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Digoxin is a problem?

Here’s the way it developed, Digoxin was a drug that had an important role in treatment of many heart related conditions but it does have it’s downsides.

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Paul Driessen says two can play the litigation game–he’s right

Ok, an objective judge, reviewing the evidence, would allow a claim against Greenpeace for disrupting economies in a criminal conspiracy that includes gov funding of cliimate panic junk science on an enormous scale.

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Indoctrination 101 enviro nuts and flakes

UC Santa Barbara–teaching teachers to drink the koolaid and not ask questions.

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Science 2.0 discusses the new methane scare

The Luddite elements just can’t stand progress and affordable energy, it allows for the human cancer on the planet to do well. They are naturally misanthropic.

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Arrest in children–cpr makes a difference.

You see most kids don’t have a cardiac arrest, they have respiratory arrests because their young hearts usually are in fine shape.

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Nick Wade loses a postion with the lefty NYT when he suggests genetic explanations.

You know, if you paid attention, that I saw the splash from the Nicholas Wade book.

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Dingell calls Supreme Court ‘stupid’ for allowing EPA to regulate CO2

Clean Air Act co-author John Dingell says Congress did not intend for EPA to regulate carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act. Dingell says the authors didn’t think the Court was ‘stupid enough’ to think otherwise. Boy, were they wrong. The video clip is from a Jan 28, 2014 House hearing. Continue reading

Paul McHugh on Junk Psychiatry

Paul McHugh is former chair of psychiatry and now University Professor at Johns Hopkins.

Here he talks about Psychiatry and some psych misadventures in junk science.

A little tease from this essay in The American Scholar.

He faults the antipsychiatry psychiatrists, (Tom Szasz and R. D. Laing included) for the
suspicions raised. The psychiatric results of these doubters was to deny needy patients! Patients
became “psychiatrically oppressed.” It became fashionable to ignore the needs of patients and to
focus on psychiatric practice. This was a gross oversimplification. It is not true that
schizophrenics are living their own “life style.” McHugh sees them as “needing care.” Psychiatry
is not a mendacious institution but a loving and caring one. It should promote a sympathetic
understanding of patients. That’s where the emphasis should be: on patients.

He then goes on to examine three major faults of “trendy psychiatry”: the mentally ill homeless,
sex change surgery and, most recently, MPD, the result of childhood sexual abuse.

update: Senate overules EPA with… some common sense. (stop laughing)

Back in mid November, Junk Science reported on the EPA’s sudden mandate to pretty much block any new fire hydrant installations/repairs due to their hysteria over lead.
Sen. Schumer [D-NY} pushed through a law yesterday exempting the hydrants. Continue reading

I’m from the Guvment–You Will comply

The tyranny of the administrative state is poised to impose.

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EPA Hearing Exercise

There is no substitute for preparation for a Congressional Hearing, just like for a debate, a deposition or a trial. Just like preparing for a test. Must know the material and plan the strategy to accomplish the goal.
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Senate GOP offers ‘The Top Ten Reasons The Government Shutdown Isn’t All Bad’ — Most involve EPA, environment

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Sen. Malarkey claims shutdown prevents public from discussing EPA coal rules — But EPA propaganda tour ≠ discussion

BTW Ed, the EPA meetings are pro forma — i.e., designed to meet a coming court challenges to the rules, not to allow the public to weigh in. Continue reading

Government shutdown shuts down agency red tape-making — Friday’s Federal Register 30% of Monday’s

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Nutty enviro billionaire accuses Canadian government of lobbying House GOP on Keystone XL during shutdown

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House GOP backs away from rolling climate into debt ceiling

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Gross: Politico claims Ted Cruz ‘blasted’ by (nameless) GOP colleagues — Senator sources asked not to be named

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Virgina Congressman blasts Terry McAuliffe for backing EPA coal rules

Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Salem, issued this statement this morning criticizing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s support for new EPA regulations on coal-fired power plants: Continue reading

Inhofe: ‘Science behind climate change is uncertain, but the cost of the president’s regulations is not’

Sen. Jim Inhofe writes in the Hill: Continue reading

Waste, Fraud & Abuse: U.S. has spent more than $77 billion on climate research between 2008 and 2013

Rep. Lamar Smith writes in the Hill: Continue reading