy, populated by people who think their preferences are golden.

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Yet another actual analysis of toxins in “local” food gardens shows bad stuff…

But since these are used by yuppies and hipsters, instead of them
getting shut down we get comments like this in the NY Post:
“No one has ever gotten sick that we know of,” noted Annie
Faulk, 66, who also tends the Sterling Garden patch…
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Welcome to the Oligarchy, Suckers

Thomas Lifson discusses what some might suspect–the Wall Street oligarchs have an agenda.

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Buffer strips to reduce run off

A news item on the run off problem in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes.

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It’s about Water, in the West it’s Always about Water

Do you trust the Federal Government to do the right thing on property rights and Land use?

Consider the Missouri Floods, caused by the Corps of Engineers, on purpose, or the CA Delta.

Now we have a dispute about a ranch in arid Nevada.

But it’s close to a tributary to Lake Mead impoundment.

Surface water and deep water. Endangered Species Act as a weapon to stop industry, business, oil and agriculture.

Think about it–who do you trust. And do not DO NOT trust the media accounts.

Recycling food security

Food supply and security is one of those staples that seems to be immune to facts. Continue reading

GM crop debate

A discussion on the GM crops issues, featuring an advocate who is on the science and policy advisory group for ACSH.

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Organic produce stymied by green laws

Want to expand your green, organic food business by moving closer to a road? Not in Maryland when you have to tangle with the green laws. Continue reading

Proposed EPA agricultural pesticides rule built on junk science?

The EPA has proposed a rule making the requirements for agricultural pesticides applications more restrictive, requiring more worker training, limiting field entry and increasing the age workers can enter fields at certain times.  As usual, family members are not covered by the rule.  The basis for this rule seems rather farfetched. Continue reading

Better do _something_ with those cow farts.

Either release the methane into the air or burn it for energy. Otherwise…
(from the BBC):

German cows cause methane blast in Rasdorf, Germany

Methane gas released by dairy cows has caused an explosion in a cow shed in Germany, police said. The roof was damaged and one of the cows was injured in the blast in the central German town of Rasdorf. Continue reading

Europe’s FDA sees “potential” problems with some insecticides. Potential. That’s like a big maybe…

[press release]

“Two neonicotinoid insecticides – acetamiprid and imidacloprid – may affect the developing human nervous system, said the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Experts from the Authority propose that some guidance levels for acceptable exposure to the two neonicotinoids be lowered while further research is carried out to provide more reliable data on so-called developmental neurotoxicity (DNT).”
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Maybe, just maybe, that whole ethanol/gasoline absurdity will fade away

The key reason ethanol is added to gasoline is very simple. Most of it is derived (in the US) from corn. Iowa, the first State in the Presidential election primary calendar grows lots of corn.
(To be sure, the so-called “oxygenation” additives to fuel have some, emphasize some, utility in reducing local air pollution in congested urban areas. But there are huge, make that HUGE, downsides to ethanol. Including massive increases in the price of food).

Now it’s starting to look like it’s losing some of its clout. Continue reading

Claim: Global warming causing crop pests to spread

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