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Baby killing–OK with Princeton and Oxford

Is this getting sick or what?

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Let’s talk rape and incest as the exception to prohibiting abortion

I just can’t resist taking a shot at stupid people. Both sides of the aisle.

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Will Mother Gaia survive the Republicans? Yep

I can’t believe that Plait would be willing to look the fool, but fanaticism is in the nature of True Believerism.

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Junk Feminism

Read this little exercise in immorality.

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Burning Babies

In the pagan times rolling babies into the fire was considered an acceptable choice, at least it was a choice for parents.

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Who is the Baby, Who’s Mom is Brain Dead?

A lot of commenters on this site are sympathetic to the husband and parents who want the brain dead mom and her baby extinguished because the mom said she didn’t want to be left alive if severely disabled requiring life support, brain dead or comatose.

However that’s her, now there is another human to consider. Inside her.

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Planned Parenthood conference to focus on ‘Human Dimensions of Climate Change’ — while also supporting post-birth infanticide

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