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Obama climate adviser Heather Zichal leaving for private sector — or what’s left of it

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Government shutdown shuts down agency red tape-making — Friday’s Federal Register 30% of Monday’s

The Hill reports: Continue reading

Gangster Government: Obama administration to seek revenge against coal industry over failure of Binz nomination

Ken Silverstein writes in Forbes: Continue reading

TransCanada says no Keystone XL permit in 2013 — Obama for ‘all of the above’ except fossil fuels

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EPA so important that Obama omits its mention in petulant letter to laid-off federal workers

Even the Department of Energy gets credit for the shale revolution… but EPA… nada. Continue reading

Obama energy nominee Binz withdraws

Politico reports: Continue reading

Obama looking to dump energy commission nominee Binz

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Obama supports emissions cuts for airlines — when he’s not President any longer

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Warmists unhappy Obama omitted climate hysteria from UN speech

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Obama ‘war on coal’ technically only a ‘police action’ — Would need Congress to declare war

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Irony: 2 days after killing coal jobs, EPA chief says agency will ‘effectively shut down’ without stopgap funding by Oct.1

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In trouble: Obama energy commission nominee losing voltage over contradictions, EPA coal rules

The Washington Times reports: Continue reading

Even wobbly GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander slams Obama for EPA coal rules

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) released the following statement on the announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of a proposed rule to enforce strict pollution standards on new coal plants, forcing them to capture and store at least 40 percent of their carbon emissions: Continue reading

Coal CEO: ‘Obama is destroying the U.S. coal industry’

The Martins Ferry (WV) Times Leader opines: Continue reading

Dem Sen from NDak: Obama admin ‘choosing to choke the coal industry with unattainable regulations’

U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp today released the below statement following the Obama Administration’s release of proposed regulations on new power plants: Continue reading

Texas GOP Rep. Pete Olson: ‘In releasing an unachievable standard for new coal power today, President Obama continues a dangerous assault on the pocketbook and living standards of American families’

The Journal (Friendswood, TX) reports: Continue reading

Dem Senate candidate ‘deeply disappointed’ with Obama EPA coal rules; ‘Yet again President Obama’s administration has taken direct aim at Kentucky jobs’

The Associated Press reports: Continue reading

Warmists admit Obama coal plant rules accomplish nothing

The Center for Biological Diversity comments on the EPA’s proposed coal plant rules. Continue reading

Report: Obama aims to ‘criminalize’ CO2 emissions

Bloomberg News reports: Continue reading

Summary of today’s House climate hearing: GOP firmly opposed to an abusive and arrogant EPA

Here’s our take on today’s House climate hearing: Continue reading