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EPA jackasses would like to pretend organic farming is good enough

Organic farming as in farming controlled by chemophobes, is just plain stupid.

The Green Revolution is in full swing because of Genetic Modifications that improve plant strains to herbicide resistance, drought resistance so production can be maximized.

Gary Baise tells me that soil testing and new farming techniques have produced corn production on dryland in the MidWest to levels unheard of 3 decades ago.

Now the production on his land in Indiana and Illinois is close to 300 bushels an acre, and when I was a young man irrigated, heavily fertilized corn land wasn’t even capable of that level of production.

So Henry Miller, a GM expert, discusses the problem of the EPA FANATICS who hate progress and are against progress because they are misanthropes.

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World plant seed vault

I am a farmer–or pretend I am, so I get ag news.  Here’s a great story about storing important seed stock from around the world in a Norwegian vault in the side of a mountain.  News from Texas Ag Extension programs at A and M.

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GM reduces need for herbicides and pesticides, and increases drought tolerance

How many reasons do we need to support the GM project for crops of all kinds.

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GM crops are essential–a couple of examples

We could talk about rice, and wheat and other field and row crops.

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Anthony Watts reminds us–warm is important for crop production, cold and ice an enemy

What is so hard to understand–warming would increase growing seasons, and improve farming at higher lattitudes.

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Species to control pests–parasitic wasps

This is a story of innovation. Sometimes these experiments go awry because the new species has no natural enemies and then becomes a new pest.

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Gordon Fulks, Physicist, knows why GMO crops are good sense and humane

Here’s another stupid woman crusading through the world for “organic” farming. Condemning the companies and technology that are preventing starvation.

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