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Ebola can be transmitted by air–they knew that

Well I warned you that it is possible to have droplet transmission of Ebola viruses, respiratory tract secretions carry the virus for sure.

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Long-contested Romanian gold mine plan thwarted by anti-development mob

All this means is poorer Romanians. Such a shame. Continue reading

Global warming fears pit neighbor against neighbor at Jersey shore

Neighbor to neighbor: Cave into federal coastal land grab or we won’t sell you cheese. Continue reading

New Jersey enviros oppose re-development of shore after Sandy

A 100-year storm is used by enviros as an excuse for a land grab. Continue reading

Harvard’s Walter Willett mixes food nanny-ism with Agenda 21

For those unfamiliar with Walter Willett, he once told the Washington Post that: Continue reading

Boy Scouts require new ‘Sustainability’ merit badge for Eagle rank

What’s the new motto? “Be Pre-Scared”? Continue reading

Enviro frets in Nature mag: ‘Poverty alleviation could undermine’ sustainable development

Reminds me of the infamous enviro sentiment concerning the use of DDT to control malaria in Africa: The poor are “better off dead than riotously reproducing.” Continue reading