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Quick everyone, you can get your free dose of dioxin.

Our Junkman has previously identified the little problem (well, no real problem…)
that Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream contains, shudder, dioxin and other nasties.
Well, don’t let that stop you from getting your FREE ice cream cone today. Continue reading

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Another Anti-Military Anti-War Agent Orange Panic Attack

Agent Orange caused a form of Acne for people with extreme exposures. Called Chlor Acne.

Nothing else, and it doesn’t cause cancer.

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Vets claim Agent Orange-related cancer from post-Vietnam war exposures in ‘contaminated’ airplanes

Agent Orange doesn’t cause cancer. This is ridiculous. Continue reading

Claim: Agent Orange linked to life-threatening prostate cancer

This is junk science because… Continue reading

Vietnamese turn to Scientology for Agent Orange ailments

A 25-day sauna and vitamin regimen — for $350/person. The AP seems to think that only the cure is unproven. Continue reading

Ancient tree-ring records from southwest U.S. suggest today’s megafires are truly unusual

Damn you, Smokey! Turns out fire suppression is a really bad thing if you want to avoid massive large-canopy-killing crown fires. Continue reading

Group sues EPA over popular weed killer

We (heart) 2,4-D — so does your lawn and the Vietnam vets whose lives were saved by Agent Orange. Continue reading