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Is there any good research on effects of ambient indoor air pollution? Nope


All there is is epidemiology on outdoor air monitored air pollution and the data dredged small associations.

Then they project the numbers they claim from the outdoor air pollution “associations” and take some samplings of indoor air.

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Stop using McCarthyism as an epithet–he was right

Jack Cashill is a marvel, recently my go to guy for analysis of the craziness of the race situation, but also a prescient and insightful writer on the political scene. The reigning expert on the lies of the bamster.

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Obama climate adviser Heather Zichal leaving for private sector — or what’s left of it

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Government shutdown shuts down agency red tape-making — Friday’s Federal Register 30% of Monday’s

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Gangster Government: Obama administration to seek revenge against coal industry over failure of Binz nomination

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TransCanada says no Keystone XL permit in 2013 — Obama for ‘all of the above’ except fossil fuels

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EPA so important that Obama omits its mention in petulant letter to laid-off federal workers

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