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Stop using McCarthyism as an epithet–he was right

Jack Cashill is a marvel, recently my go to guy for analysis of the craziness of the race situation, but also a prescient and insightful writer on the political scene. The reigning expert on the lies of the bamster.

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Obama climate adviser Heather Zichal leaving for private sector — or what’s left of it

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Government shutdown shuts down agency red tape-making — Friday’s Federal Register 30% of Monday’s

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Gangster Government: Obama administration to seek revenge against coal industry over failure of Binz nomination

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TransCanada says no Keystone XL permit in 2013 — Obama for ‘all of the above’ except fossil fuels

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EPA so important that Obama omits its mention in petulant letter to laid-off federal workers

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Obama energy nominee Binz withdraws

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